• Published 5th Feb 2023
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A Twi-Viney System - AnRin05

Things suddenly happens when you open an unknown app, but I didn't expect to loss 90% of my memories and becoming a pony in just a single click though.

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Friendship is Magic: Part 2

"Twilight... Errr, I think you should stop pacing already.."

A concerned voice suggested weakly from the top of a ladder that was leaning against a massive bookshelf. The small figure, known as Spike, furrowed his scaly brows towards the mare, worried at the situation they were now thrust into.

He was super worried, not just for Twilight but also for Twivine as well.

Especially now, since somehow Twivine was nowhere to be found and Twilight just had a panic attack.

And how did the drake know of Twilight's sudden outburst when it happened a bit away from their tower?

Easy; he got called personally by the Royal Guards today.

So thinking about it more (and trying to secretly calm himself as well), Spike tried to recall the previous scene that went down in these couple of minutes and why it led to him seeing Twilight pacing all over the place.

{—Well.... To start with, in the morning, Spike was just minding his own business as he was getting ready to go towards Moon Dancer's party while Twilight and Twivine were out and about doing who knows what like the usual—when, strangely enough, he heard a noise from the front door.

Slightly raising an eyebrow at the sudden intrusion, the drake ultimately shrugged and thought nothing at first until he opened the door to see two pairs of unicorn Royal Guards standing right there, looking at him stoically.

Seeing the Royal Guards (two white unicorn stallions in their typical Royal Guard golden armor with the same look but with different cutie marks) come personally for him really made him widen his slit eyes, and without giving him time to process everything, he was then led abruptly towards the city's center, making Spike to nervously gulp at their sudden actions.

His mind was racing with possible questions as to why they were marching somewhere, as he was flanked by two intimidating guards.

And the most confusing part?

They didn't elaborate very much! They just simply stated that "your presence is needed at the moment." And then they proceeded onward after that! Without telling him nothing!

But to drake's relief, he could guess that seeing a literal baby dragon looking paler (which was unusual since his scales are purple) each time they pass a block, the guard on the left must have been feeling guilty since he took a quick glance at his partner and begged him with his eyes.

Seeing this, the right one just turned to the other side but then nodded empathetically as he could still feel the gaze of his partner, so seeing his approval, Lefty (labeled by Spike) didn't waste time in lowering his head towards Spike.

Trying to scold his stern expression into a more friendly one.

"Don't worry; you're not in any trouble. The princess just asked for you to come because of.... Reasons."

"Reasons... What kind of reasons?" Spike prodded back as Righty sighed a little and spoke up next.

"It's errr... A secret. It's the princess's order; her highness mentioned that you'll understand it when you see it for yourself." Strangely, Righty seems to look guilty after he said all that. So in no time, the conversation passes on to silence, leaving Spike to feel more perturbed.

'Oookay...' Spike thought with a suspicious drawl.

But as they walked, the drake noticed a commotion at the edge of the city. Seeing huge smoke coming from that place and ponies gathering while looking scared and confused, Spike narrowed his emerald eyes, hoping to see further.

"What happened there?" He asked, then pointed a claw towards the group in curiosity as the two stallions exchanged unsure looks at each other.

".... That's part of the reason." This time, Lefty answered, but seeing that Spike wasn't moving an inch and was preoccupied with the scene, Lefty gently moved his head, using his horn to slightly poke the baby dragon's side, urging him to move.

Startled and not really getting the answer he desired, the drake started moving reluctantly as they led him quietly towards Canterlot's biggest hospital, while ponies who passed them only whispered in a hushed tone, again, and the baby dragon might have imagined it, but somehow specifically, they were all looking at —him, which made the drake even more confused.

But he didn't remember anything to warrant such stares, so he shook that thought away and instead focused on the front door of Canterlot's Central Hospital.

