• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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My First Battle

The Nemesis shook as the muffled sounds of explosions hitting the haul could be heard from within the Decepticon warship. In a large hallway a Decepticon solder almost fell as he felt the floor shake from another hit caused by the battle outside of Cybertron's orbit. Like most of the other Decepticons he was mostly purple with grey as his secondary color. He had his faction's emblem which glowed light purple on both of his shoulders and a small one on his chest. The lights that ran up his shins and on his upper body were the same color. All he had for a face was just triangular visor that pointed downward and it gave off a reddish glow. Regaining his balance he continued on as he hurried towards the end of the hallway which lead him to a large arched door. He stood there for a second then suddenly with a loud hiss the door began to come apart. Some of the pieces span clockwise while others went the opposite as the door disappeared. He walked inside a large room where he saw a group of solders standing at the center of the room. He took a quick look at his surroundings. There were cables hanging from the ceiling and at the opposite end of the room was a terminal with several monitors that gave off a bright purplish glow. There were also rails at both the right and left side of the room that had what looked like giant armored cables resting on them.

As he made his way toward the other solders, he noticed that they were all taller than him which wasn't much of a surprise to him. He always was shorter than most of his fellow Decepticons, most of the other bots his height were assigned as scouts. He tried to hide the fact that his hands were shaking by tightly clinching them into fists and then relaxing them. He was very nervous, just five solar cycles ago he was just a mere maintenance bot. He thought he would be excited, he had always dreamed of this moment where he would finally become a solder and go out in the battlefield to fight for the Decepticon cause. Now here he was on The Nemesis, the ultimate warship, and at any nano-cycle he would be sent out into his first battle against the Autobots and in space no less. Then he heard a voice yell out from the group of solders.

"HEY YOU! SHORT STACK! get over here!" said one of the solders.

He hurried over to where the other bots were, the bot that called him was large and bulky, His eyes glowed violet and the lights on his shoulders were the same color. Although much of his paint had been scratched way from many battles, his head and shoulders were still dark purple and the rest of his body was green.

"So you're the new scout huh?, well I'm Hard Case your squad leader what is your name?" he said the large bot.

"Spincap, sir" he replied.

"Well Spincap you made it just in time I was just about to debrief your fellow soldiers on our mission so listen up all of you! As we speak Commander Soundwave is onboard the enemy ship and the moment he completely disables their defenses these tow cables will breach their haul. Our orders from Commander Vortex are as soon as their haul is breached we are to use these cables to cross over into the Autobot ship. According to Commander Soundwave's Intel we should be close to the ship's escape pods. Once we're inside our mission is to prevent any Autobot from reaching those pods. Remember, Lord Megatron does not want any of them escaping so that means we terminate any Autobot we see with extreme prejudice, is that understood?!" said the squad leader.

"YES, SIR!" the solders replied.


While waiting some of the other soldiers were talking amongst themselves. More muffled booms could be heard as the room shook which caused Spincap's anxiety to return.

Primus what am I doing here he thought I know I always wanted this but I barely got any training and now they're sending us out into the enemy ship.

"Hey new guy," said one of the other soldiers breaking Spincap's train of thought.

"um yeah?" he replied.

This soldier was also taller than Spincap, unlike most of the soldiers he had a face instead of a visor. He also had shoulder plates that reached higher than his head and his forearms were massive. His paint scheme which also looked beaten was red and purple and his eyes glowed yellow.

"First mission huh?, nervous?" the solder asked.

"A little" Spincap answered.

"Well don't be, we got this," said the soldier; "Optimus and the other Autobots are running scared we pretty much got this war won. Names Roadway by the way and remember find cover and conserve your ammo use short bursts. Also be alert and keep your optics open you never know you might find some energon cubes or some ammo laying around"

"Sure thanks," Spincap said.

"No problem," said the soldier.

As Roadway went to talk to some of the other soldiers a thought had ran across Spincap's mind.

I thought the whole point of this war was to take control of Cybertron? with Optimus and most of the Autobots leaving means that it's over right? So why are we attacking when we already won the war?

All he knew was that Megatron wants the Autobot ship brought down and the number one rule as a Decepticon was you never disobey Lord Megatron. Then suddenly a voice coming from a speaker could be heard.


"Bad news bots, turns out we all can't fit inside the tow cable" said Hard Case, "that means two of you have to ride outside.

