Sonata's Second Chance

by Tirek124

First published

After the Dazzlings were defeated by Sunset Shimmer and her friends, Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, and she ran away. Aria regrets blaming Sonata and for being so mean to her in the past, and Adagio swore for revenge.

After being defeated by the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings retreated back to their House. Adagio and Aria blamed Sonata for their defeat, but Sonata snapped at them and ran away in tears. Aria felt pretty bad for it and for how she treated Sonata in the past. Adagio, however, swore for revenge on not only the Rainbooms, but also on Sonata! Sonata befriends with Sunset Shimmer and her friends, who willingly forgave her, and Aria was determined to set things right with Sonata. Will she be able to do it? And will they, along with the Rainbooms, stop Adagio? Read to find out.

Chapter 1: Sonata's Last Straw

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Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk, also known as “The Dazzlings” got defeated by the Main Six and Sunset Shimmer, also known as “The Rainbooms”. With the song the Rainbooms played, a huge white Alicorn with a Rainbow colored mane appeared and shot a Rainbow at the Dazzlings which caused that they have lost their powers and singing voices as their Pendants broke. The Dazzlings ran off the Stage as the crowd was booing and throwing food at them. Soon they arrived at their House that they’ve brought a few years ago. Everyone has their own Bedroom and Bathroom. The House also contained a large Living Room and a Kitchen. They took a Shower and got rid of their Stage Outfits and changed into their normal Clothes and went into the Living Room. There was a long awkward silent until Adagio spoke up.

“I can’t believe it!” Adagio spat through gritted teeth. “We were so close! We almost did it!”

“Ugh!” Aria grunted in disblief. “The Rainblossoms, or whatever they call themselves, have destroyed our Pendants!”

Sonata was at the edge of tears. She was feeling pretty bad for trying to enslave everyone of the School. She manages to say, “What are we going to do now?”

Adagio and Aria glared at Sonata.

“Are you kidding me, Sonata?!” Adagio growled. “We have lost all our powers and our singing Voices! The Rainbooms have destroyed our Pendants, so we aren’t able to do anything! And how dare you ask me what are we going to do now?!”

“This is all your fault, Sonata!” Aria growled.

“If you have focused on our plan more than your stupid Taco obession, we would’ve won!” Adagio yelled.

“You are the worst!” Aria grumbled.

Sonata started to tear up. “I-I-.” She tries to say, but Aria and Adagio cut her off.

“You’ve always try to come up with an excuse for everything, Sonata!” Aria yelled. “And you only make things worse!”

“Aria was right for all these years! You are the worst!” Adagio growled.

Suddenly, Sonata felt anger boiling up in her. “What, our plan?!” She screamed.

Adagio and Aria finched at what she said.

“How dare you blame me for all this?! I’ve always did what you said, Adagio! ALWAYS!” Sonata said in pure rage. “I never did anything wrong! Besides, that wasn’t even our plan! It was only YOUR stupid plan! So don’t blame me for your failure! And Aria, you’re no better! I’ve always look up to you, and you treat me like I never meant to even exsist!”

Aria was shocked at her rage, but Adagio was crossed.

“Be careful of how you speak to me!” Adagio spat.

“I can speak to you the way I want to, and how you desereve it!” Sonata gritted.

“You better take that back, you little-!” Adagio started to threat.

“NO!” Sonata cut her off, tears streaming in her eyes. “I have enough of you bossing me around, and I’m tired of how you and Aria treat me!”

Aria started to see how hurt Sonata really is, but Adagio growled at her.

“Take. That. Back. NOW!” Adagio spat, grabbing Sonata by the Collar.

Normally, Sonata would be scared by now, but this time, suprisely, she wasn’t.

“No, I won’t! And you know that is the truth!” Sonata said, manage to get free from Adagio. “And I’m running away! I hope you two are happy!” Sonata quickly packed up everything she needs and ran out of the House, and runs away, tears streaming down her face.

Aria began to tear up, realizing how hurt Sonata really is.

“How dare she speaks to me that way?!” Adagio mumbled under her breath.

Aria glared at Adagio, and then went up to her room. She closed her Door, took her Clothes off, and changed into her pajamas and she laid on her bed, thinking about what have just happened downstairs. She also thinks about how she have been treating Sonata for many years of living together. Aria kept thoughting about it, and she started to really feel terrible about it.

