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It's quite odd for Rarity to encounter a garment she's unfamiliar with, though the ensemble she happened upon was unlike any other. Waiting until her shop was closed, finally having some peace and quiet to herself, she considers doing something sinful with her newfound outfit...

Artwork by ShamziWhite (Twitter @ShamziWhite )

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Sunset gets kidnapped... again. By the Dazzlings. For the 55th time.

With the number of times that Sunset was held hostage by the Dazzlings, the girls' paranoia clouded their train of thought even stronger, and it only fuels their "mom" behavior towards her. And since she got kidnapped for the 55th time, the girls decided enough is enough and their mother act reaches over 9000!

That also means they'll make sure Sunset was never out of their sights or else they'll suffer a big heart attack. However, though, their improved "mothering" and "protecting" act becomes so good that it eventually fuels Sunset's childish side. And so with that, the madness begins.

Note: A lot of boob jokes, just so you know. :twilightsmile:

Also, expect more motherly mane 6 and a childish Sunset. :pinkiehappy:

Edited: Chapters 1 and 2 were changed a little.

Edited: Chapter 8 was finally changed a little.

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Contains: Tickle Torture and Bondage.

If this is not your thing, please skip this.

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Darksymphony did a read of the rewritten chapter here

During one of her many passion projects, Twilight decides to try and track down the origins of magic and where everypony came from. Her library is chock full of various different theories, none of them very helpful. She decides, instead, to ask Princess Celestia.

However, the answer she gets is far more absurd than she bargained for. An answer so detached from reality that it takes a physical manifestation of it to show Twilight the extent of the terrifying source of magic and what it did to a once-benign world to render it and its inhabitants so fantastical.

"You were never the first ones here, nor were you the second. We were the second."

Now on EqD!

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Shortly after the Elements of Harmony were discovered a powerful AI Machine was built. No one knows who built or why it came to be. The first lives it took were the bearers of The Elements of Harmony all of them except Princess Twilight, her Element is the Element of Magic. As far as we can tell the Machine feeds off of every Alpha creature from every planet and in every universe.

Apparently, I’m one of the Elements of Harmony that was taken by the Machine. From what I’ve been told I’ve been stuck inside the Machine for eight years! Ever since I’ve been in the Machine I got changed from a pony into a human. The Machine even changed my name from Rainbow Dash to Judy. That’s right I’m Rainbow Dash The Element of Loyalty! But I’m not the same Rainbow Dash that everyone knew eight years ago back in Equestria.

I would like to thank my main editor that's been helping me so far

SunlightSwift chapter 1 through 14

I also want to thank carmanmcgold20 for helping me edit the rest of the story chapter 15 through 25.

When the chapters for this story are released, you can check this blog to see how many more chapters are left to go on this story and there's another blog connected to that one so you can see the names for the upcoming chapters.

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Hong Kong Shatterdome

A double event has just occured and the Kaiju are approaching Hong Kong. As the last thing that stands in the way between them and certain destruction, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon, and Cherno Alpha are deployed to intercept the monsters. Taking position at the Miracle Line, the three Jaegers await their opponents.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash have absolutely no idea where they are. All they know is that they're in a really big, barrel high pool. That is, if a pool could extend as far as the eye could see. On the horizon however, they see the familiar silhouette of land and, as any reasonable creature would, approach it.

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King Sombra survived his defeat, but just. By the time he returned to form, Twilight became the newest princess of Equestria and the Crystal Empire was restored to its former glory.

He cannot take over Equestria the same way he tried before, but he has a card up his sleeve. Twilight won't see it coming, and Sombra might gain a powerful ally in the process.

And it will all begin...with a book.

Edits on Chapter 1 done with the help of TempesttheDragnix.

Major props to InuHoshi-to-DarkPen for letting me use this. That artist is really good.

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Twilight invites her mom over to her castle and shows her lamia form. Also, Twilight asks her mom if she can mesmerize her.

Hijinks ensues.

NOTE 1: I thought getting the google pictures for covers was getting old, so I decided I should make my own cover.

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This story is a sequel to A Glimmer of the Past

Having embraced her inner foal for a number of months, Starlight's ageplayer side has been accepted by her mentor, childhood friend, and best friend.

But when she hears that her dad is visiting Ponyville, she begins to wonder, and fear, that he may be the source of these desires.

Warning: Contains ageplay, diapers, diaper usage, and age regression.

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This story is a sequel to Continue?

After learning the shocking secret that a highly helpful "Continue Screen" exists beyond death, Twilight Sparkle is even more surprised to discover it comes with the ability to relive and explore her past adventures.

It even comes with an added difficulty option. But is Twilight Sparkle truly ready for her life's greatest battles on Hard Mode?

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