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Pinkie and Bluie - Talon and Thorn

After Prince Blueblood and Pinkie Pie met at the Gala, he'd expected it to be a one off thing, like so many times before. So why is he finding it so hard to tell her that?

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Chapter 4 - The Ball

There had to be at least one thousand ways to leave her.

So why couldn't he bring himself to use any of them?

Because she was there when he needed her the most.

Because she made him happy

Because she was fun to be with.

After his return to Canterlot Blueblood spent a few days going through his duties on autopilot. His trip to Ponyville had not helped his condition at all if anything it had gotten worse, Pinkie seemed to be all that he could think about. He’d spent two hours in a meeting with Archduke Fisher, one of the few members of the Night Court still present in Canterlot, apparently discussing trade between their provinces but he didn’t remember a word of it. All he came out with was a notebook full of scribbles of her, some in pornographic detail, luckily his assistant had been paying more attention.

The situation became worse when a horrible thought struck him as he prepared for bed a day later, he hadn’t managed to break up with Pinkie but had she broken up with him? She had sort of kicked him out of her bed after they’d slept together, had she really just wanted to play hide and seek, it seemed unlikely, until you took into account the fact she was Pinkie Pie. If he’d done the same, as he had in the past, he would have thought that this would be the end, but she wasn’t him, she was better than that, wasn’t she? She hadn’t said anything about meeting again, had she just gotten what she wanted and brushed him aside? He felt dirty, used, sick, he didn’t get much sleep that night.

Come the next morning Blueblood decided he had to do something to see if he had been used or not, he checked his social diary. There was a small charity ball being hosted by Fancy Pants over the weekend. Normally he would have put in a desultory appearance and then left, there was nothing for him there, particularly given the current state of the court, but it would be the perfect way to see if Pinkie was still interested in him. He telegraphed her an invitation right away. His internal voice screamed that this was madness, he wanted to leave her and inviting her to a party was not how to do that, he should not be seen in public with her. He was getting tired of that voice and wished it would go and scream at someone else for a change.

He spent the rest of the day pacing anxiously around his apartments, alternating between wishing she would reply and wishing she wouldn’t. When a servant arrived that evening with a telegraph he snatched the paper from her hoof. It was almost laughable that such a small piece of paper could almost bring him to his knees, he downed a shot of vodka to steady his nerves before reading it.

‘Dear Bluie. I love to Party. Will arrive 6pm Saturday. Lots of love and kisses and balloons, Pinkie.’

He stared at it for a while, it didn’t sound like her, apart from the balloons. Then he realised that the telegraph charged by the letter, he guessed a friend, maybe one of the Cakes, had edited her message to stop it bankrupting her.

He felt warm satisfaction for a moment, then it hit him, he’d invited Pinkie Pie to a formal ball, in public. He downed a second Vodka, the voice had been right, this was going to be a disaster.

Blueblood decided to meet Pinkie in person at the station. Originally he was going to wait for her to arrive at his apartments but he found himself impatiently pacing the floor watching the clock and decided he needed to burn off some energy walking to her instead.

Her train arrived on time and he searched through the crowd of tourists for a flash of pink. There she was, still wearing his saddlebags, he felt a surge of pride, and nattering to one of her fellow passengers who looked like she was desperately wishing for Pinkie to take a breath so she could make her excuses and leave.

“Miss Pie!” he called as he trotted over to her.

“Bluie!” she squealed abandoning her previous companion and rushing across the station towards him, she barged past several ponies and leapt clear over one stallion before enfolding Blueblood in a hug and kissing his cheek. He glowed and not entirely in embarrassment, she still liked him.

“How was your trip?” he asked once he’d managed to get untangled.

“It was fun, I played I spy but no-one else seemed interested so I played it against myself, guess what? I won. Oh, oh,” she exclaimed as she reached back into her bags and pulled out a small carton of berries, “Look pinkberries, I asked Carrot Top and they are a thing, you make lemonade out of them, which is odd because you’d think they’d use lemons.” she searched through the bags again, “and I remembered the syrup.” she held up a jar of the gooey fluid, it had a large crack in it and was leaking. “That’s not good.” she scrambled in the bag again to reveal the same party dress she had worn to the Gala last week, its folds were matted with the sugary mess. “Oh, Rarity’s going to do that eye twitch thing when she sees this.”

“Do you have anything else to wear?”