"Huh, what's that suppose to mean?" Spincap asked.

"You're up Spincap," said Hard Case.

"What?" said Spincap.

"Let's see who else gets to ride on top?" said Hard Case.

"Sir I volunteer sir! " said Roadway.

"Seriously soldier?" said Hard Case.

"Sir, yes sir! I think it might make a more dramatic entrance sir!" said Roadway.

"Al...right your with Spincap then," said Hard Case.

The door in front of them had opened reveling the raging battle outside, there were explosions everywhere and lasers flying at all directions as the Autobots and Decepticons are firing at each other in zero gravity.

"Whoa," Spincap said as he saw the battle in front of him.

"I know right?" said Roadway, "we better hurry their canons are shutting down now!"

The two Decepticons hurried onto the end of the tow cable.


"UH YEAH?" replied Spincap.

"GOOD CAUSE HERE WE GO!" Roadway yelled.

Before Spincap could respond he felt the powerful jerk of the tow cable launching itself into the battle field. The magnets were not enough to keep him up and he almost fell of the cable. The scout was lucky that he was able to grab onto the cable's armor casing or else he would have been thrown out into space. Spincap held on for dear life screaming as they passed firing lasers, a few centre guns and some flyers.

"THIS IS IT!" yelled Roadway.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Spincap screamed as the cable headed directly for one of the Autobot ship's vulnerable spots.

With a powerful force the end of the tow cable crashed into the haul of the Ark piercing threw creating an enormous hole.

"We made it new guy, let's go!" said Roadway as he lifted Spincap to his feet.

The two Decepticons jumped of the tow cable and were now inside the Ark. They were alone inside a huge hallway, the walls were a bronze color and several large square structures could be seen along the floor of the hall.

"Where are the Autobots?" asked Spincap.

Before Roadway could reply their squad leader could be heard speaking to them from their com-links.

"Roadway, Spincap can you hear me report?" said Hard Case.

"We hear you loud and clear sir, right Spincap?" said Roadway.

"Uh yeah, I mean yes sir," said Spincap.

"Well the two of you did survived how about that, anyway the rest of us will be out as soon as the cable on your end opens. The two of you are to hold your location against any Autobots do you copy!?"

"Yes, sir!" said the two soldiers.

Then suddenly a message from The Nemisis could be heard yelling on the com-link.





The cable opened up but before any of the soldiers could get out the tow cable exploded in a big ball of fire and shrapnel. The force of the cable exploding knocked Spincap and Roadway to the wall. Although dazed, the two were able to get back to their feet and when the smoke cleared they saw a giant hole where the tow cable once was.

"no, no, no NONONO WE'RE SO SCRAPED!" Spincap panicked until he felt a hand grab him.

"SNAP OUT OF IT! We still got a job to do" said Roadway.

"WHAT!? But our whole squads offline and where inside the enemy ship! what in the all-spark are the two of us gonna do against an army of Autobots?!!!" yelled Spincap.

"Calm down, you're a Decepticon as long as you remember your training we'll make it through this," said Roadway.


"CONS DEAD AHEAD!" shouted a voice from a distance.

The three Autobots that had just entered were at the end of the hall and had started shooting at the two Decepticons.

"GET DOWN!" shouted Roadway.

Roadway grabbed Spincap and pulled him behind one of the large metal blocks that were in the hallway. Now that the two were behind cover Roadway's left arm transformed into a Gear Shredder. He then reached over the block and fired his weapon. The blade shot out across the hall and cut the head off one of the Autobots. He then dashed over to another metal block and when he saw his chance he fired again cutting the other Autobot in half from the waist. Roadway was then forced to take cover as the remaining Autobot started firing an X18 Scrapmaker at him. Roadway waited and then when the Autobot stopped to reload his weapon he quickly dashed towards the enemy with his blade out and stabbed the other soldier in the chest killing him instantly.

"Well that was easy," said Roadway, "hey Spincap alls clear!"

Spincap walked away from the metal block and made his way towards Roadway. The floor was covered in large pools of energon that leaked from the three dead Autobots. This was the first time he had seen anybot killed in battle.

"I can't believe it, you took out all three of them," That was all he could think of saying.

"Don't mention it, after all I'm awesome," Roadway replied as he took the Scrapmaker from the dead soldier for himself.

