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Sonata's Second Chance - Tirek124

After the Dazzlings were defeated by Sunset Shimmer and her friends, Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, and she ran away. Aria regrets blaming Sonata and for being so mean to her in the past, and Adagio swore for revenge.

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Chapter 6: Aria Apologizes

Principal Celestia have dealt with those students real well. "You are welcome back to the school, Sonata, if you'd like." She said with a kind smile.

"Why, it would be great, thank you." Sonata replied, smiling a little bit.

Principal Celestia then left.

"You're alright, Sonata?" Sunset asked the blue canyon girl.

"Yes, I guess I am." Sonata replied, recovering from what happened.

"Come on, y'all. I think we should leave this park before anyone else shows up and try to harm Sonata." Applejack said.

"I agree." Rarity replied, and she, her friends, and Sonata left.


They all walked on the sidewalks back to Sunset's house to chat about how to get everyone at school to believe that Sonata has changed.

"I have no idea that those students could be so hateful to poor Sonata." Sunset said, very concered about Sonata's fate.

"I know, right?" Sonata said in agreement. "And I have always thought that Adagio and Aria were bad."

Behind the bushes, Aria Blaze was watching the 7 friends walking. She had some tears of joy in her eyes as she saw Sonata. She have never felt so happy to see her. 'Is it really her?' Aria thought to herself. 'Will she accept my apology? Let me make up with her for how Adagio and I have treated her? Well, she is Sonata. The worse she could do is to NOT accept my apology and turn me away.' She took a deep breath, and got out of the bushes and walked up to Sonata and her new friends. "Hey, Sonata."

Sonata turned around to see Aria standing there. "Aria?" She asked.

Sunset and the others turned around too and saw Aria.

"Aria?" Sunset asked.

"What are you doing here, Aria?!" Rainbow demanded.

"You sure have a lot of nerve, coming here after what you and Adagio did to Sonata!" Rarity said.

"Speaking of Adagio, did she send you here to get Sonata back by force?" Applejack asked the purple girl.

"No, I'm here to apologize to Sonata." Aria said truthfully.

"A likely story!" Pinkie snapped, but then smiled. "You are physic."

"Why were you and Adagio tormenting Sonata?" Fluttershy asked, a little sad.

"Because they were bullying her, that's why!" Rainbow yelled.

"Now hang on, guys!" Sunset said to her friends. "Aria just want to say something to Sonata, don't you Aria?"

Aria nodded sadly.

"Okay, go on." Sonata said, nodding slowly.

"Sonata," Aria said softly, walking up to the blue girl, "I'm so sorry for the way Adagio and I have been treating you for years. Shortly after you left us, I was thinking about what you said to us, well, you were right, we were very horrible to you, treating you like a nobody, and treating you like dirt, you didn't deserved any of that."

"No offense or anything, but I agree." Sonata replied softly.

Aria sighed before continuing. "I was always so grouchy, that's why I called you the worst. Look, Sonata, you weren't the only one that Adagio treated like dirt. She wasn't being nice to me, either. She have treated me the same way she and I have treated you. She have even threatened to harm me if I didn't do what she said, and she threatened to harm you once, too. I may have acted tough, but deep down, I was too scared to disobey her. And while I said mean stuff to you and acted like I didn't cared, deep down, I wanted to protect you."

Sonata's eyes widen as she heard what Aria was saying. "Adagio threatened to harm both of us? I have always knew she was a big jerk, but I didn't know she could be that cruel!" She suddenly hugged Aria. "I'm so sorry she have putted you through all that, and it was so sweet of you to try to keep me safe from her."

Sunset and her friends couldn't believe what they were hearing. "Adagio threatened you two? And she was bullying you too, Aria?" She said in shock.

"Why that puffed cheese-haired girl!" Rarity said in disbelief before glancing at Aria. "I'm so sorry she have done all of that to you, darling."

"Am I the only one who thinks that Adagio is a rattle-snake?" Applejack asked.

Even though Rainbow was still doubtful, she too was ticked off at Adagio for treating Sonata and Aria like dirt. "Why that good for nothing yellow-haired twerp!" She muttered angrily.

"I know, right?" Fluttershy said in agreement.

"That big meanie! She had no right to do this to any of you two!" Pinkie yelled.

"Well, that's who she is," Aria said softly, "Sonata, I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me."

"Oh, Ari, of course!" Sonata said happily, hugging Aria close. "May I call you Ari?"

"Sure, I don't see why not." Aria said, hugging Sonata back.

"Ari, I'm so sorry for snapping at you and Adagio the other night." Sonata said sadly.

"It's alright, you were just so upset and angry." Aria said softly.

Sonata smiled and kept on hugging Aria, forgiving her for everything and all.

"That's so sweet, Aria." Sunset said, shedding a tear, before noticing Aria's bags. "Now, I wonder where would you live?"

"Oh, yeah." Aria said, remembering that she ran away. "I can't go back to Adagio, or I fear she may try to harm me or something."

"Well, you are welcome to stay with me in my house, that's where Sonata slept last night after she ran away from you and Adagio." Sunset offered.

"Yeah, Ari, we can be roommates." Sonata said sweetly.

"Well, I don't see why not." Aria said, smiling a bit.

"Good, now how about I help you with your stuff?" Sunset asked, picking up Aria's bags.

"Okay." Aria said, taking one of her bags.

Sonata, Aria, Sunset, and her friends all went to Sunset's house together.

Author's Note:

Here's Chapter 6. I'll work on Chapter 7 soon.

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"Am I the only one who thinks that Adagio is a rattle-snake?" Applejack asked.

That's not a nice thing to say about rattlesnakes. They would be offended. :fluttershysad:

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