“I’ve got another dress but that was for a special time with you,” she opened the other bag and Blueblood got a glimpse of a ruffle skirt and stockings, “You were going to be a tough cowpony from the mild west and I was going to be an innocent dancing girl, I got toy pies and everything. Still I suppose I could go to the party in it.”

The idea seemed attractive to certain parts of Blueblood but he pushed the thought aside, “I don’t think that would be appropriate, Pinkie, maybe we could just not go to the party.” That would solve his problems, they could just spend the weekend together out of the public eye.

She looked shocked, “You can’t not go to a party that would be like heresy or something. I can just go au natural.”

There was a good chance that since Luna had turned up at the Gala naked future fashion trends might go towards minimal or no clothing at social events, thought Blueblood, but it was still early days for that. Anyway he felt like impressing his date with his power and wealth, “You don’t need to do that, we can go shopping.”

“Won’t everything be closed by now?”

“This is not your provincial Ponyville, Miss Pie, this is Canterlot, here everything is open all night.” He took her hoof and led her from the station.

The shop that Blueblood took Pinkie to was called the Clothes Horse, it was a compromise in his mind. He was sure he could have brought her to as low class a shop as he could imagine and she would be happy, and probably look stunning in whatever she chose. However, that didn’t seem right, he told himself that it would cause a scandal if anyone seen on his arm was wearing something... common. However, he didn’t think he could bring himself to take her to the highest class of establishment, even with his influence dresses from those would take weeks to be fitted and ordered, not the hour or so they had. So the Clothes Horse was a compromise, it was fashionable enough to hold acceptable outfits but as an up and coming venture still held off the rack clothes and his power would be enough to influence the owner so he could keep stories of any Pinkieish behaviour quiet.

He left Pinkie to examine some of the clothes, while he talked to the manager, a short brown unicorn stallion, his eyes covered by huge glasses.

“You see my companion over there?” said Blueblood pointing to Pinkie who seemed to be sniffing at a number of hats as if wondering how they would taste.

“Ah, yes sir your ‘companion’” replied the manager raising his eyebrows at the term suggestively. Blueblood decided that because of that he wouldn’t be getting a tip.

“Do you have anything in the shop as beautiful as she is?”

The shop pony weighed up his options for a second, before responding, “No, your grace, however, we do have many things with which to highlight her beauty.”

Blueblood grinned, ‘He might have just gotten his tip back’ he thought. “I think you should get the whole of your staff to see to her needs. Anything she asks for, she gets.”

“Of course my lord.”

“Good, I’m going to be spending an obscene amount of money here.”

The manager looked overjoyed, “Oh, sir, you’re in the right store in the right city for that. Before we start can I ask, exactly how obscene are we talking about?”

Blueblood leaned in closer to the store keeper, “Punching Luna in the face level offensive.” ‘Did I just say that?’ he asked himself, ‘I think Pinkie might be rubbing off on me.’

After a short discussion with the manager the store mares formed a small gaggle around Pinkie and started to communicate in short squeals before rushing off the gather various items of clothing.

Blueblood was set up in a plush chair and given a glass of a, rather excellent, fruit punch while Pinkie paraded in front of him in a variety of outfits to allow him to give his approval.

They ended up buying most of them, although the dress that she decided on for tonight was surprisingly low key for her. It consisted of a tight blue upper layer which clung to her flanks followed by a more expansive white skirt, several pink bows held the ensemble together. Blueblood couldn’t help but notice she was wearing his houses colours.

The only part missing from the outfit was a hat which Pinkie was apparently having difficulty choosing. She noticed one of the shop mares was wearing a blue pillbox, “Oh, do you have one like that?” she asked.

“Give her your hat,” hissed the manger to the assistant. “She wants to give you the hat,” he assured his customer.

Pinkie examined the hat from all sides, then to the astonishment of the staff punched her hoof through it before plopping it on her head and feeding her mane through it, the curly pink locks spread out forming a palm tree of hair. A large broach in the shape of an ice cream cone attached to the side of the hat completed the look.

Blueblood wrote out a large check and handed it to the manager, “I think you’ll find this will cover it all.”

The manager looked at the cheque, then gave a double take, “Thank you sir, this truly is an offensive amount.”

Blueblood’s grin threatened to tear his face apart, “I know.”

The couple left the shop their saddlebags full of clothes, giggling like school foals.

By the time they had arrived at Fancy Pants’s residence, a few hours later, Blueblood’s good cheer had evaporated, to be replaced by a block of ice in his guts. This was going to be a disaster, he thought, it’ll be the end of my social standing and if it is possible for somepony to actually die of embarrassment, my life.