“Sonata was right.” Aria said to herself, tears steaming down her face. “Me and Adagio are the Monsters.”

Aria started to cry softly. She was feeling pretty bad about what have just happened dowstairs. "I hope she's okay." Aria said quietly.

After about two hours, Aria went to sleep.

Chapter 2: Comfort and a Sleepover

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Sonata was sitting down on a Bench out in the cold, still crying. She was very upset at how Adagio and Aria have been treating her.

"Oh, Ari, why?" Sonata whimpered softly. "Why are you and Adagio always so mean to me? Why?" Sonata then started to think about the incident at the School. "And why did I helped enslaved everyone of the School?"

Sonata kept on crying on the Bench.

Suddenly, Sunset Shimmer saw Sonata on the Bench, and walked up to her.

"Sonata, are you alright?" Sunset asked.

"N-no, I'm n-not." Sonata said tearfully. "Aria and Adagio yelled at me and blamed me after you and your friends have defeated us."

Sunset hugged Sonata close and comforted her. "It's gonna be alright, Sonata." Sunset said softly. "Come on, let's go to my House."

Sonata picked up her stuff and went with Sunset to her House.

"It's alright, Sonata." Sunset said, rubbing Sonata gently. "I'll protect you, I'll keep you safe from Adagio and Aria."

Sonata smiled weakly. "T-thank you." She managed to say. "A-and I'm so sorry that we've almost took over the School. I've been feeling pretty bad about it ever since you and your friends have defeated us."

Sunset smiled warmly. "I forgive you, Sonata." She said gently. "If I can change, why can't you?"

"Yeah, I think I can at least try to make up for what I did." Sonata agreed, feeling better.

"And you can stay here and sleep with me tonight." Sunset said.

"Okay." Sonata said. "Let's take a Shower. It was pretty cold Outside."

"I agree." Sunset replied.

"Actually, I've already showered before I've gotten into that fight with Adagio and Aria."

Sunset takes a Shower and they both took their Daytime Clothes off and put on their Pyjamas and went to Bed.

"Hey, uh, Sunset?" Sonata asked, holding her Teddy Bear close.

"Yeah?" Sunset asked.

"I'm sorry that Adagio, Aria, and I have cornered you when we were trying to takeover the School and I'm sorry that we've trapped you and your friends the Stage Basement." Sonata said sadly.

"It's okay, Sonata." Sunset replied. "You proably were just following them."

"Yeah, okay. Well, good night." Sonata said happily, hugging her Teddy Bear close as she went to sleep.

"Good night." Sunset said softly, before going to sleep.

Chapter 3: It's Okay

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The next morning, Sunset and Sonata got up, brushed their teeth, took off their Pyjamas, and changed into their Daytime Clothes.

"Good morning, Sunset." Sonata greeted.

"Good morning, Sonata." Sunset greeted back. "How was your night here?"

"It was great." Sonata said.

"So, it is alright if I ask you a Question?" Sunset asked.

"Sure." Sonata replied.

"When you got into a fight with Aria and Adagio the other night, how did you feel?"

Sonata started to tear up. "It was real hurtful, they were always so mean to me, but last night, they have gone too far." She said tearfully.

Sunset hugged the blue-haired girl gently.

"I've always listened to Adagio, and I've been in love with Aria for many years. But last night, they've blamed me for losing the Battle of the Bands." She continued.

Sunset gasped in shocked.

"They yelled in my face, and accused me for making us lose by letting you and your Friends win and possibility save everyone we controlled with our Necklaces. And that was when I've had enough, so, I yelled back at them, and then packed my stuff, and ran away from Home. I think I saw Aria shocked, and heard Adagio mumbling something under her breath."

"Well, the best thing is that you turned over a new leaf afterwards." Sunset said before sighing. "I've been a real threat to the School. I've turned into a raging she-demon and tried to destroy Princess Twilight, but she and her Friends used the Magic of Friendship to stop me. And I've been regretting all the bad stuff I did ever since then."

Sonata just smiled at her and hugged her back.

"I understand." She said softly. "Just like how I regret trying to enslave everyone with Aria and Adagio."