Opening the double door, they greeted the mare that was tending at the front desk, and the guards quietly escorted him towards a specific room from the very top of the hospital, passing multitudes of ponies as they go through the halls, as he in turn was utterly baffled on why he had to go to a hospital of all places until he saw Princess Celestia, comforting what appeared to be a depressed Twilight in a luxurious VIP room alongside a stern doctor with a clipboard.

And seeing this scene, the drake instantly tried to rationalize on WHY Twilight was on a hospital bed with Princess Celestia comforting her to boot.

But before he could take a step forward, he was suddenly stopped by another Royal Guard, a pegasus stallion with a grey coat and yellow eyes, a guard that was stationed near the door.

"Sorry young drake, but the Princess stated that nopony... Err Anydrake too, could not enter the room for now." The pegasus said all that softly as he and his other partner, who has the same look but has a different cutie mark and is an earth pony, blocked the door with their spears. They did look a bit unwilling, but it was the princess's orders.


Feeling restless yet ridiculous at the same time, Spike almost wanted to protest right then and there before he heard a cough.

Everypony who heard it suddenly swizzled their eyes when they saw Princess Celestia walking towards them with a low-spirited Twilight on hoof, leaving the miffed doctor glaring at the sheepish purple mare.

"Oh, hello, Spike. It's good to see you finally arrived." Celestia smiled down at the young drake before looking at the guards. "Could you please leave us? I want to discuss something important with Spike."

"Yes, Princess!" Every guard in the hall immediately saluted as they slowly trekked out of the hallway one by one. Seeing this, Celestia turned gently to her side, facing her downtrodden student completely.

"And Twilight, while you did insist to me that you are now fine... well, in multiple instances now, I still would like to implore you to finish your check-up. Doctor Bright Hooves also insisted." She cocked her head toward the stiff unicorn doctor. Seeing that Doctor Bright Hooves was looking at Twilight with intensity, the young mare almost immediately protested, but then shut her mouth tightly when Celestia gave her a comforting nuzzle.

Looking hesitant towards both Celestia and Spike, Twilight bowed her head, her ears lowered as she sighed.

"I understand... Princess Celestia." Slightly giving Spike a reassuring glance, the lavender mare then trotted rather reluctantly back towards the room, where the doctor immediately closed the door with a bang.

Doctor Bright Hooves was actually afraid that his patient would protest and leave, yet again. So, as soon as Twilight was in the room, the doctor immediately shut the door with a loud bang, not really afraid that the princess might get angry at him. His patient comes first. That's his motto in life.

So they left the confused drake and the princess behind in the silent halls.

Until the princess took a breath, breaking the silence.

"Now, Spike, I reassure you that you and Twilight are not in any way in trouble. But I would like to ask you some questions regarding Twilight's activities as of late." The princess asked this dutifully, fully facing the young drake with a soft look.

"Err.. what do you want to talk about, Princess?" Spike asked with a nervous look. Rubbing his head with his claws.

"Spike.." Dawning on a more worried look, Celestia took a deep breath. "It has come to my attention that Twilight suddenly had a panic attack— and mind you, this was not the usual outburst she always has. It was a panic attack mixed with a magical surge near the tree she was so fond of when she was studying. Did something happen to make her feel that way?"

"What..!? Twilight had a what now..!?" Now alarmed, Spike blurted out with wide eyes. And seeing him look unaware of Twilight's problem, the princess let a troubled look take over her face.

"I see.. so you must not have been aware." Celestia muttered as Spike suddenly sniffled a bit. Feeling the situation was serious.

"Princess, how's Twilight. She's fine right?" Wiping a slight tear away from his eyes, the drake asked with pleading eyes.

Celestia sighed, looking at his worried gaze, and the alicorn lowered her neck toward the dragon in comfort. "Yes, she is for the time being. The diagnosis said that she was just under pressure about something. And sadly, Twilight only insisted that she was tired. I would've thought that you might know, so I ask the guards to fetch you..."

But her gaze wavered a bit.

