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Discord was one of Equestria's greatest enemies, so why would Celestia want him released from his stone prison? She said so that he could use his powers for good, but what possible good can come from the Spirit of Chaos? What if Celestia had an ulterior motive for reforming Discord? Something she hoped that Twilight and her friends would never find out. Being a leader for an entire nation comes with many responsibilities that sometimes includes making the hard choices.
This story is about what led to the events of Keep Calm and Flutter On, it is about why Celestia would want to reform Discord.

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Clever, Celestia, very clever.. or very foolish. Using Discord, a chaos god, instead of the honest training an army for the upcoming war. that's basically cheating.

Good work :trollestia:

Clever indeed. Well done. Have an upturned thumb.

If the Regal Sisters already control the Sun and the Moon, what need the had to add Discord´s chaos to their arsenal?

Also, the price of victory may be even stepper than any of the alternatives, since they have to keep the Spirit happy and entertained, and Fluttershy won´t be there forever.

Very awesome explanation! I was smiling the whole time!

2732774 I'm glad you liked it

Discord uses Dynamic Entry.

This was pretty good, but how is this sad exactly? :rainbowhuh:

I wasn't sure I need it, but I put the sad tag there cause Celestia went along with the plan because in this story Discord is the closest thing to a nuke. :twilightsheepish:

Hm.... I kind of don't feel that it should be there. In fact, the story seems to have a humorous ending. (Don't know how that's relevant, however.)

Well made, for a second I thought I was reading a part of the wings of change, fig of war but I wasn't

Nice work! I don't think this needs a sad or dark fic to be honest, its pretty neutral as war is adverted with no harm done.

Interesting reason's there for reforming Discord. Also good that war was avoided... Buuuut I think the way it was avoided did in a way stain Equestria's overall reputation in other nation's with such underhanded/unfair tactic... Kinda like if you launch punch of nukes in Civ-games.

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