The party was a fairly small affair, as these things went, no more than a hundred guests, it was to drum up support for one of Fancy Pants’s pet charities, starving zebra foals or something like that. The couple were met at the door by a herald, a young unicorn stallion, who asked how they should be announced. Before Blueblood could come up with a reasonable answer Pinkie whispered into the servant ear. The herald raised an eyebrow and the pink pony nodded manically.

“Announcing the arrival of Viscount Prince Blueblood and his companion, Pinkamena Diane Pie, third best baker in Ponyville, bringer of happiness, destroyer of frowns.”

Blueblood’s coat fairly glowed red as dozens of pairs of eyes turned towards the new arrivals, yes he could definitely die of embarrassment, he could feel himself slipping now. Then the tension was broken as the hosts wife, Fleur de Lyse, snorted and broke into a fit of giggles, “That’s funny,” she gasped. After a moment polite laughter started to spread around the room. Pinkie smiled in pride and started to bounce forward into the room pulling Blueblood along behind her.

Pinkie looked at Blueblood and then stopped, “Way that too much?” she asked, “I just wanted to break the ice.”

“It was a little, unusual,” he said, but quickly added, “It certainly got the parties attention.”

Within the hall they were met by the host and his wife who was still recovering from her earlier outburst while a crowd of other ponies positioned themselves, coincidentally, just within hearing range. “I’m glad you could make it Viscount Blueblood,” said Fancy Pants, “and with such a charming companion as well, please to make your acquaintance Ms Pie.” he bowed.

Pinkie began to open her mouth, this was it, thought Blueblood, she’s going to start to sing, or talk about what words are funny or something like that and everybody will be laughing at her not with her, “Please to meet you Mr Pants,” said Pinkie, Blueblood blinked surprised.

Was this really Pinkie, thought Blueblood as she started to ask Fancy Pants about whatever charity this event was for. He concentrated and ran a magic scan over her, he could feel the general background hum of earth pony magic, maybe a bit higher than average but she did not appear to be enchanted or affected by an illusion, why was she acting so un-Pinkie like, it was unsettling.

“What do you think Blueblood?” asked Fancy Pants, shaking him out of his daze.

His years of experience of polite conversation saved him as he realised he was being talked to “Oh, I agree.” he ventured, hoping that was a reasonable answer to whatever he was being asked.

“Splendid, why don’t you ladies go and start on the drinks. Blueblood and I will be with you in a minute.”

Fleur put an arm around Pinkie and began to steer her towards the drinks table, “So you’re, from Ponyville? My husband has expressed some interest in a young musician from there, maybe you’ve heard of her?”

Once the mares had left Fancy turned to Blueblood, “A rather daring choice in companion tonight isn’t she. She’s from that town that Luna’s focusing on, some might say that you were using her to garner support, that would be in rather poor taste.“

“What! No, that didn’t even cross my mind,” stuttered the younger stallion, “I met her at the Gala, we hit it off and I invited her here.”

“So just another gorgeous bedmate, eh? You always have the best taste.” said Fancy Pants dismissively.

Surprising himself, Blueblood found the comment rather offensive “Pinkie is more than that to me, she’s a good mare.”

Somewhat taken aback by the ferocity of Blueblood’s reply Fancy stepped back and stared into the Viscounts face, “You really do feel something for her don’t you? Very well, I apologize. I’ll have to keep an eye on the both of you, maybe I should even mention your new relationship to Luna when I next see her.” The comment hovered in the air like a threat, “Now shall we join the ladies for drinks? I have a new bartender you know, do tell me what you think of some of her cocktails.”

The first half of the night went well, Pinkie continued to act uncharacteristically restrained although brief flashes of her normal personality would occasionally breakthrough in the form of jokes and expansive gestures to illustrate stories. As Fancy Pants had predicted many of the guests wanted to hear about the events that had occurred in Ponyville. Given the normal intrigues of the Night Court were currently curtailed the gossip mill had picked up on that event as a safe topic of conversation.

After being asked about the curse that had affected the town for the twentieth time Pinkie seemed to grow tired and began to tug Blueblood towards the dance floor where a small orchestra was currently playing a slow waltz.

Blueblood gave a deep bow to his partner and she moved into his grasp. For a second he was worried she didn’t know the dance but then they started to move together, she was somewhat hesitant but she certainly knew the steps. His greater experience compensated and soon the two of them were moving gracefully around the floor.

