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Cover art done by : The Irish Pony

Rarity has always been a pony who indulges herself in the finest things in life, but also enjoys being in the company of her friends and family. She is a successful fashionista, a refined mare whose love is fashion, and a dear friend to those who need her.

From time to time she watches over her little sister Sweetie Belle while her parents are away on vacation. Sometimes she throws Sweetie off on one of her friends so she don't have to bother with her at times although she does love her sister.

However, how would Rarity react when discovers an abandoned child, a human child to be exact? How would she respond when she is thrown into being the mother figure/caretaker of this small one?

I want to thank http://www.fimfiction.net/user/midnightshadow1] for the name suggestion of Connor

CoverArt Photo done by: http://kuroiraishu.deviantart.com/

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After being defeated by the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings retreated back to their House. Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, but Sonata snapped at them and ran away in tears. Aria felt pretty bad for it and for how she treated Sonata in the past. Adagio, however, swore for revenge on not only the Rainbooms, but also on Sonata! Sonata befriends with Sunset Shimmer and her friends, who willingly forgave her, and Aria was determined to set things right with Sonata. Will she be able to do it? And will they, along with the Rainbooms, stop Adagio? Read to find out.

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The Anon-A-Miss incident is beyond control and despite figuring out the blogger's true identity, no one believes her, her friends have abandoned her, and Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone and at the mercy of the world until a stranger comes to her aid.

Even though she has only known this person for less than a day, Sunset Shimmer finds relief in her kindness and a solution in a bold suggestion. She decides to head west to Los Pegasus with her new acquaintance, finding a different way of life among a group of interesting people. Now that she is in a new place where no one knows her past or treats her with contempt... will she ever want to go back to Canterlot City?

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Hey look, a friend make a TV Tropes entry for this. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TellMeBaby

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So yeah, everyone and their grandma has done an Anon-A-Miss story, based on the Equestria Girls comic book that was, quite honestly, not a very good story. If you couldn't guess I'm inspired by being a So-Cal (Southern California) kid and the RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Because (to my knowledge) THEY HAVEN'T SHOWN LOS PEGASUS IN THE SHOW (it's clearly Los Angeles and the west coast, show us some love!) AND IT'S ABOUT TIME A VERSION OF IT WAS THOUGHT UP (well, what I think up, others probably have thought it up).

So enjoy Sunset Shimmer on the west coast baby!

Edit: officially calling this universe the Guitars, Sugar, OCs, and Magik universe.

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(This takes place after Equestria Girls but before Rainbow Rocks)
You've always been the odd one out, the nerd that got bullied a lot and had few friends, the guy with glasses that only his family cared about. But what could you do about it in a city like hoofington where the stronger people picked on the weaker?

To make it worse your two parents, while supportive of you, are overprotective, and after a fight after school that nearly costs you your life they've decided to move the family to a new town!

Now you leave what few friends you have to go to a new place that might be just as bad, or worse, than Hoofington. Will Canterlot be just like it? Will you fit in or be the same old odd nerd out that sat alone at lunch and got bullied almost daily?

Or perhaps...this town will be better and you might find some peace for once in your life?

Special thanks to DecPrincess for making the art, all I did was find it and use it. Here's the Link to the picture for proof.

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Sunset Shimmer had thought her life was turned around. She had her friends who supported her, and she never felt like home. However that all changed when a mysterious user on MyStable by the name of Anon-A-Miss started to appear online, posting everyone's secrets. Everyone starts to blame Sunset and quickly resort to bullying to remind her how she was back in her "reign of terror". The worst part? Even her friends don't believe her.

Meanwhile A new student who just arrived in Canterlot High. Someone who isn't from Crystal Prep, but out of state. He soon learns about the whole Anon-A-Miss Chaos, but unlike the others he believes Sunset when she says she's innocent.

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It’s the Christmas season, and all are at home with their families...except one. Labeling her as a scapegoat during the Anon-a-miss incident, a number of students have abducted Sunset, intending to make her pay for all the secrets she spilled....Again.
There's just one problem....She didn't.

You guys know Dainn's "Anon-A-miss" Story. But if you don't, leave now, and go read his story. This story is a direct branchoff from his, continuing immediately after chapter 5 of his story. You NEED to read his story up until chapter 5, to understand what's going on in this one.
This will be a darker telling of what goes on after chapter 5 of his story.
The original story belongs to Dainn! Be a stalker and follow him, his story is really good!

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