• Published 5th Feb 2023
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A Twi-Viney System - AnRin05

Things suddenly happens when you open an unknown app, but I didn't expect to loss 90% of my memories and becoming a pony in just a single click though.

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Friendship is Magic: Part 1

As a gentle breeze blew on the outskirts of Canterlot, two identical mares (but with different mane and tail coloration) could be seen laying peacefully next to each other while conversing under the shadow of a huge tree, slightly concealing Celestia's warm sun as they smiled at each other's presence.

While they were quietly conversing, Twivine, the one with the black mane with green and purple stripes on both mane and tail, began floating up and maintaining her gaze with Twilight before taking a dramatic low bow.

Twilight, the other mare with the indigo mane and pink and purple stripes, simply placed her book down on their red checkered picnic blanket with her magic, now staring up at the apparition with an eye roll.

She maintained her deadpan expression only for a second before a snort escaped from her muzzle.

"Okay, I'll cave. Though I am actually curious. Spike wouldn't stop bothering you yesterday over his comics after all." Twilight whispered at Twivine, making sure not to make eye contact for a specific reason.

"But try not to stray too far away from the story." She gently reminded her counterpart, and Twivine, in response, only nodded with a smile.

Overall, both of them appear to be having a pleasant time together, but from the perspective of the other ponies, fillies and colts alike, that were passing around the area where both mares were, all they could see was Celestia's protogè, musing to herself (in somewhat of a strange manner).

Though to everypony, they heard the same excuse being played out since forever by now, and chose to ignore the slightly insane mare.

However, being gossiped about subsequently was a different issue. Especially if the nobles heard of another gossip regarding Celestia's star pupil.

But the two mares paid no mind to their looks and continued on with their time, leisurely.

"Okay..! Time to get my A-game on!" The floating mare pumped her hooves in determination. "If I want to impress this OCD-ish counterpart of mine, then I'll need my best arsenal. That means my screens!"

Not minding the protest of "I do not have an obsessive-compulsive disorder!" Coming from Twilight, Twivine coughs loudly.

"Once upon a time, in the magical Lands of Equestria,"

Twivine finally started, giving the slightly annoyed Twilight a mock regal look before lightening her horn with her usual teal glow.

"There stood a pair of regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for their shared nation."

A small cyan screen suddenly popped up in front of the two mares, and with Twivine's manipulation, the miniature screen split and formed two alicorns with a slightly blurred look, still having the cyan coloring.

The other projection was taller than the other one, as both wore different regalia in contrast with each other, with insignias representing the sun and the moon.

The tall alicorn figure had the sun, while the small one had the moon.

And since the small alicorn was a bit far away from its sister, it excitedly galloped to its other half's side and stood right beside the tall one, looking much more comfortable as the two figures shared a quick hug at the 'reunion'.

Slightly ignoring the cute interaction in favor of looking much closer at the two figures that were now dancing around in the air, Twilight narrowed her eyes and couldn't help but compare the tall alicorn with Princess Celestia before shaking her head rapidly at the notion.

'Twivine probably used Princess Celestia's image since the eldest princess in the story could also wield the sun.'

Twilight thought, laughing internally at herself. 'Please, the author must have taken inspiration from somewhere because I know for a fact that this story should be purely fictional, even if it references some parts of Equestria's history.'

'After all, no way did Princess Celestia have a younger sister since there was no mention of an alicorn who commanded the moon in any books!'

Staying silent, the bookworm of the two suddenly widens her eyes at a new thought.

"...but what if there was?" Seeing another research prospect, Twilight's eyes sparkled at the mystery. 'The author might have added this moon princess because they were inspired by another legend or story that may actually relate to this old pony's tale.'

And meanwhile, Twivine, who saw her counterpart getting excited over something again without her knowledge, only huffed and loudly interrupted whatever thought suddenly graced Twilight's mind.

"IN maintaining harmony," giving Twilight a pointed look, the floating mare continued.

"They fought and worked hard from across their land,

(Twivine made the two cyan projections take a battle stance in the air as a dark purple fog rolled from out of nowhere, circling the alicorn sisters while forming dark silhouettes of their supposed enemies from its shadows as the two alicorns looked up defiantly.)

The eldest princess, wielding her powers to raise the sun, guided the energized ponies for the day, while the youngest of the two leaders brought out the moon to soothe all of the tired ponies and give them the rest they crucially needed.