“I di-didn’t expect you to be know how to..” he stuttered.

“How to dance? How to behave at a posh party?” she grinned even wider than normal and wiggled her covered flanks at her companion. “My special talent is parties silly, all types of parties, sure I prefer parties with singing and games and cake and stuff but that’s not all I know. Besides when you invited me I talked to Rarity about how you asked me out and how to act at a formal ball, sure her eye got all twitchy and she had to go out back and shout a lot of very unladylike things for a while, she does that a lot when I visit, but after that she helped me a lot.” She looked away, “You invited me here, brought me those pretty dresses, I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“You could never embarrass me.”

“Really. Even if I asked the band to play the Pokey Pony or got all the guests to play pin the tail on the pony?”

“Alright, you could very much embarrass me but if you didn’t you wouldn’t be you and it’s you I like. Not that I want you to do any of these things,” he backpedalled quickly.

“Alright, I won’t, tonight. Let’s just keep dancing for a while.”

He leaned in closer and put his head on her shoulder, then behind her he saw a blond maned, aquamarine coated unicorn and cursed to himself, it was Prench Hotel. She was one of the nouveau riche, her father had set up a chain of successful hotels, she herself didn’t do anything but stalk suitors who Daddy didn’t approve of. Her father was rich enough that no-pony wanted to make an enemy of but not influential enough for anyone but the lower nobility to want to marry his brat. She’d obsessed over Duke Greengrass a year or so ago but recently had moved on to Blueblood himself. Before Trixie had proposed her plan for the Gala Prench had been one of his possible escorts for the evening. She had not taken the news her services would not be needed well.

The Blond unicorn stomped across the dance floor only just avoiding the other couples. She grasped Pinkie with her aura and deftly pushed her aside positioning herself in front of Blueblood while her rival went spinning off, “Get your hooves off my stallion,” she hissed.

“Prench!” exclaimed Blueblood.

“Don’t worry darling,” she replied calmingly, “I’m here now, you can forget all about that little pink strumpet.” She tried to wrap her hooves around Blueblood but he struggled out of her grasp.

“Unhoof me, there was never anything between us Prench.”

“You were going to take me to the Gala, I was going to meet Luna. Then she stole you.” She pointed to Pinkie who was getting to her hooves.

“She didn’t steal me Prench, I met her at the Gala. I took an entirely different pony to the Gala.”

“I don’t care how many little whores you have, you’re supposed to be with me.”

“Pinkie is not a whore!” interjected Blueblood, trying to keep his temper under control, “She’s the third best baker in Ponyville, what have you ever been third best at? Spending your father’s money? Raising your tail for whoever he doesn’t like this week? You’re not even the best at that, no matter how hard you try you won’t even be the best whore, you’re pathetic.” Tears started to well up in his targets eyes and she staggered back from him.

He looked aside and saw the expression on Pinkie’s face, it was the same expression he had seen on a much much older mare only a week ago, she was ashamed of him. A cold feeling passed through him.

“Prince Blueblood,” yelled Pinkie. “Even if she was being a big stinky, meanie head, there was no need to be a meanie back, you said you wanted to stop being like that, apologize now!”

“But I was..” started her companion.

“Apologize! Now mister. Or no cowboy fun for you tonight!”

“I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “I didn’t mean to,” he took a deep breath, “I apologize for my words Ms Hotel, I did not mean what I said, but please do not insult my marefriend again.”

“Now the two of you come with me and we can sort this out.” With this Pinkie grabbed both of the unicorn’s tails in her mouth and began to drag them through one of the side doors leading into the gardens.

Once out into the chill of the summer evening Pinkie let her captives go and turned to talk to them as if they were little foals.

“Now Bluie. Did you tell Prench that you would take her to the Gala?”

“Well I might have given her that impression, yes,” said Blueblood awkwardly.

“And when you couldn’t how did you tell her?”

“I think I asked my secretary to write her a letter.”

“That hurt,” whined Prench, “I loved you and you blew me off with a letter, you didn’t even care enough to write to me yourself.”

Pinkie took a step closer to Blueblood and turned to Prench, “Why do you love Bluie?”


“Well he’s hunky and rich and powerful and good in bed and super fun to be with and wants to be a good pony, but why do you love him?”

“I, I, I don’t know,” the aquamarine mare stuttered.

