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Most ponies see Princess Celestia as a pillar of wisdom and certainty, mistress of her own mind and confident in all actions.

Luna knows better and just wishes Tia would get to the point already.

Honorable Mention in the Everfree Northwest 2021 Iron Author contest, using the prompts “threshold,” “puzzle,” and “garden.”

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The five-mile Mackinac Bridge, holding the two peninsulas of Michigan together, never ceases to amaze me. But after working as a maintenance crew member for many years, you never know what it’ll throw at you, especially when there’s something cuddled up inside.

This is another entry in my 24-hour fics collection, although it took me closer to four days due to family shenanigans and life. It still feels like a 24-hour fic to me.

Proofread by Thesomkinguy

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The human poet Sappho seeks her Muse in Equestria, and finds her in the mysterious Princess of the Night.

Inspired by Bliss Carman's Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics.

(2019-01-26) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Flurry Heart has reached that stage in her life where she is looking for a purpose, something other than ruling or going through something so lame as a Goth phase to try and find her way in life.

Her father may have just given her just that it seems. Cadance has some concerns though.

Written as a response to a prompt in the Goth Flurry Heart Contest but is not an entry.

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This story is a sequel to Babe, Why Is She Saying That Word?

Cadance was curious as to why a kirin was sitting at her family's dining room table. Shining Armor was too.

What they find out may make Cadance reconsider her approach to family matters, while Shining Armor wonders if he'll survive the remainder of the day. After all, it was all his fault...


Written as a Judge Submission for the Shining Armor Is A Terrible Dad competition.

A spiritual, but not a direct sequel to my story, Babe, Why Is She Saying That Word? Now marked as a sequel because I'm small brained. Vittu.

Sex tag present due to how many sex jokes there are.

Edited by: Muggonny.

He didn't, but he's there in spirit!

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Everypony has a hobby. Pinkie likes rock collecting, Fluttershy likes reading, and so on.

Applejack is no exception.

Story inspired by cover art made by dstears.

Written during NaNoWriMo 2022.

A thank you to Scriblits Talo for proofreading before publishing.

Now with a Russian translation by NovemberDragon.

Rated "Decent" by Ghost Mike.

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Pinkie is extremely unsettled when the words comprising the story she's in are suddenly replaced by emojis.

An entry to Bicyclette's A Thousand Words Contest under the Experimental category. I'm also somewhat generously going to call it Humor.

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In the mythical magical world of Equestria, six friends unite around a round table to vanquish their foes--an alicorn, a unicorn, two earth ponies, a shy pegasus, and a GE Dash 8-40CW.

Wait, what?

That’s right, Rainbow Dash is now a locomotive.

Twilight does not take this well.

”What the hell just happened? Did I really read that? Oh, my god, I did. I did read that.”
--Katrina Patrick Lumsden

”That’s not even a Dash 8-40CW. That’s an EMD SD70ACe. You’re an idiot.”
--Some pedant on the internet

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In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

~Benjamin Franklin

Of all the ways Filthy Rich expected to come face to face with Death itself, he'd never expected it to be over a small issue of tax fraud. After spending hours with the grim reaper rattling off tax code to him like some sort of unholy accountant, Filthy couldn't help but wish for the Death he'd envisioned.

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Rainbow Dash is willing to make a lot of sacrifices for her oldest and best friend. Some of them are less a sacrifice than she lets on. But it's cool. Fluttershy's cool. As long as nobody else notices...

A little something that popped into my head and demanded to be written. Done with minimal editing. I was going to use it as an entry in the Writeoff's "I Prefer Not To" contest, but missed the deadline.

Cover art by ILACAVGBMJC. Used with permission.

Now with a YouTube reading courtesy of Never-After-All-Readings.

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