Sunset smiled, forgiving the ex-blue siren. "Well, today is Saturday."

Sonata just smiled.

"And don't worry, I'll call my Friends, deal with Aria and Adagio, and I'll take good care of you." Sunset insures.

"Okay, thanks." Sonata said.

"Anytime, that's what Friends are for." Sunset said.

Sonata smiled. "Okay." She said, feeling a lot better now.

Chapter 4: Aria's Decision

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Aria woke up, realizes that it's Morning, changes to her Daytime Clothes, and brushed her Teeth, and then went downstairs to make some Coffee. She has been thinking about the incident last night, and she really feels pretty bad about it.

She has stains on her face, but she quickly cleaned them off with a wet wash cloth. "Please, Celestia, keep Sonata safe." Aria said in head. She was thinking of how she has been treating Sonata for years. She felt pretty terrible about it. Now, she wants nothing more than to set things right with Sonata.

She turned off the Coffee Maker and puts Coffee on a glass and starts drinking it. It was all silent for Aria until she heard Adagio coming downstairs grumbling. She was still bitter from the incident last night.

"Adagio, I think that was too much for her to handle!" Aria said, glaring at the yellow girl.

Adagio knew that Aria was referring to Sonata. "Oh, please! Since when did you start caring for the little Air-Head?!" She growled.

"Since last night, after we blamed her for us losing the Battle of the Bands!" Aria said angrily.

"Well, she's the reason we've lost our singing voices, Aria!" Adagio said in a harsh tone. "She's worthless! She never even paid more attention to our plan! Our plan was perfect, and if Sonata haven't paid attention to her dumb obsession for Tacos, we might have won and defeated those foolish Rainbooms and even that pesky Sunset Shimmer!"

"No, Sonata isn't worthless!" Aria argued. "She's real smart! She's a perfect Angel! Sonata is so innocent! She never did anything wrong! And besides, that wasn't even our plan! It was only YOUR stupid plan to takeover the School, so don't you dare blame her for your failure!"

"Oh, come on, Aria, you and I both know that she's the worst! She couldn't do anything right!" Adagio growled through gritted teeth.

"Adagio, we both have put her through Hell for more than 10 years!" Aria said, still glaring at her.

"Really, Aria?!" Adagio shouted. "That girl have been causing nothing but trouble ever since we were banished to this pathetic World many years ago! You were right all along, Aria! This World is the worst! We actually should be back home in Equestria feeding off negative energy as Sirens right now, but no, that Star Swirl the Bearded just had to banish us here, didn't he?! He just couldn't be used to us feeding off negative energy, could he?!"

"It wasn't Sonata's fault that we got banished here, it was your's, Adagio!" Aria argued. "And besides, I actually kinda gotten used to it over the years."

Adagio grabbed Aria by the Collar. "You gotten used to being here?! So did I, recently, but that's not the point! Now, either you help me teach that Taco-Obsession traitor and those Rainbooms and even that red-yellow headed girl a lesson, or I'll personally make your life a Living Hell!"

"Go ahead!" Aria growled. "We both made Sonata's life a Living Hell! I know I did, and she never really caused any trouble, you're the one that made all the trouble! And I'm sure you'd make mine worse, I'll never help you punish Sonata for what wasn't her fault!" She managed to get free from Adagio and went to pack up her stuff and then went out the door. "You're on your own!" Aria said, leaving.

"So be it, Aria!" Adagio huffed. "I'm on my own, now." She thought to herself. "Both my minions have turned against me. But one of these days, I'll have my revenge."

Chapter 5: The Rainbooms forgives Sonata

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After breaskfest, Sonata and Sunset left the house and went to the park to wait on the latter's friends.

"You think they'll forgive me like you did?" Sonata asked.

"I sure hope so." Sunset answered the blue-headed girl.

"Well, I heard that Rainbow Dash doesn't forgive so easily." Sonata said.

"How do you know that?" Sunset asked, suprised that Sonata knows all that.

"Well, I remembered her shouting at Adagio that she was more looking forward to beating her, me, and Aria than she was."

"Yeah, I heard Rainbow insulting Adagio for mocking and turnting her." Sunset said.