“Well what do you like about being with him? I like how he looks at me, like I’m somepony special.”

“When I’m with him I think about how people are looking us and that Daddy will be angry.”

“Why do you want your dad angry? I’ve always wanted mine to be happy,” asked Pinkie looking confused.

“I don’t want Daddy’s to be angry, I just want him to pay attention to me and not his work,” snapped Prench, a look of shock passing over her face.

“Silly, have you tried to just talk to him?”


“Your Dad. Sometimes Daddy’s are all busy and grumpy and stuff but you're always their little filly and they forgive all sorts of stuff, like moving all the rocks from the east field to the pond because you tried to teach them how to swim, rocks don’t swim well you know. You just have to talk to them, Daddies not rocks,” she muzzled Prench, “Just talk to him.”

“You really think that will work?” she sobbed.

“I know it will, now smile,” said Pinkie demonstrating.

Prench got to her feet and dried her eyes, she half heartedly tried to copy Pinkie.

“That’s better, but keep trying. Now go talk to your father.”

“I will,” said the mare trotting away looking rather dazed.

“You’re amazing” exclaimed Blueblood as he sat slumped against one of the trees, “I’m sorry about what I said to her.”

“Are you really?”

“Yes,” he was surprised, it was true, “Yes, I am sorry, I don’t think I would have been a week ago, before I met you.”

“Then that’s a start, we all make mistakes Bluie, the trick is to try and fix them.” Pinkie laid herself out legs pointing straight up, her head on Blueblood’s lap, he rested a hoof on her stomach and began to slowly move it in circles, one of her rear legs twitched slightly.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

Blueblood spoke first, “What are we Pinkie?”

“Ponies, silly. You’d think you’d have to know that to get to help run the country.”

He laughed, “You might be surprised how little you need to know to run a country, but I mean what are we to each other?”

“What do you think we are?” she said quietly with a little hitch in her voice that felt like a punch to the gut.

“You're all wrong for me, you’re not a noble, you won’t help my house, you’re silly and strange and spontaneous and beautiful and wonderful. I’m all wrong for you, I’m a bad pony and you are so not, my rivals will always consider you a target, you deserve so much better than me.”

“You know what I think you are Bluie? I think you’re a better pony than you think you are,” she craned her head up and gently kissed him on the lips, “and I think you're my special somepony.”

“And I think you're mine,” he replied, kissing her again. It was amazing how easy it was to say, the voice in his head seemed to have packed up and left, and good riddance. “You know this won’t be easy.”

“I prefer fun too easy any day.”

As the old song went there must be at least fifty ways to leave your lover. He was sure he'd used at least that number himself, in fact there were probably over one thousand of them. 'It's not you, it's me', sleeping with her sister, not returning her letters, declaring that you’re gay, faking your own death.

"Whatcha thinking about Bluie?" asked the puffy pink pony currently reclining across his lap. "I know, let me guess. Is it about whether the clouds look down at us and talk about what we remind them of?" she put on a deep voice, "'You see that pony down there, if you squint and turn your head it looks just like a cloud and that one looks like a cupcake' or is it whether cakes want to be eaten? ‘Cause it’s probably not that fun to be eaten but if they didn't want to be eaten why would they taste so good? or is it whether the word succotash or guacamole is funnier or maybe succomole or guacatash?"

There had to be at least one thousand ways to leave her.

"Yes, Pinkie that's exactly what I'm thinking about", said Prince Blueblood smiling down at her.

So why couldn't he bring himself to use any of them?

Because she was there when he needed her the most.

Because she made him happy

Because she was fun to be with.

Because she reminded him he could be a good pony.

And because he loved her.

Author's Note:

Well that it. A few things to have looked out for, some (now heavily managed) song lyrics and a scene stolen from a very early 90s movie.

Thanks again to the people I thanked in the first chapter.

Please tell me what you think of it all.

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Wow, a suprisingly lovely story. I am impressed.

Yes, some editing would be good, and there are bits that could be writen better, but the core of the story, the heart of it is lovely.

Apparently, the Equestrian equivalent of the Lousiville Slugger is the "Love and Tolerance." Eakin's Twilight calls hers "Home Run."

When did Raindrops become a romantic? Usually she's such a Gloomy Gus.

Pretty Woman reference? Big Mistake. Huge. (just kidding... I loled.) Actually, I could see another version of Blueblood trying to pull a Pygmalion/My Fair lady on Pinkie...

Ultimately, this was absolutely adorable.