Thus creating a cycle of balance as prosperity reigns over their kingdom while they rule together in peace with their subjects." Twivine slowed to a calm pace as she once again transformed the image in the air to show the projection of the two sisters side by side with the moon and the sun.

And in eager anticipation, Twilight couldn't really help but strain her ears a little. While making a concerted effort not to get fixated on the sights in the air, lest she gets branded as somepony insane for staring up in the air (again).

Annnd, she does not want another family (plus Princess Celestia and Cadance) intervention.

Shaking her head at the thought, Twilight tried to preoccupy herself with Twivine's compelling story-telling skills and couldn't help but give a 10/10 to her visual presentation as well.

'Spike was right; even if she's adding something of her own to the story, I won't deny how much Twivine could make a simple ponytale into something entertaining.' Twilight thought. While she loves reading many kinds of books without adding any flares or gimmicks to them, she can't deny that she does love a new perspective on the matter.

And seeing the 3D-like images in the air makes it more of an intriguing story.

even if it wasn't all that accurate. And Twilight could argue that this was simply an old pony's tale. It doesn't need to be proven or analyzed logically since the only evidence the story could provide was the markings on the moon, at least for now.

And some other stuff, a point that made Twilight to search for some connections later after this.

—Plus, Cadance also told the story differently than the books here.

So she won't nitpick on how Twivine was slightly adding some dramatic parts to the story... Though if she changes a memory of an event that's real or changes the story too much to the point of it being unrecognizable, then that's a whole different story.

"But—!" Twivine cuts herself off with a shout, startling Twilight, who in turn felt all the odd glances ponies threw at her while walking around to their business.

'Right.... They can't see Twivine.' The unicorn grumbled at her display, feeling a bit embarrassed at all the stares she received.

"Their shared reign suddenly came to an abrupt end as the youngest became resentful toward her eldest sister.

(Being enveloped in Twivine's teal magic, the projections shifted into something more gloomy. even though the color and appearance were still the same. Looking at how the previous cheerful sisters became so despondent in a matter of minutes made Twilight a bit uncomfortable.)

Seeing how much the ponies had relished the day compared to her lovely night, her envy gradually turned to indignation until it grew into something much more sinister as the youngest continued to watch her subject shun her night without fail.

The youngest thought her treatment was unfair; both of them were doing the same routine, yet why do her ponies favor the other over her glorious night?

(The tall alicorn vanished while being frolicked by ponies, leaving the small one behind, wallowing in sadness all alone.)

And sadly, while this was happening, the eldest didn't even catch a whiff of the trouble brewing in the background, much less knowing that it was coming from her dearest youngest sister.

So the eldest remain blissfully unaware.."

Hearing how much Twivine had added and how emotional she had become for a mere story, Twilight couldn't help but comment on her own input. Granted, somehow she felt a bit biased toward the eldest sister. She doesn't know why, though. Of course, she didn't forget to whisper; she doesn't want anypony to see that she was crazy while talking to nopony in particular.

"Aren't you laying a bit too thick with your descriptions, Twivine?"

'And with the visual effects too!' Twilight cried internally. Secretly wiping a tear from her left eye.

But the apparition only scoffs, offended a bit, while crossing both of her forehooves as she floats in midair. "But wouldn't having good exposition at the start makes the story have more depth? I mean, only saying the youngest was getting jealous because her moon wasn't getting any attention and leaving at that would make such a good story be so cheap."

"So why not add a little detail here and there, implying that it's not all about the youngest feeling about the moon being shunned but perhaps more with the sisters themselves?"

Rolling her purple eyes at that, Twilight waved her hoof at the apparition, wanting to stop Twivine from turning her explanation into a rant.

"Fair enough, even though I feel that having a debate with you on the matter. But I do know that's not a wise decision, for one thing, because we're in public." Twilight pointedly gestured at the ponies walking around the streets.

"And 2, because I'm not well versed on that particular topic. Sure, I could study for it, but today, I'm just here for a light read. I'll think of having our discussion on a particular day instead, with me being prepared, since it would be unfair if I went blind."

"..." Twivine made a face before blinking a bit at the other mare. "Yeah, light read." She subtlety looked at the slightly thick book that was open in their picnic blanket.

Sighing openly but then stopping when she felt Twilight's intense stare, somehow the apparition imagined an image of her counterpart urging her to continue, but seeing that the mare in front of her was just waiting patiently, Twivine coughed while shaking off the image from her mind.

