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Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose...

Your Familiar: She's your robotic best friend, made just for you. She will love you, care for you, and live every moment of her life devoted to you. But when all that she lives for is suddenly gone, one Familiar must find a reason to go on living anyway.

In a world where technology has freed everypony from toil and strife, the Eternal Carnival goes on. Posing as a normal organic pony, Turing Test is a freed Familiar who joins the Carnival to seek out new meaning in her life without a master.

Based on the "Familiar" universe created by GaPJaxie, who helped critique and edit this story. Also featuring characters from The Iron Horse series. No prior reading is required.

Cover art by Colby "Greenfinger" Green of Snailbunny Designs.

Chapters (4)

Death from stress during work hours.
Reincarnated as a small cyan pegasus with a mane of two tones of blue, the darkest being the base with a fringe of a much lighter tone, his appearance gave his name.

Storm Flash... a little pegasus from Canterlot.

Now, this is my story of how I became in... I don't know.

Just follow me and see how I try to achieve something great to never again be someone insignificant who was not satisfied with his previous life.

Binnacle - 17 Years since I was here and wrote my thoughts:

I managed to find my goal, it is to be a Pegasus without equal, to be able to alter the weather just with a flap of my wing without being in the sky, to master the art of controlling the clouds or as I like to call it Cloudbender.

I have managed to make a Sonic Boom thanks to all my training... but it was not my final goal not least when it took me 10 years to achieve it when a 8 year old Rainbow Dash achieved it when we were in the Young Aviators school.

But now I am very distracted by the Everfree forest and the challenges it can impose on my path, Everfree will be the forge where I will temper my skills to achieve my dream.

Joining the Wonderbolts... no thanks, I will be recognized for my accomplishments, not for the clothes I wear over my fur!

Some time has passed and now I am the Bearer of a strange magical element that seems to be slowly affecting me ... the good thing is that it is in a positive way.

Also, my training has had its results, now I can clear the sky by just flapping among other things, but the most memorable thing is that I can be the center of climate changes, something that I discovered by accident when consuming a drug, now my attention is focused in replicating those phenomena and then mastering them.

The Everfree is no longer as chaotic or random as I thought at first, it is similar to Earth in a certain way, but only 5% because the rest of the difference is caused by the magical phenomenons that abound in that forest.

Another bit of news is that now I have friends who bring me a smile when I remember them, but I still haven't lost my features as a Deviant, but I'm worried about what Celestia plans for me, now that she knows that I'm not in the army with the others Deviant.

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Waking up underneath the sea in the body of a pony mixed with a world war 2 warship was defiantly not how the newly named Yamato thought her morning would go. But since it did, she was going to find just what had brought her to this foreign land and fused her with a ship. Now she and three thousand members of her crew prowl the Oceans of Equis, intent on finding the rainbow light that seemingly brought her here. But Yamato's return has stirred up the ocean floor, and creatures never before seen rise from the Abyss to claim the oceans as theirs.

Will Yamato wield her cannons in defense of the innocent life of Equis? Or will she turn her 18' turrets on those who would prevent her from returning to her previous life? One things for sure, those who underestimate the might of Yamato will know the fury of greatest battleship ever built. (Kancolle Kantai Collection/MLP crossover/SI, not anthro)

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to And Hell Followed

A plague ravaged Equestria, turning all of the unicorns and alicorns into bloodthirsty monsters bent on killing all the other races in a genocidal rage. A small cadre lead by the Elements of Harmony survived and persisted in Ponyville, and even managed to reverse it all at the cost of their lives.

Now Equestria must rebuild.

In Manehattan, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna must find a way to ease racial tensions while keeping the teetering nation safe and also rebuilding the lost trust of the little ponies of Equestria. Elsewhere, Cheerilee and Scootaloo must find their way in this new world.

There are only two options left. Rebuild Equestria stronger than ever, or be scattered to the winds of history.


Edited by Silver Mint

Cover art by MirAmore

Chapters (3)

In the battle training, Bakugou’s hatred for Izuku grew stronger and stronger until he snapped. Luckily for Izuku, his soul carries on.

Written By DannyPhantom79 and BioQuillFiction

Chapters (3)

Hazy and Star Sparkle, daughters of Princess Twilight Sparkle, wake up to find themselves in the ruins of the palace of the royal pony sisters. Scared and confused, they explore the ruins in search of answers to what happened or where they are. Only to come to the realisation, the question isn't where, but when.

Realising that they're in the past, before their own births and without the ability to call upon their mother to save them. These two will have to face every threat and danger their mother told them about in hushed tones at night. However their actions will change the course of the future and force the pair to forge their own destinies.

Armed with their mother's stories and new friends, will the two sister's find that friendship is truly magic?

After one total rewrite, Daughters of Dusk finally sees the light of day! This is an Alt Universe/Alt History fic, inspired by me and a friend questioning "what if the Alicorn versions of our OCs wound up in the show during season 1?"

So, in an attempt to answer this question I've started to write this! Tackling the story one season at a time, with an entirely different cast of element of harmony bearers.

Expect some surprises for who will be the element bearers, a lot of changes from canon, and hopefully a good story along the way!

Special Thanks to
TheStarSquid for Editing help and letting me use Star Sparkle
Galzra for Proof reading as always
My other amazing proof reader, RRB

Cannot thank them both enough, I wouldn't be writing without their encouragement and support

Chapters (5)

After the ending of gen 4, a young brony that joined the fandom shortly after words, would looked forward to what the new generation will have in store. What he didn't count on was being dragged into a world unlike his own, and unlike the world he has knowledge of.

Chapters (3)

Eager for more answers about Equestria's ancient history, Sunny Starscout uses one of her dad's maps to venture into a long-untouched forest in search of the past.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation (G5)!

Cover by HeavySplatter@deviantart.com

Chapters (18)

CONTENT WARNINGS: Xenomorphs, facehuggers, mentions of invasive face-hugging, identity crisis, general emotional distress

The following story contains no named character deaths, and no scenes of chestbursting. This story is intended to be a more light-hearted AU. Proceed with caution.


A creature designed by nature for one thing: Hunting.

A creature meant to adapt to its host, infiltrate under cover of darkness, replicate and breed and swarm, until a planet is no more. The perfect organism.

Yet... what would happen if one were to experience independent thought, empathy, and self doubt?

What if indeed.

Chapters (3)

My life was going fine.

I had a loving family, had a somewhat okay job and was just enjoying life.

That all changed when I randomly found myself turned into the villian, Miranda from the show W.I.T.C.H. and now have to worry about whether the Guardians are coming after me or not.

Sure, I've Folded into Equestria, but how much time will that buy me?

I need to find a way home, fast.

Sex tag because of talk of sexual stuff since the main protag used to be an adult.

Chapters (8)