"Good thing the X18 Scrapmaker has a slow reload, huh" Roadway said. "Wow look at the upgrades on this faster reload and windup geez I was lucky, this will definitely come in handy. Well let's get going we still got a mission to do."

"But how are we gonna pull this off with just the two of us? We don't even know where the escape pods are?" asked Spincap.

"That's easy" Roadway replied as he pulled out a data pad; "According to this layout of this ship, which we have Commander Soundwave to thank, we're not far off from the escape pods see? Now once we get there we won't have the numbers anymore to just shoot every Autobot we see, so instead I'll draw their fire while you go and rig up the pods with the explosives we have on us got it?"

"Wow, that's a good plan but assuming we're not deactivated getting there and we do take out the escape pods how are we gonna make it out of here alive?" Spincap asked.

"Well let's hope the Autobots are smart enough to surrender by then," Roadway answered.

"And if they're not?" Spincap replied.

"Well then I guess today's a good day to die then, let's roll out" said Roadway.

The two of them transformed into their vehicle modes, Spincap's alt mode was a sleek and built for speed while Roadway's was bigger and although his alt mode wasn't as fast as Spincap's it definitely had thicker armor. Now transformed the two drove through the same entry way the dead Autobots had entered from, which happen to be the direction they needed to go. As they were moving two more Autobot soldiers could be seen at distance.

"Roadway, there are two more up ahead!" yelled Spincap.

"I see'um!" Roadway calmly replied.

Roadway used his vehicle mood's weapons to gun down the two soldiers. One fell down dead from the bullets while the other was still standing until Roadway finished him off as he ran him over when he busted his speed.

Inside the pod station technicians were hard at work making sure the escape pods were in still in working order. With them were a group of soldiers that were stationed to protect them.

"Hurry it up are those escape pods still functional!?" asked one of the solders.

"Hold on, that hit we took did a real number on our systems" said one of the technicians.

"Stop worrying about it, it won't matter as long as we get to the space bridge before it closes!" said another soldier.

"Wait, YES!! the escape pods are functional!" said the technician.

"Good! but we still got no word from Optimus" said one of the soldiers.


"What was that!" said a soldier as the room stop shaking.



The door to the pod station suddenly exploded knocking all who were inside to the floor.

"WHAT HAPPEN!" yelled one of the soldiers.


The other soldier was struck died before he could finish by a circular blade. Then more blades were shot some ricochet off the walls and within seconds the soldiers and technicians were died, all except one. Injured the surviving technician used his com-link.

"Mayday, Decepticons have breached the pod station!" he said weakly, "we need back-up NOW!"

As soon as he finished the technician was killed by another blade to the back of the head.

"SLAG! He already called for back-up!" yelled Roadway.

"How long do you think they'll get here?" Spincap asked.

"Soon, You remember the plan right?" said Roadway.

"Yeah," Spincap replied.

"Good, cause we don't have much time. Here are the rest of the explosives, you know how to use them right?" said Roadway.

"I remember," said Spincap.

"Then get started, I'll cover the hallway" said Roadway as he brought out the Scrapmaker.

As soon as Roadway left the station Spincap went to work rigging the explosives. Spincap began to hear the sound of gun fire coming from the hall. He worked quickly as he rigged each escape pod to blow but when he got to the last one he had ran out of bombs.

"Scrap!" he said.

Spincap turn towards the hall and when he got there he could see Roadway was still firing his weapon. Several bots had been mowed down and when he could see no more Autobots he lowered his X18 Scrapmaker and turned to his smaller comrade.

"Looks like we're clear for-"


A Laser bolt had shot through Roadway's chest and as he fell to the floor Spincap dashed towards him.

"Roadway!!" screamed Spincap.

With Spincap distracted with Roadway the remaining Autobot shifted his null ray and replaced it with a blade and made his way towards the last Decepticon. Despite his size, Spincap was trying to drag his partner into the pod station .

"Roadway! can you hear me!?" said Spincap.


Before Spincap could react he was tackled to the ground by the same Autobot that shot Roadway. Spincap struggled with every strength he had to keep the blade away from him. He was then able to shift his leg underneath his attacker and with all his might he was able to kick the enemy off him. Now free Spincap quickly shifted his right arm into a Scattershot. The Autobot quickly got back up and with his blade ready and filled with rage was about to attack again.