"Yeah, I know." Sonata replied. "Anyway, even if she and your other friends do forgive me, I'm not sure if the other students will."

"I know how that feels." Sunset said.

Suddenly, Sunset's friends appoached her.

"Sunset Shimmer, hi." Applejack greeted.

"Hello there, darling." Rarity said happily.

"Hello, Sunset." Futtershy said with a kind smile.

"Sunset Shimmer, hey!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.

"How are you doing, Sunset?" Rainbow Dash greeted, before noticing Sonata. "Why is she here?"

"Yeah, what is she doing here?" Applejack questioned, noticing the blue-haired girl as well.

"Oh, well, you see, I was, um, well, she have changed. She have gotten into a fight with the other two siren girls last night after we defeated them." Sunset explained.

"Really? Because she was a siren, and sirens don't feel anything but anger, hate, and this great selfish desire for world domation." Rarity said.

"Well, I know she was a siren, but without that pandent of hers, she is just a harmless teenage girl." Sunset exclaimed.

"Girls, I know that I may not be your favorite right now, and I'm not sure if you'll ever forgive me, but I just wanted you all to know that I have changed for the better, and may I tell you that Adagio and Aria have treated me real badly, and if things were not done right, they would take it out on me if not on each other." Sonata explained. "Things may have seemed fine out in public, but at our house, it wasn't always like that. Although we do aruge at restuants too, sometimes. But I think Adagio is worse because she seems to be more arrongant and grumpy than Aria could ever be."

"Oh, how awful." Futtershy said, feeling pity for the blue-haired girl.

"Those two meanies were not being nice to you at all, were they?" Pinkie said to her soon to be former enemy.

"I'm so sorry that you went through all that, Sonata." Applejack said, putting a hand on Sonata's right shoulder.

"Yeah, you deserve better than what your so-called friends have put you through." Rarity added. "And don't worry about the dress, darling, it was all Adagio's fault that it got ruined."

"Yeah, I forgive you." Pinkie said, smiling, she was not one to hold grudges on those that are truely sorry, neither was Rarity.

"Rainbow?" Sunset asked her rainbow-haired friend.

Rainbow was still a little bit doubtful, but just shrugged it off for now. "Alright." She said.

Sonata just smiled sweetly. "Thanks, girls, it's nice to see that you care."

"Now, that wasn't hard, now was it, girls?" Sunset said, smiling at her friends.

"But, if she causes anymore trouble, there will be trouble!" Rainbow warned.

"Oh, I'm not gonna be the one making trouble, believe it or not." Sonata said honsetly.

"Now, what are we gonna do to convice everyone that Sonata have changed?" Rarity wondered.

"Dunno, what will we do, y'all?" Applejack said.

Suddenly, a bunch of CHS students walked by, gasping as they saw Sonata.

"What is she doing here?!" One of them shouted.

Sunset sighed, this was gonna be harder than she would expect it to be.

"You sure have some nerve, coming here to the park after what you and your bandmates have tried to pull!" A boy shouted at Sonata, making her finch.

"Now, hole on just a minute!" Applejack said, glaring at them. "Can't you all see that she have changed?!"

"Yeah, her bandmates were treating her like trash!" Rarity added.

"Changed?!" A girl laughed. "I find that hard to believe!"

"And we don't care what she went through, either!" Another boy shouted.

Sonata was glaring at them in disblief. "How rude!"

"Shut up!" A third boy yelled. "You will pay for what you did to us, you little piece of trash!"

Sunset was angry, no, furious at them. "How dare you all come here and insult Sonata?!" She raged. "She was just trying to change and make up for what she and her ex-bandmates have done! She didn't come to try to get revenge on us or anything like that!"

"We don't care!" Another girl shouted. "What she have done was unforgivable!"

The students making fun of Sonata threw some stuff at her.

"Ow!" Sonata cried in pain.

"This is what you get for threatening the school, you stupid air-headed taco freak!" The first boy shouted.

Sunset, and her friends, and even Rainbow Dash, were angry at them for bullying poor Sonata.

"Why are you guys doing this to her?!" Sunset exclaimed at them. "She is being real nice, now, and you guys still hate her! You all are just as bad as her ex-bandmates, if not worse!"

