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Welcome to the Canterlot Bar! The greatest bar in all of Equestria! Well at least in this city... Oh, I wasn’t saying anything important, relax. Sit down wherever you like and just ring this bell whenever your thirsty. Stay and relax, chat with the other fellow ponies, or listen to the stories being told!


If you want to start right off with some of the best stories this site has to offer, feel free to check out the “Bartender’s Favorites" folder!

Please note the submission rules:
1. Please add fics to appropriate folders.
2. If your fic involves any sex scenes that are more descriptive than the characters just banged, it should go in the M folder.
3. Remember that you can remove your own fics from the group if you wish!
4. You cannot add to "Bartender’s Favorites."

Keep things on-topic in the Forum! Casual threads are okay. Advertisements are not allowed. Asking for prereaders is fine, but share links to your stories in PM only. NO ROLEPLAYING! That includes asking for roleplay. Take it somewhere else, preferrably private or to the rooms upstairs.

Spoilers of upcoming episodes are not allowed! This includes synopsises, pics, clips, and all that good stuff. If an episode just aired and you want to try and twist what happened in it into you’re story then feel free to post about it, but at least make sure your thread subject lets people know you're talking about/spoiling the recent episode.

Can't see some fics in the folders? Make sure your "View Mature" setting is checked off! You can find it by mousing over your name on the site's top bar, or by clicking "Settings."

Group Founder: Taitai445
Authors in the "Bartender’s Favorites” folder get Contributor status!

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