• Published 11th Jun 2017
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Sonata's Second Chance - Tirek124

After the Dazzlings were defeated by Sunset Shimmer and her friends, Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, and she ran away. Aria regrets blaming Sonata and for being so mean to her in the past, and Adagio swore for revenge.

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Chapter 5: The Rainbooms forgives Sonata

After breaskfest, Sonata and Sunset left the house and went to the park to wait on the latter's friends.

"You think they'll forgive me like you did?" Sonata asked.

"I sure hope so." Sunset answered the blue-headed girl.

"Well, I heard that Rainbow Dash doesn't forgive so easily." Sonata said.

"How do you know that?" Sunset asked, suprised that Sonata knows all that.

"Well, I remembered her shouting at Adagio that she was more looking forward to beating her, me, and Aria than she was."

"Yeah, I heard Rainbow insulting Adagio for mocking and turnting her." Sunset said.

"Yeah, I know." Sonata replied. "Anyway, even if she and your other friends do forgive me, I'm not sure if the other students will."

"I know how that feels." Sunset said.

Suddenly, Sunset's friends appoached her.

"Sunset Shimmer, hi." Applejack greeted.

"Hello there, darling." Rarity said happily.

"Hello, Sunset." Futtershy said with a kind smile.

"Sunset Shimmer, hey!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.

"How are you doing, Sunset?" Rainbow Dash greeted, before noticing Sonata. "Why is she here?"

"Yeah, what is she doing here?" Applejack questioned, noticing the blue-haired girl as well.

"Oh, well, you see, I was, um, well, she have changed. She have gotten into a fight with the other two siren girls last night after we defeated them." Sunset explained.

"Really? Because she was a siren, and sirens don't feel anything but anger, hate, and this great selfish desire for world domation." Rarity said.

"Well, I know she was a siren, but without that pandent of hers, she is just a harmless teenage girl." Sunset exclaimed.

"Girls, I know that I may not be your favorite right now, and I'm not sure if you'll ever forgive me, but I just wanted you all to know that I have changed for the better, and may I tell you that Adagio and Aria have treated me real badly, and if things were not done right, they would take it out on me if not on each other." Sonata explained. "Things may have seemed fine out in public, but at our house, it wasn't always like that. Although we do aruge at restuants too, sometimes. But I think Adagio is worse because she seems to be more arrongant and grumpy than Aria could ever be."

"Oh, how awful." Futtershy said, feeling pity for the blue-haired girl.

"Those two meanies were not being nice to you at all, were they?" Pinkie said to her soon to be former enemy.

"I'm so sorry that you went through all that, Sonata." Applejack said, putting a hand on Sonata's right shoulder.

"Yeah, you deserve better than what your so-called friends have put you through." Rarity added. "And don't worry about the dress, darling, it was all Adagio's fault that it got ruined."

"Yeah, I forgive you." Pinkie said, smiling, she was not one to hold grudges on those that are truely sorry, neither was Rarity.

"Rainbow?" Sunset asked her rainbow-haired friend.

Rainbow was still a little bit doubtful, but just shrugged it off for now. "Alright." She said.

Sonata just smiled sweetly. "Thanks, girls, it's nice to see that you care."

"Now, that wasn't hard, now was it, girls?" Sunset said, smiling at her friends.

"But, if she causes anymore trouble, there will be trouble!" Rainbow warned.

"Oh, I'm not gonna be the one making trouble, believe it or not." Sonata said honsetly.

"Now, what are we gonna do to convice everyone that Sonata have changed?" Rarity wondered.

"Dunno, what will we do, y'all?" Applejack said.

Suddenly, a bunch of CHS students walked by, gasping as they saw Sonata.

"What is she doing here?!" One of them shouted.

Sunset sighed, this was gonna be harder than she would expect it to be.

"You sure have some nerve, coming here to the park after what you and your bandmates have tried to pull!" A boy shouted at Sonata, making her finch.

"Now, hole on just a minute!" Applejack said, glaring at them. "Can't you all see that she have changed?!"

"Yeah, her bandmates were treating her like trash!" Rarity added.

"Changed?!" A girl laughed. "I find that hard to believe!"

"And we don't care what she went through, either!" Another boy shouted.

Sonata was glaring at them in disblief. "How rude!"

"Shut up!" A third boy yelled. "You will pay for what you did to us, you little piece of trash!"

Sunset was angry, no, furious at them. "How dare you all come here and insult Sonata?!" She raged. "She was just trying to change and make up for what she and her ex-bandmates have done! She didn't come to try to get revenge on us or anything like that!"

"We don't care!" Another girl shouted. "What she have done was unforgivable!"

The students making fun of Sonata threw some stuff at her.

"Ow!" Sonata cried in pain.

"This is what you get for threatening the school, you stupid air-headed taco freak!" The first boy shouted.

Sunset, and her friends, and even Rainbow Dash, were angry at them for bullying poor Sonata.

"Why are you guys doing this to her?!" Sunset exclaimed at them. "She is being real nice, now, and you guys still hate her! You all are just as bad as her ex-bandmates, if not worse!"

"Oh, please, she is proabily just faking it so she can plot revenge against all of us and then unleash her plan when everyone least expect it!" The first girl aruged.

The students kept throwing stuff at Sonata, making her finch, Sunset and her friends were extreamly pissed at them.

"That is enough!" A woman suddenly yelled.

Everyone turned around and saw Principal Celestia behind them with her arms crossed, she was not happy at all.

"Now, since this fight has been revoked, Nathen, you and your friends will have after school detetnion on Monday!" She said sternly to the first boy.

Sunset and her friends nodded in agreement.

"Oh, man!" Nathen groaned in defeat, then he and his friends walked away, after giving Sonata their final glares.

Principal Celestia sighed before walking over to Sonata, who was shaking from what have just happened. "Sonata Dusk, are you alright?"

Sonata just stare at her for a minute. "I think so." She managed to say.

Sunset just hug the blue-haired girl, feeling so sorry for her. "It's okay, Sonata." She said softly to her. "They won't hurt you anymore."

Author's Note:

Sorry it have taken a long time to do Chapter 5. Anyway, I hope you guys all like it.