Yay! It's up!


Raindrops reading romance novels was established... somewhere. It might have been in In the Heat of the Moment though and thus of questionable canonicity.

Anyway, this is pretty awesome and I am behind this ship 120%.

*Grins and applauds* Very sweet! I really love your characterization of Blueblood, it fit in beautifully. The scenes were well described and well set up I loved the line about the baseball bat and Gummy's burning hatred of Blueblood. The only thing I can think to criticize is some small grammar and spelling issues but even they really didn't do much to lower my enjoyment of the fic.

Anything with a sturdy balloon ladder wins my vote.:pinkiehappy:

For the record, I really like this story, and hope everyone else does as well.

It's also alluded to in one of the Hearts & Hooves day stories that made it to canon; InsertAuthorHere's, specifically.

Such a new author in the middle of the feature box already?:trixieshiftright:
You're gonna go far kid:moustache:
Keep it up:raritywink:

Very well done! Any chance of Lunaverse canonical status for this story?

Needs to be canon so badly.

Excellent story, I enjoyed it quite a bit.:pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed this story and how you portrayed both Blueblood and Pinkie Pie. I also like how Blueblood thought, makes lines he said in "At the Grand Galloping Gala" in a new light, such as "I am not certain I deserved that." when Luna talked to the night court the first time.

Great story!:pinkiehappy:

This story is littered with grammar errors and run-on sentences. There are periods in odd places and a fair number missing capitol letters. I don't think I've come across using single apostrophes instead of italics to designate thoughts in years and it was occasionally hard to make out on the first read through. Normally, the shear number of issues with the writing would have been a deal-breaker for me and I'd have quit after the first misplaces comma... but...

I wouldn't change a single thing in this story if you put a gun to my head.

Everything works. Every mistake, every odd turn of phrase, everything, just works. Whether intentional or not, the crazy and disjointedness of the writing actually accurately captured Blueblood's mental state perfectly, in a way I didn't even think was possible. This isn't about the soft kind of love that grows over time, nor the sudden attraction you feel at first glance, or the meeting of two who are destined for each other. This is the kind of love that hits you out of nowhere like a bat to the side of your head; the kind that sweeps you up into a whirlwind of confusion and doesn't let your feet touch the ground until you are miles out to sea. And this is the only kind of love I could ever see Pinkie involved in.:pinkiehappy:

You have taken a genre I normally have little interest in and wrenched my soul. You took a pairing that has no basis in anything and not only made me believe it, but turned me into diehard fan. And, and I swear to god this is true, when I finally stopped reading and realized that over an hour had passed, I looked around and suddenly realized there was cake in front of me. I have no memory of where this cake came from. I don't even think there was any cake in my house.

Your story is so sweet it actually, literally, spawned cake for me.

Liked, up-voted, favorited, and desperately wishing there was more!:heart:

This, so hard. I doubt i could put it better without using 2 or 3 more paragraphs
Sweet, compelling, and engrossing, half because of its errors and half in spite of them.
I'll be shocked if this isn't cannon in the Lunaverse, it has my vote.

2737407 I adored it! It could use a run of editting but on the whole was amazing. I vote for canonicity and keeping Blueblood and Pinkie a couple in the Lunaverse.

FOREVER!! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you all for your kind comments, at this rate I'm going to need a slave to ride behind me and remind me that I'm mortal.


It was one of the hearts and hooves stories that gave Raindrops her hidden romantic streak. She basically changes from 'I don't really care about love' to 'No, your perfect love must live for ever' when it looks like the spark might have gone out of the Bon-bon / Lyra relationship.

I'd say she's quite out of character here. I probably should have stretched out the conversation more giving a more gradual change from distrusting Blueblood to 'this is the most perfect love ever!' but hind sight is 20/20. If I had to defend it I'd play the sexist card and say she was either leading up to or just come out of her time of the year and was a bit more hormonal than normal.


Originally I had the entire Pretty Woman scene word for word but I was persuaded by my wonderful proof readers to trim it down and make the manager a little less silly. Personally I liked the image of Blueblood lazing in a chair with a drink at Pinkie put on a fashion show in front of him, that how all clothes shopping should be done.