With his chassis riddled with holes and half his face gone the Autobot fell to the floor dead. Spincap just laid there up right, with his weapon/arm still up smoking and shaking. Then he remembered about Roadway and he quickly got back up. Spincap moved passed the mess of energon that was the result of his first kill and made his way towards his comrade. He then Kneeled down against Roadway and saw that energon was leaking from the wound in his chest and from his mouth.

"Roadway! Are you still functioning?!" said Spincap.

"I... can't believe I missed one," he replied weakly.

"Don't worry about it, I took care of him" Spincap said reassuringly.

"Did you now?" he said almost amused, "and the ... mission?"

"I ran out of explosives before I got to the last pod" Spincap replied.

Roadway was silent for a moment then he spoke.

"Spincap.. do you remember what I said earlier,.. about it being a good day to die?.. Well I was lying, there's no such thing."

"Don't talk like that, you're gonna be fine" said Spincap.

"No I'm not," Roadway said; "I'm scared Spincap, it hurts a lot. I ..I don't even know... what we're fighting for anymore, Cybertron's almost dead anyways... But I'm glad I met you Spincap, I can't explain... it but there's something ... about you like we were meant... to meet."

Suddenly the entire ship began to shake violently causing Spincap to slip and fall. Loud sirens could be heard as red lights began to flash.

"This ship not gonna last!" yelled Spincap as he got back up.

"Go then" said Roadway; "take the escape pod... maybe the Autobots had the right idea... about leaving."

"But what about you?" asked Spincap.

"I'm not gonna make it," Roadway said as his voice got weaker.

"I...I wish I could of been more useful," said Spinecap with shame.

Then with his large hand Roadway grabbed hold of Spincap's.

"You already have, you listened to me like a good soldier, we made a pretty good team you know. I know we would have been great friends...now... go... get out of...here."

Roadway's eye had gone dark and his hand fell from Spincap's. Spincap was speechless, it wasn't until he was knocked down again by the violate shaking and explosions from within the ship to snap him out of it. He then hurried to the escape pod and opened it but before he went inside he took another look Roadways's body.

Roadway...I really wish I could of meet you before today he thought.

Then as soon as he heard the voices of several panicking Autobots getting closer he knew he had to leave now. Once he was inside he closed the hatch and as soon as he sat down at the control panel he found the launch lever and pulled, then with a strong jerk the pod shot out of the Ark. Spincap looked at the monitor and saw the chaos outside, the space bridge had become unstable as its shape became erratic. He saw the Autobot ship getting ripped apart as it's being sucked inside. Not even The Nemesis couldn't escape as it flipped over and became the first to go through the bridge. Spincap could also feel the escape pod getting sucked into the massive portal. He tried to pilot the pod away but the pull was too strong. Then as he helplessly watched as he got closer into the black and yellow storm a massive piece that broke off the Ark slammed into the escape pod. The force was enough to knock Spincap out of his seat slamming his head against the wall and just like that everything went black.

It was a early in the morning at Fluttershy's cottage and after some "friendly" encouragement from Angel, Fluttershy was awake and getting ready for the day as she prepared to feed the many animals she cared for.

"Oh Angel! breakfast is ready" She said cheerfully.

The rabbit had his arms crossed as he waited impatiently for the yellow pegasus to arrive with his breakfast. When she finally hovered in she was carrying two large bags of animal feed over her back, using her forelegs she carried a blue bowl. She then placed the bowl before the small white rabbit and with her forelegs now free she was able to land.

"Now I expect you to eat every bite, ok Angel?" said Fluttershy will a smile.

Angle looked at contents of the bowl, it was filled to the top with lettuce, carrots and a few berries. He then shook his head, pushed the bowl back and crossed his arms. Fluttershy wasn't going to let Angel's pickiness get to her this early in the morning. She then gave him a stern look and after a few seconds the rabbit gave up and took the bowl back and started eating what was brought him. As he ate the look on his face changed from being bitter to joy as he started to wolf down his meal.

"That's a good boy Angel?" she said joyfully.

With a smile Futtershy walked towards the door carrying the animal feed and as soon as she opened the door she stopped and looked back at her pet.

"You know Angel I can't explain it but, I have good feeling about today I'm just not sure why."

Author's Note:

This is as dark as its going to get for now but this story will get darker farther on, but for now it will be mostly comedy and slice of life. Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.