"So anyways—....the eldest remained blissfully unaware.. until a faithful night occured!

(Twivine hastily changed the projection towards the taller alicorn talking with her sister, but their figures were both wary and stiff, especially the younger alicorn, who had a huge scowl directed at her sister's face.)

Much to the confusion of the eldest, her sister suddenly proclaimed that she would not make way for the sun and refused to give an answer to the eldest on the spot.

(The young alicorn suddenly went up to her sister, breaking the other projection's space as she shoved her hoof at the eldest's chest and glared, prompting the taller alicorn to take a step back with a shock look.)

Surprised at her sudden declaration, the eldest tried to reason with the youngest, never actually knowing what the cause was in the first place, making more and more assumptions on the matter the more she asked for an answer or kept on spouting insincere apologizes until the youngest snapped at the eldest's ignorance.

Angry at her sister for not knowing anything, for not noticing her plight sooner, and lastly, yet most importantly, for not caring for her anymore because of all the attention the eldest got all the while seeing her lovely moon be shunned by everypony. Her sadness turned to rage in that moment, and the youngest finally lashes out!" Twivine shouted dramatically before powering up her teal magic as it glowed ominously from her horn, gaining two familiar puffs of purple smoke from her eyes as she did.

The small alicorn projection was suddenly covered in purple smoke as the other alicorn was taken aback, but before the eldest could do anything, a beam was suddenly blasted in her direction, and the poor projection was sent flying in the air.

The only reply Twivine got was a low hum, and the apparition continued, satisfied that her listener was well.. listening intently.

And also watching, watching in a very entranced manner while also looking a bit horrified at the sudden violence.

'Heh' Twivine giggles in her mind.

"And using her rage and bitterness, she turned into a being full of darkness, a mare of the night, now called Nightmare Moon, and vowed to shroud Equestria in eternal night!

(As a hoof steps away from the smoke, the youngest, now changed into a mare who's the same height as the eldest, While the majority of her appearance is still blurred, it doesn't really hide how tyrannical she now appears.

With her new bat-like wings and flowing main with her armor in place, the youngest, now dub as 'Nightmare Moon' laughs maniacally at her sister's fallen form.)

And after declaring such, she strikes at her sister with no mercy while the eldest tries and tries to reason with her, even going so far as to beg the younger to stop this madness.

(The projection changed as the two figures could be seen trading beams after beams in the air. The eldest was hesitating in each beam she fired, while the youngest showed glee whenever her strike hit its target.)

Yet the eldest's cries fell on deaf ears as the youngest kept on attacking again and again.

(As a giant beam finally hit the eldest alicorn, she fell hard to the ground. Her battered form could be seen glancing at something, her muzzle pursed with conflicting emotions,

Finally deciding to move, she tried to stand up weakly, her horn suddenly lighting up as six floating objects appeared and started circling towards her form.)

Reluctant and yet desperate at the same time, the eldest, having no choice, started to harness the power of their old sacred weapon, the strongest known to ponykind, the Elements of Harmony!

(The elements spun rapidly in place as Nightmare Moon arrived; seeing the eldest having the elements, she narrowed her eyes and lowered her head, making her sharp horn glow. Nightmare Moon then charged directly at her former sister.)

Using the magic, the eldest determinedly used the elements unknowingly to vanquish her younger sister instantly towards the moon.

(But as Nightmare Moon got closer to the eldest, a blinding light suddenly glistened from the elements as it continued to grow at an alarming rate.

She prepared her horn with her magic as the eldest did with the elements, tears streaming from her eyes. Both unleashed their powers on each other, and both had determined looks while doing so.

However, Nightmare Moon was no match for the elements, as every minute she holds herself, her projection gets pushed back bit by bit until the light reaches her form easily. She was quickly overwhelmed by the light as it carried her form and vanished into particles soon after her projection was defeated.

Seeing the youngest gone, the eldest's projection slumped and let her tired body fall towards the ground with an anguished cry. Even when she made an impact, the projection of the eldest still kept crying, her form fragile trembled in each sob until she couldn't weep anymore.)

Now, the eldest, who was now alone, took on the heavy responsibility.... Ehhh?" Twivine broke the immersion and let the projections that were still in the air dissipate along with her magic when she noticed Twilight suddenly standing up on all four hooves looking at the book that was lying in the picnic blanket in concentration.