Really? :pinkiegasp: I was in the feature box? :pinkiehappy: and I missed it! :pinkiesick: That what I get for sleeping I guess. :pinkiesad2:


I would really like to say I planned all the errors to make it better, but I won't because I don't like lying.
I was keeping Pinkie's grammar a mess of run on sentences because that's how she talks and tried to make it so that all her rants could be skipped without missing anything important so your brain could just fill in, Pinkie jabbers away about some here.
All the rest are just my own errors, punctuation doesn't come to easily to me so if they somehow improve the story its just a happy coincidence.


I'm not sure about forever, on a realistic front I could see them breaking up quite quickly. But I prefer not to live in reality which is why a Mr Blueblood-Pie and his very pregnant wife will be cameoing in one of the future chapters of my Dr Who / Lunaverse story set a few years in the 'future'.


Thank you all for your kind comments, at this rate I'm going to need a slave to ride behind me and remind me that I'm mortal.

To be historically correct, I believe the lowest-ranking slave in all the land must be standing at your side as you ride through the parade in your chariot, whispering in your ear, "Caeser, thou art mortal." :scootangel:

I don't have one of those, but I do have a wife to tell me to take out the trash and clean up the dog poo, which is much the same thing....


Well got to get rid of that pesky hubris somehow.

Now I just have to figure out who the lowest-ranking slave in the land is, Baldric's never around when you need him.

I really enjoyed this too. PinkiexBlueblood is best couple!
I hope it does become canon. It fits well with the After The Night revisions I'm doing, and if we're not going to have Blueblood as Evil Noble anymore, I think he works best as Pinkie's Stallion. Mostly because that gives him reason to show up in Ponyville at random times.

Trixie: Ah, a perfect vacation day! nopony around to bother me--
Pinkie: Trixie! Bluey's in town, but the motel is being remodeled and Gummy's on a date with a female alligator in my room. I told him he could sleep over in your Residency. Hope that's okay!


Or even better, they both need a bed for the night.

Trixie spends all night lying awake fearing there going to do 'something', but they just spend all night asleep resulting in both of them being well rested the next day but Trixie being a wreck.

I wonder if we could have something similar to the way Fluttershy thinks Trixie is persecuting her with Trixie thinking that everything Blueblood does, no matter how small, must be designed to get at her somehow.

"A punnet of strawberries, my good man"

"What are you going to do with those? You know I'm allergic to them, you're going to slip them into my food aren't you? Well I just won't eat or drink anything for the next week. You won't get me!"

And perhaps another running joke where Blueblood never remembers Raindrops's name or even that she exists. He met her at the Gala but has forgotten her in my story.

"Ah yes, the famous elements of Harmony, Trixie, Cherilee, Ditzy, Carrot Top, Lyra and the yellow one."



"My name is Raindrops, not the yellow one"

"Of course Draindrips, how could I forget"

"RAINDROPS!" she has to be held down by Cherilee and Carrot top to stop her gutting Blueblood

I guess we need a name for the couple, Pinkieblood sounds rather to 'cupcake' like. Bluepie maybe? Princepie?

That was really, really good :pinkiehappy:


I read entirely because of this comment. Worth it, too. /)


Blood Pie, of course. Which I'm almost completely certain is a real thing, but I'm apparently too lazy too google right now.

PinkiexBlueblood is awesome.

And as said, this showed it in a very sweet light, without ruining the craziness that makes it so awesome.

Adding to the requests to canonise.


The Kingdom of Unicornia raised and lowered the sun pre-Celestia. For maintaining this responsibility, they received tribute from the other nations.


So who taught them to do that? and what happened before the kingdom was formed?


I actually wrote a story about that. My headcanon is that the Sun isn't technically necessary for life, but was invented by unicorns to avert famine. It's very helpful, but life predated it, and (some) life would survive after. Nightmare Moon wouldn't be the only pony singing that it's the end of the world as we knew it (and she feels fine).

Obviously, this is nothing like how the sun works in the real world, but heliocentrism isn't plausible in a world where the sun and the moon can literally move at the whims of the world's inhabitants.

Astounding story and definitely has canon potential. I am of the opinion that the grammar and spelling errors should be cleaned up for the narration, though.



Yes, It's all my fault :fluttercry::raritycry::pinkiesad2:

I don't know if this is cannon or not, but it should be.

A wonderful story. Wish it could be Lunavers cannon. Sad it ended, but it did end beautifuly. :pinkiehappy:

All shipping, to one degree or another, is crack shipping. This was one that I'd neither heard nor seen done before, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet, endearing little story and I rather enjoyed it. Pinkie's combination of unnatural tenacity, generally niceness and mind boggling Pinkie-ness can often be overplayed or misused in a fic, but you struck a nice balance here using it in ways that supported the story rather than detracted from it or that appeared tangential. There were little errors, as other reviewers have described, but the story stood quite well as-is. Good job!

