• Published 11th Jun 2017
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Sonata's Second Chance - Tirek124

After the Dazzlings were defeated by Sunset Shimmer and her friends, Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, and she ran away. Aria regrets blaming Sonata and for being so mean to her in the past, and Adagio swore for revenge.

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Chapter 2: Comfort and a Sleepover

Sonata was sitting down on a Bench out in the cold, still crying. She was very upset at how Adagio and Aria have been treating her.

"Oh, Ari, why?" Sonata whimpered softly. "Why are you and Adagio always so mean to me? Why?" Sonata then started to think about the incident at the School. "And why did I helped enslaved everyone of the School?"

Sonata kept on crying on the Bench.

Suddenly, Sunset Shimmer saw Sonata on the Bench, and walked up to her.

"Sonata, are you alright?" Sunset asked.

"N-no, I'm n-not." Sonata said tearfully. "Aria and Adagio yelled at me and blamed me after you and your friends have defeated us."

Sunset hugged Sonata close and comforted her. "It's gonna be alright, Sonata." Sunset said softly. "Come on, let's go to my House."

Sonata picked up her stuff and went with Sunset to her House.

"It's alright, Sonata." Sunset said, rubbing Sonata gently. "I'll protect you, I'll keep you safe from Adagio and Aria."

Sonata smiled weakly. "T-thank you." She managed to say. "A-and I'm so sorry that we've almost took over the School. I've been feeling pretty bad about it ever since you and your friends have defeated us."

Sunset smiled warmly. "I forgive you, Sonata." She said gently. "If I can change, why can't you?"

"Yeah, I think I can at least try to make up for what I did." Sonata agreed, feeling better.

"And you can stay here and sleep with me tonight." Sunset said.

"Okay." Sonata said. "Let's take a Shower. It was pretty cold Outside."

"I agree." Sunset replied.

"Actually, I've already showered before I've gotten into that fight with Adagio and Aria."

Sunset takes a Shower and they both took their Daytime Clothes off and put on their Pyjamas and went to Bed.

"Hey, uh, Sunset?" Sonata asked, holding her Teddy Bear close.

"Yeah?" Sunset asked.

"I'm sorry that Adagio, Aria, and I have cornered you when we were trying to takeover the School and I'm sorry that we've trapped you and your friends the Stage Basement." Sonata said sadly.

"It's okay, Sonata." Sunset replied. "You proably were just following them."

"Yeah, okay. Well, good night." Sonata said happily, hugging her Teddy Bear close as she went to sleep.

"Good night." Sunset said softly, before going to sleep.

Author's Note:

And that's the end of Chapter 2. Chapter 3 will come soon.