"Uhmm... Twilight?" Glancing at the book, Twivine could see the picture of the Elements of Harmony.

But Twilight didn't answer her but instead started mumbling to herself. "I know that I heard of it before..."

"But where...?" She trailed off as Twivine stared. A bit worried at Twilight's sudden interest in the familiar-looking gems until the apparition's body shook.

From the depths of her mind, making herself freeze in place, Twivine suddenly heard an ominous ping.

But unlike all the other mission tasks, this particular ping had only sounded out a long time ago. In fact, it only ever occurred once.

And that day was when she was whisked here, forgetting many of her memories in the process in favor of getting a manual and some other stuff that relates to 'The System' be shoved at her brain to aid little Twilight with her raging magical surge.

It was a ping for a major plot point, and many memories of the first episode were suddenly awakened, making her head ache.

It was just like in the past, too. Some of the tasks may have released some memories of the show she was always obsessed with, but they were only flashes that she could easily deal with.

Unlike today, however, where she got overloaded by a two-part episode, she saw everything in every detail.

As she was busy with her thoughts and the achiness of her mind, Twilight, who saw Twivine looking pale and trembling, started whispering at her in a worried tone that matched her face at the moment.

Repeating her question if she was alright, only for Twivine's form to suddenly flicker in and out of place. Causing Twilight to widen her eyes.

This... Was the first time for her too. So seeing her old friend, even if her origins were unknown, Twilight already labeled Twivine as family. So seeing her disappear so suddenly right in front of her eyes made Twilight breathe rapidly.

Panicking in the middle of a public space, Twilight could care less about their inane problems with her sudden hysterical attitude. Her mind was in overdrive, jumbling to many spells she secretly studied behind both Twivine's and Princess Celestia's backs to desperately do anything to help. Even throwing her already fragile image out of the window by showing her sudden freak out didn't deter Twilight's mind from casting multiple spells all at once.

But... before her magic could even grab ahold of Twivine's rapidly disappearing figure,

The apparition's form suddenly vanishes, leaving the sudden, grief-stricken Twilight behind.


Pov Change: Twivine

[WARNING!! Memories have been successfully implanted. Successful upgrade of THE SYSTEM. The reboot of the body will now commence.]

[A new SECRET TASK will be issued shortly.]

[Please prepare for the one called Twivine to accept the mission requested, and please distribute the other mission to the OBJECTIVE.]





You must stop Nightmare Moon from shrouding Equestria in Night Eternal.



If you fail the mission, then prepare to experience night eternal forever.]



DEADLINE: 2 days.

Please keep TWILIGHT safe and guide her towards her destiny.


Don't let yourself be seen helping by TWILIGHT SPARKLE during her hunt for the elements.

Make TWILIGHT meet the future bearers of the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY.

AND ABOVE ALL ELSE. Do not let TWILIGHT and her friends stray from their path in defeating NIGHTMARE MOON.

This MISSION cannot be altered like the others. This is a fixed point. Failure to do everything required will automatically cause the MISSION to fail.]

[Reminder for Twivine! Failing a MAIN MISSION will not only lead to the one called Twivine being obliterated on the spot but will also doom Equestria as a whole.]


".....Fuck..." Seeing the wall of text in my mind as The System suddenly issued a high-pressure task made me slip up a curse.

Sorting out the episode bit by bit, I couldn't help but snort at the contents as my mind finally cleared from all these headaches.

I literally just told a story, a story I naively thought to be a good piece of fictional literature to be something real. I can't believe I forgot the first episode's contents! I knew that today something would happen, but I didn't expect it to be this much!?

Wait, doesn't that mean.... Nightmare Moon would be real, and I don't know what kind of bug will suddenly appear to make the story complicated? It could make Nightmare Moon more vicious, or the Everfree Forest to be more dangerous than cannon...

Or even make Twilight not awaken the elements!?

Great... No pressure.

Author's Note:

Well.... This got longer than expected. Actually, I read the comments pointing out about the lack of description of the surroundings and some characters.

Which I'm all too happy about that being pointed out, because I know that problem will forever be my nemesis. (And constructive criticism is much appreciated, cause I need it to make my story better)

So I tried practicing with that issue... Though for the most part, I don't know if I improved or not... I honestly just made this chapter longer too.

(And thanks for reading this story. Honestly I got shock at how fast this story was being read and I kinda gotten shy lol)