This is so adorable! It's also very believable. It's a good reminder that there are very, very few truly bad ponies in Equestria, but plenty of ponies who have let their emotions or ambitions lead them astray. Blueblood wants to be a better pony, but he doesn't believe that he can be. Fortunately, Pinkie Pie believes the best of practically anypony, and is very good at not holding grudges, making her exactly the pony Blueblood needs right now. Beautiful.

D'aaaaw, Pinkie and Bluie, probably making some silly shade of purple...ie.
This was adorable, and more than a little touching. :twilightsmile:


I guess Purplie could be the name of one of their foals (The ones I've shown in another story are Rani and Doctor).

Read it straight through in one sitting.

Oh get over it Rare.

Systems of belief tend to be created to either explain natural phenomena or justify someone's (either an individual or class's) right to rule/authority. For the first, they have magic to control it themselves, and for the second, they have the obviously superior alicorns (who also fill the first role with their enhanced powers). They already have a divine presence, some might do it idly as a form of philosophy, but on a mass scale there's not the same cultural imperative.

Woohoooo! Canonocity!
Nice :)
This story deserved it.

Very, very cute - you made me smile SO hard! :heart:

pinkie/bluie is now solid headcanon

Sorry it took me this long to read this story. But now I'm so glad I finally did because this was brilliant. Not only was it a romance fic that kept Pinkie Pie perfectly in character but it managed to make Blueblood into a genuinely enjoyable character but in a way that actually felt in character with the rest of the lunaverse.

I would not be surprised if we looked back and saw this as the greatest pairing the Lunaverse helped create. I am so glad this has been made canon because I want this to be a thing.

On a minor side. I loved the inclusion of 'Love and Tolerance', I know this might be ego talking but I do still smile when I see the bat used so thank you for that. :twilightsmile:

I also loved seeing Mr Cake all protective father figure.

So I will just end with thank you for a wonderful, this had made my night.



I also loved seeing Mr Cake all protective father figure.

He's got to get some practice in for when Pumpkin starts dating, you can never start to young.

I'd don't know about Bloodpie being a greatest paring but that Bat certainly deserves to be about more, me need to find some way for it to be used on Corona.


I'd don't know about Bloodpie being a greatest paring but that Bat certainly deserves to be about more, me need to find some way for it to be used on Corona.

Yes we really need to.



Silver Script: Wrong choice of words princess.

Very well done, very well indeed.

I read it a while ago, but just now noticed it's now canon in Lunaverse. Congratz, you deserve it :heart:

Great story, though I disagreed heavily with how the situation with Prench turned out. I'd say Blueblood wasn't wrong to tell her off like he did. First of all, if she was holding onto him in such a way that he was having a hard time getting away from her, she deserved to be shoved to the ground. I felt that Prench's claim that Blueblood was hers wasn't refuted adamantly or immediatly enough. "Fuck off. I'm Prince Blueblood and I already rejected you by letter. Attempt to claim me again and I'll have you arrested for stalking, you delusional piece of shit. Touch my mare again and I'll kill you." Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm irrational or something, I dunno, but if I was Blueblood and Pinkie demanded I apologize, I would have given her a flat "no." Sure it would lead to some friction, but nothing a day to cool off and a discussion of feelings can't cure.

It was a souring part of the story for me . . . I just felt like Prench's claim and treatment of Pinkie were swept under the rug in favor of focusing on her daddy issues, but all in all it's an awesome story and it's actually got me interested in seeing more Blueblood/Pinkie ships.


Wow, that was amazing. While I'm generally interested in people doing interesting things with Blueblood, what made this story shine was surprisingly Pinkie. Most people (including the show's writers) have a lot of trouble keeping her feeling right since it's so easy to overbalance her into annoying or insensitive in pursuit of her obvious character traits, but you managed to keep her balancing that line throughout the entire story to make her feel fun and goofy without sacrificing her sweet and caring nature which is extremely rare.

He’d spent two hours in a meeting with Archduke Fisher, one of the few members of the night court still present in Canterlot,

Given the normal intrigues of the night court were currently curtailed the gossip mill had picked up on that event as a safe topic of conversation.


This was an adorable little fic. You should make a sequel XD. If only for people to get more Pinks and Bluie.

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