• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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Special Guests

It was almost noon the next day when Spike finally woke up to the sound of trotting coming from down stairs. After getting up from his bed he walked out of the bedroom and as he climbed down the stairs he saw Twilight frantically cleaning and reorganizing the entire library.

"Twilight what are you doing? We already reorganized the library the other day," said Spike who was rubbing his eyes.

"Spike! it's about time you woke up," said Twilight, "We have to get everything ready fast, I already organized half of the library and there's still much to do!"

"Calm down Twilight, what's got you all riled up?" asked Spiked.

"Just read for yourself," said Twilight as she used her magic to hand him a letter.

"Wait didn't I cough this up earlier?" Spike said.

"Yes and you went back to sleep even though I told you to get ready," Twilight said as she continued her cleaning.

Spike took a look at the letter in his hands and started read it.

To my faithful student,

I must confess that when I first read your letter last night I was left completely dumbfounded. At first I thought that you must have been mistaken but then I recalled how you have been right before and because of that I have come to have more trust in your instincts. It is because of the importance of your discovery that I along with my sister Luna will be arriving at Ponyville tomorrow at the Library as soon as possible. I ask that you please inform this special visitor of our arrival.

Your Teacher,

Princess Celestia

After reading the letter Spike looked back at Twilight who was still cleaning the library.

"O.k. so the princesses are coming for a visit what's the big deal?" said Spike.


"Uh Twilight, when has it ever been perfect?" asked Spike.

"That's not the point Spike and I also need to let the others know that the princesses are coming," said Twilight.

"But what about Spincap? who's going to tell him?" asked the baby dragon.

*gasp* "Your right Spike," said Twilight.

As Twilight thought of a solution she suddenly got an idea and then she turned to face her assistant.

"Spike do you remember where the cave Spincap is staying at from yesterday?" she asked.

"Yeah, why?" Spike asked.

"I need you to go and let Spincap know about the Princesses' arrival while I get everything else ready," said Twilight.

"WHAT!? you mean I'm not going to be stuck here like always?" said an excited spike.

"Not this time Spike, but I need you to go right now," said Twilight.

"You got it!" said Spike as he ran out the door.

Spike eventually made it outside of Ponyville and had entered the forest to find Spincap. As he went deeper into the forest the darker it got and as he continued he was suddenly startled by the sound of a loud crack and then a crash.

"What was that?" he asked himself as he felt the ground shake beneath him.

Soon after he heard another crack followed by a crash but this time it sounded closer from where he was standing. Then suddenly he heard the sound of one of trees next to him bend and with a loud crack the light from the sun began to shine on the baby dragon. Spike was momentarily blinded by the light as he looked up and as his vision began to clear he saw the familiar shape of a giant standing in front of him holding a broken tree.

"Spincap... is that you?" Spike asked.

"Huh? what?" replied the Cybertronian as he looked down at the baby dragon.

"Oh uh, Spike was it?" asked Spincap as he set the tree down.

"Yeah but what are you doing pulling out trees?" Spike replied.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Spincap asked, "I'm clearing a path, remember I had trouble getting round here because of these trees so I'm getting rid of them. It'll also make traveling to town easier in alt-mode."

"So how long have you been doing that?" said Spike.

"I don't know since before the sun came up," Spincap answered.

"Whoa, didn't you get any sleep?" Spike asked.

"A little but I didn't need much," said Spincap.

The truth was that because of his current predicament Spincap could not maintain sleep mode. So to keep his mind off it and since he needed to clear a path to the cave anyways he decided to get to work removing the trees. As he put down the tree he then walked up to the next one and grabbed hold of it. Spincap wasn't as strong compared to the other Decepticons but after some effort and with another loud crack he was able to uproot the tree.

"So... what brings you here?" Spincap asked as he turned to face the baby dragon.

Spike didn't say a word and was in awe as he watched the Cybertronian just pulled the tree out of the ground.

"... oh right, I came by to tell you that the Princesses are coming to meet you today," said Spike.

"Princesses?" asked Spincap.

"Yeah Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, they're the ones who rule all of Equestria," Spike answered.

"So they're royalty? And they want to meet me?" Spincap replied.

"Yup and from the letter I read they sounded really eager to," said Spike.

"And what time are they coming?" said Spincap.

"I'm not sure they wrote that they'll be in town as soon as they can," said Spike.

"Well if that's the case then I guess I can keep working until they come," said Spincap.

"OK, is it alright I hang out with you?" Spike asked.

"Alright, but don't get to close I don't want you to get hurt," Spincap replied.

Spincap then went back to work pulling out trees and as he did so Spike stood aside making small talk. After a couple of hours later Spincap could already feel the strain on his servo motors. But fortunately for him he had just finished clearing a path. Although the two weren't out of the forest yet the natural clearing into town was wide enough for Spincap to go through.

"Hey look! they're here!" yelled Spike.

Spincap looked at Spike who was pointing up to the sky and then when looked up he thought he saw a gold craft pass by.

"What was that?" asked Spincap.

"It's the Princesses' chariot, they'll be in Ponyville any second to meet you!" said Spike.

"Should we get going then?" said the Cybertronian.

"Yeah before Twilight freaks out if we're late!" said Spike.

Spincap then transformed into his vehicle mode and opened a door to let the baby dragon in. Then after Spike was inside the door closed and they drove off into town.