"But it seems you might.. not know. So I'll let Twilight decide; if she is ready to talk to me about her problems, just send me a message, alright, Spike?" Finally smiling, Celestia broke away from the hug.

"But if something were to happen like this again, you must promise me, Spike, that you would tell me immediately and not hide this, okay?" Seeing her stern face, Spike wiped his tears and nodded determinedly.

"Wonderful, now can you tell me what Twilight has been doing?" And with that, the two were chatting about Twilight's daily activities.

Of course, Spike didn't forget to not mention a certain somepony in the discussion. }

And that was it. After Spike told the princess of Twilight's usual schedule, the princess only made a confused face in the end before sending them both out after Twilight left the room with her usual serene smile.

And immediately, after they were back in the tower, Spike bombarded Twilight with endless questions on what the hay really happened.

Only to get a response of "Twivine being Twivine, suddenly disappearing on her in a rather scary fashion, having a panic attack when she couldn't do anything, being forced to calm down when Princess Celestia intervened, then seeing a familiar screen glowing when she was explaining to Princess Celestia she was fine, and then reading the contents."

And that led them towards the tower, searching for a book that relates to Nightmare Moon.

And Twilight didn't calm down after reading the contents of the screen. No, it actually made her hyperventilate while pacing on the floor. Searching widely for said book.

Well, it's not like Spike could blame her; after reading the text on the screen, it also made the young drake to sweat internally.



You must stop Nightmare Moon from shrouding Equestria in Night Eternal.



If you fail the mission, then prepare to experience night eternal forever.]

After seeing that, word by word, and then gazing below at the consequences if ever Twilight failed, was... Pure torture.

Of course, both Spike and Twilight instantly believed the screen, since Twivine in the past always stressed such a fact being true, plus they saw her getting rewarded and punished whenever Twilight completed something or if she forgot to tell Twilight.

And some punishments were... unorthodox, to say the least.

But, what really concerned him over the whole Night Eternal being real and so was the old pony's tale, was... Twivine.

Where the hay had she gone, this didn't happen before until now!?

"Spike... I can't calm down and stop! You've just seen it, right? With Twivine disappearing like that and then that System she kept on telling me, and that Nightmare Moon was real, of course I have the right to panic!?" The lavender mare retorted as she has ten books floating around her head.

Each book she read at a rapid pace before dropping the said book on the floor after she saw no useful information. (She was actually berating herself mentally for damaging her precious books for the time being.)

"Then... how about asking Princess Celestia for help?" The drake suggested, already having a quill and parchment ready.

"Spike..." Slightly rubbing her tired eyes with her hoof, Twilight let out a frustrated sigh. Not at Spike, but to the book she always loved and cherished when she saw nothing informative on the situation.

"If we told Princess Celestia without any further truth or evidence, not mentioning the screen we could only see and nopony else, I think Princess Celestia would have half a mind to send me to Doctor Bright Hooves again for another impromptu examination." The mare slightly shivered at the doctor's check-up. Not really finding his intense stare a pleasant experience.

Thinking a bit, Spike suddenly snapped his right claw in realization as he put the quill into his other claw.

"Wait..! Twilight, didn't you say, after reading that book you guys have, you did mention that you found something familiar, maybe that might be it."

"Ohh...! You're right! Quick Spike, help me look for another copy of Prediction and Prophecies, ASAP!" Twilight bolted towards the other bookshelf as Spike saluted.

Skimming through book after book and still not finding anything, the mare was about to burst out in fury but stopped dead when she heard Spike's triumphant yell.

"I got it!" And without further time to waste, Twilight quickly used her magic to yank the book from Spike's grasp. But seeing Spike was about to slip, Twilight let out a gasp before running towards where Spike might fall.

Hearing a thud and feeling an extra weight, Twilight slumped slightly in relief after hearing an "I'm okay" from Spike at her back.

