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I like Ponies!


Shortly after the Elements of Harmony were discovered a powerful AI Machine was built. No one knows who built or why it came to be. The first lives it took were the bearers of The Elements of Harmony all of them except Princess Twilight, her Element is the Element of Magic. As far as we can tell the Machine feeds off of every Alpha creature from every planet and in every universe.

Apparently, I’m one of the Elements of Harmony that was taken by the Machine. From what I’ve been told I’ve been stuck inside the Machine for eight years! Ever since I’ve been in the Machine I got changed from a pony into a human. The Machine even changed my name from Rainbow Dash to Judy. That’s right I’m Rainbow Dash The Element of Loyalty! But I’m not the same Rainbow Dash that everyone knew eight years ago back in Equestria.

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Can I ask you the reasoning for this comment? Cause that's just rude!

Rainbow would be the stubborn one. Unable to accept a past she doesn't remember.
Hates the name she had in that past.

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