The six mares had finally gathered together and were now waiting in front of the Library for the Princesses to arrive. As the other five waited patiently Twilight on the other hand was anxiously pacing as she waited.

"Twilight, you need to relax," said Rarity.

"How can I relax? the Prinesses will be here any second!" said Twilight.

"Actually their coming right now!" yelled Pinkie Pie as she pointed to the sky.

The gold chariot looked small from the sky but as it got closer to land the bigger it appeared until finally it landed in front of them. Twilight noticed that the chariot that was pulled by the armored pegasi was bigger than the one Princess Celestia usually rode in. Both the princesses were sitting on the vehicle and as the two sisters got out of the chariot Twilight along with the rest of her friends bowed before them.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, it's so good to see you both," greeted Twilight as she bowed.

"It's good to see you to Twilight," replied Celestia warmly.

"Yes, it has been awhile since we last seen one another Twilight Sparkle," said Luna.

"So Twilight where is this new friend you all made? We are very eager to meet him" said Celestia.

"I'm sorry, but he's a little bit late Princess, but don't worry I sent Spike to go get him and I'm sure they'll be here any minute now!" Twilight panicked.

"It's quite alright Twilight, we can wait" said Celestia.

"Well you don't have to wait long," said Rainbow Dash who was in the air, "here they come."

From the distance a vehicle could be seen coming their way and as it got closer the two Princesses were impressed with the design of the carriage that needed no pulling. The vehicle then stopped in front of them, then the door opened and out came Spike.

"That was so cool!" cheered Spike as he joined the others.

"Is this the alien that Twilight mentioned in her letter?" Luna asked Celestia.

Then before the Princesses' eyes the vehicle transformed and in seconds it became an armored giant. Both Princesses were stunned at the sight of it and when he stepped forward the guards reacted with their spears pointed at the Cybertronian who then raised his hands.

"WAIT!" Shouted Twilight as she teleported between Spincap and the guards, "He's not a threat! please lay down your weapons."

"That's right," said Rainbow Dash as the other five gathered around Twilight, "he's harmless."

As the scene continued a crowd was beginning to gather as the residents watched what was going on between the guards and the Cybertronian. Spicap however just stood there knowing that the spears these guards were carrying would be worthless against his armored body.

"Guards it's alright, lower your weapons," Celestia calmly said.

Although hesitant at first the guards did as they were commanded and lowered their weapons. Both Princesses then walked pass the guards and the Mane Six and were now in front of Spincap who then got down to one knee.

"You must be Spincap, the visitor Twilight wrote to me about," said Celestia looking up, "I must say your much more impressive then what Twilight described."

"Thank you your Highnesses," Spincap replied, "I'm honored that you came all this way to see me."

"Of course we would, but why don't we go somewhere a little more private?" Celestia said pointing to the large crowd that had now gathered around them.

They decided to go to Sweet Apple Acres and once they knew that they were alone the Princesses continued their conversation. They asked how he came to be here so he told them about his awakening and his journey through the Everfree Forest and how he met Fluttershy and the rest of her friends. They asked him several questions about what he was and where he came from and he mostly just repeated everything he told Twilight yesterday. While Spincap was telling the two Princesses everything about yesterday Celestia was examining him and that's when something about him grabbed her attention causing her eyes to widen.

"And that's what happened," finished Spincap.

"That's an incredible story, right sister?" Luna said.

Just then Celestia snapped out of it.

"Ye... yes it is, Thank you Spincap for taking the time to speak with us but we must be going now, royal duties after all," Celestia said.

Spincap just nodded and as the two princesses began to walk away Celestia stopped in front of Twilight.

"Twilight I must speak to you... alone," she said.

Twilight and Celestia walked several feet away from the others and when Celestia was sure that they would not be heard they stopped.

"Twilight I must ask you to keep an eye on Spincap, write to me about everything he does," Celestia whispered.

"But why Princess? Could Spincap be some kind of threat?" Twilight asked softly.

"I don't believe so Twilight, I don't sense any evil in him but still just to be safe I want you to keep me up to date about him and I think it best we keep this to ourselves, can you do that?" said Celestia.

"Yes Princess... I will," Twilight replied.

"Thank you Twilight," Celestia said.

Twilight then bowed as Celestia walked backed towards the chariot which Luna was already on. As the chariot flew away the princesses could see Twilight and her friends waving with Spincap still standing there watching.

"Sister what's wrong?" asked Luna.

"What do you mean, Luna?" Celestia replied.

"Don't pretend sister, I know when something is bothering you, what is it?" Luna said, "Is it about Spincap?"

Celestia hesitated for a moment but then she finally spoke.

"Luna do you remember that dream I had?"

"The one you thought was tied to the volcano Twilight put out became active?" Luna replied.

"Yes, I saw a city in ruin... but there's more to it, I didn't think it was important until I saw Spincap. But within the smoke and dust, I saw an armored giant bigger than Spincap. I couldn't make out any features other than the symbol on its chest... it was the same as the one Spincap bares.

Author's Note:

Finally got a chapter uploaded, been busy with work and school. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this chapter, comments are encouraged. Also I now have a Twitter account so if any of you have Twitter and would like to follow me you can at @ImAstralSketch where I'll post story updates as they come. I do have big plans for this story but I think you all already know that and thanks for reading.