Finally having the book she needed, Twilight tried to calm her nerves as Spike jumped away from her to reorganize the books that she had thrown haphazardly, while the mare kept muttering the "Elements, elements.." under her breath, setting the book in the table until her eyes lit up.

"Elements of Harmony! Here, there's even a reference of Nightmare Moon!"

"... Well that's good. I mean.. in the pony's tale, it did say that she'll shroud Equestria in Eternal Night, and with the system now also. Though we don't really know when, right?" Spike commented, while picking one book off the ground as Twilight flipped the pages.

"Mare... Mare.. aha..! The Mare in the Moon, a myth from olden pony times. A powerful pony who wanted to rule Equestria was defeated by the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned in the moon." Twilight read aloud as Spike watched from behind, having a few stacks of books in his claw.

"Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring about nighttime eternal.... Spike, do you know what this means?" She suddenly asked with a frown. Looking directly at the thousandth year words in the book.

"Uhmm.. information?" The drake guess with an unsure look.

"No—! err.. yes, but ultimately, we now have proof to justify our message!" Twilight declared, shutting the book with her magic as she turned towards Spike with determined eyes.

"Spike, please take a note."


Pov Change: Twivine

On Twivine's side.

After hiding away from some shelves in the halls of the room when Twilight bolted away. I sighed in relief.

Who knew being seen by only two people or err pony and dragon would still be a hassle.

I'm glad that Twilight and Spike finally left... But what's with this situation!?

Looking at Celestia's smile turning into a depressed one made me feel incredibly bad.

Not to mention, hearing it about being Twilight made me feel guilty, too.

".. Oh please be alright, my dear student." Celestia suddenly whispered to herself as I cringed internally.

I might not remember much, but.. I do still remember some fictions I've read.

Some of them actually paint Celestia in.. somewhat like that of Dumbeldore.

But in actuality, Celestia isn't really like that. Sure, she still uses Twilight, but unlike Dumbeldore, who'd sacrifice Harry and other people without so much as batting an eye.. Celestia made sure that Twilight was up and beyond safe, making sure the assignments she gave her student ensured her safety and genuinely worrying about her even if she was safe.

I even sometimes caught her lamenting on the balcony when the moon is on its highest, about how horrible her attitude was with her previous student and her sister.. and while I might not remember much about said student, I do have a gut feeling that she might be important at a later date.

Though, back to the princess—Princess Celestia even paced herself to exhaustion one time when the princess saw Twilight all alone with only Spike (and me), worrying about how anti-social Twilight may become if she can't intervene.

"I don't know what to do.. if I fail yet again in communicating with Twilight.. I.." Celestia soon shuts herself off, biting her lips softly.

"No.."Celestia breathed slowly. Her chest rises up and down. "I won't let that happen, not for the third time."

But before she could rant to herself again, like many times I've witnessed such a scene when I'm bored, a burst of green flame suddenly interrupted her.

Ahh.. Spike and Twilight must have sent it.

"Oh.. what is this here." Taking a look, the parchment that was right in front of the princess glowed in Celestia's aura. Levitating it up to her muzzle, she frowned slightly in sadness.

"Oh..." She muttered despondently. "It seems that she has read about the prophecy. This may perhaps be the reason as to why she had a panic attack earlier. It may been rooted from that book."

"But... It's her destiny to fulfill. I couldn't simply intervene yet..." Slightly furrowing her brows, she summoned her own quill before taking another breath. "I'm sorry.. Twilight, but.. I should let you go.. for my selfish desire... And for your future."

And with that, she lied through her writing, telling that there's nothing to fear for Twilight's sake, making sure to keep a steady hold on her quill all the while having a defeated expression.

Man, why'd I have to witness such a scene?

If I were to have a body and could interact with the princess, of course, if I'm all intact and all that, maybe I should suggest being her listening buddy.

Author's Note:

Woah.. it's been long. Sorry about that though, I've been busy with my major classes that I simply have no time with writing...

:unsuresweetie: blame night classes.