• Published 11th Jun 2017
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Sonata's Second Chance - Tirek124

After the Dazzlings were defeated by Sunset Shimmer and her friends, Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, and she ran away. Aria regrets blaming Sonata and for being so mean to her in the past, and Adagio swore for revenge.

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Chapter 3: It's Okay

The next morning, Sunset and Sonata got up, brushed their teeth, took off their Pyjamas, and changed into their Daytime Clothes.

"Good morning, Sunset." Sonata greeted.

"Good morning, Sonata." Sunset greeted back. "How was your night here?"

"It was great." Sonata said.

"So, it is alright if I ask you a Question?" Sunset asked.

"Sure." Sonata replied.

"When you got into a fight with Aria and Adagio the other night, how did you feel?"

Sonata started to tear up. "It was real hurtful, they were always so mean to me, but last night, they have gone too far." She said tearfully.

Sunset hugged the blue-haired girl gently.

"I've always listened to Adagio, and I've been in love with Aria for many years. But last night, they've blamed me for losing the Battle of the Bands." She continued.

Sunset gasped in shocked.

"They yelled in my face, and accused me for making us lose by letting you and your Friends win and possibility save everyone we controlled with our Necklaces. And that was when I've had enough, so, I yelled back at them, and then packed my stuff, and ran away from Home. I think I saw Aria shocked, and heard Adagio mumbling something under her breath."

"Well, the best thing is that you turned over a new leaf afterwards." Sunset said before sighing. "I've been a real threat to the School. I've turned into a raging she-demon and tried to destroy Princess Twilight, but she and her Friends used the Magic of Friendship to stop me. And I've been regretting all the bad stuff I did ever since then."

Sonata just smiled at her and hugged her back.

"I understand." She said softly. "Just like how I regret trying to enslave everyone with Aria and Adagio."

Sunset smiled, forgiving the ex-blue siren. "Well, today is Saturday."

Sonata just smiled.

"And don't worry, I'll call my Friends, deal with Aria and Adagio, and I'll take good care of you." Sunset insures.

"Okay, thanks." Sonata said.

"Anytime, that's what Friends are for." Sunset said.

Sonata smiled. "Okay." She said, feeling a lot better now.

Author's Note:

That's the end of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 will come soon.