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I often find myself waving to a parade that's long since passed me by.


In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

~Benjamin Franklin

Of all the ways Filthy Rich expected to come face to face with Death itself, he'd never expected it to be over a small issue of tax fraud. After spending hours with the grim reaper rattling off tax code to him like some sort of unholy accountant, Filthy couldn't help but wish for the Death he'd envisioned.

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Comment posted by Raphtalia deleted Jul 26th, 2019

Only the human Filthy Rich is an asshole, remember? (Any evidence of the contrary can be explained by the Spring Breakdown portal and Miss Milk performing next-level bitchery. (I was expecting my spellcheck to dislike "bitchery" and was pleasantly surprised))

He's less of an asshole and more of just a businessman dodging taxes here.

Lol i have shirt called death and taxes

Are you secretly an IRS agent? I'm sorry, I promise I paid all of my taxes last year!

U better have paid your taxes

how very efficient of the princesses I wonder which of them had the marvellous idea to hire him as an auditor

Princess Celestia. After her sister was banished to the moon, Celestia found it hard to keep up with the immense backlog of royal duties she had to fulfill. On top of all of that, the war with her sister had driven Equestria's economy into a state of near ruin. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and Celestia started recruiting tougher agents to work for the Equestrian Revenue Service so that the national treasury would be filled with more than just cobwebs.

Or something like that.

nice worldbuilding there

I like to imagine Death has the voice of Bill Lumbergh from Officespace. It's the right mix of drab and dull, yet utterly terrifying if need be.

I'm sure Death also has a nice little spotted tie for formal occasions.

This gets the Alty seal of approval

Woo! I can die happy now. :pinkiehappy:

No don't die, not yet! We need to know if Filthy has filled out form 367-A-B!

Hmm... I sense an April Fools bonus chapter in the future.


Morbid humor... Good :pinkiecrazy:


How about Greg, from Conker's bad fur day":

Although, he would have to swear some more... a lot more :rainbowwild:


As magnificent as Greg's voice is, I can't imagine it being used to blandly talk about Filthy Rich's tax problems.

Which naturally means it's perfect.



Yeah, I have to admit that in this story Lumbergh is just perfect.

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