"Oh, please, she is proabily just faking it so she can plot revenge against all of us and then unleash her plan when everyone least expect it!" The first girl aruged.

The students kept throwing stuff at Sonata, making her finch, Sunset and her friends were extreamly pissed at them.

"That is enough!" A woman suddenly yelled.

Everyone turned around and saw Principal Celestia behind them with her arms crossed, she was not happy at all.

"Now, since this fight has been revoked, Nathen, you and your friends will have after school detetnion on Monday!" She said sternly to the first boy.

Sunset and her friends nodded in agreement.

"Oh, man!" Nathen groaned in defeat, then he and his friends walked away, after giving Sonata their final glares.

Principal Celestia sighed before walking over to Sonata, who was shaking from what have just happened. "Sonata Dusk, are you alright?"

Sonata just stare at her for a minute. "I think so." She managed to say.

Sunset just hug the blue-haired girl, feeling so sorry for her. "It's okay, Sonata." She said softly to her. "They won't hurt you anymore."

Chapter 6: Aria Apologizes

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Principal Celestia have dealt with those students real well. "You are welcome back to the school, Sonata, if you'd like." She said with a kind smile.

"Why, it would be great, thank you." Sonata replied, smiling a little bit.

Principal Celestia then left.

"You're alright, Sonata?" Sunset asked the blue canyon girl.

"Yes, I guess I am." Sonata replied, recovering from what happened.

"Come on, y'all. I think we should leave this park before anyone else shows up and try to harm Sonata." Applejack said.

"I agree." Rarity replied, and she, her friends, and Sonata left.


They all walked on the sidewalks back to Sunset's house to chat about how to get everyone at school to believe that Sonata has changed.

"I have no idea that those students could be so hateful to poor Sonata." Sunset said, very concered about Sonata's fate.

"I know, right?" Sonata said in agreement. "And I have always thought that Adagio and Aria were bad."

Behind the bushes, Aria Blaze was watching the 7 friends walking. She had some tears of joy in her eyes as she saw Sonata. She have never felt so happy to see her. 'Is it really her?' Aria thought to herself. 'Will she accept my apology? Let me make up with her for how Adagio and I have treated her? Well, she is Sonata. The worse she could do is to NOT accept my apology and turn me away.' She took a deep breath, and got out of the bushes and walked up to Sonata and her new friends. "Hey, Sonata."

Sonata turned around to see Aria standing there. "Aria?" She asked.

Sunset and the others turned around too and saw Aria.

"Aria?" Sunset asked.

"What are you doing here, Aria?!" Rainbow demanded.

"You sure have a lot of nerve, coming here after what you and Adagio did to Sonata!" Rarity said.

"Speaking of Adagio, did she send you here to get Sonata back by force?" Applejack asked the purple girl.

"No, I'm here to apologize to Sonata." Aria said truthfully.

"A likely story!" Pinkie snapped, but then smiled. "You are physic."

"Why were you and Adagio tormenting Sonata?" Fluttershy asked, a little sad.

"Because they were bullying her, that's why!" Rainbow yelled.

"Now hang on, guys!" Sunset said to her friends. "Aria just want to say something to Sonata, don't you Aria?"

Aria nodded sadly.

"Okay, go on." Sonata said, nodding slowly.

"Sonata," Aria said softly, walking up to the blue girl, "I'm so sorry for the way Adagio and I have been treating you for years. Shortly after you left us, I was thinking about what you said to us, well, you were right, we were very horrible to you, treating you like a nobody, and treating you like dirt, you didn't deserved any of that."

"No offense or anything, but I agree." Sonata replied softly.

Aria sighed before continuing. "I was always so grouchy, that's why I called you the worst. Look, Sonata, you weren't the only one that Adagio treated like dirt. She wasn't being nice to me, either. She have treated me the same way she and I have treated you. She have even threatened to harm me if I didn't do what she said, and she threatened to harm you once, too. I may have acted tough, but deep down, I was too scared to disobey her. And while I said mean stuff to you and acted like I didn't cared, deep down, I wanted to protect you."

Sonata's eyes widen as she heard what Aria was saying. "Adagio threatened to harm both of us? I have always knew she was a big jerk, but I didn't know she could be that cruel!" She suddenly hugged Aria. "I'm so sorry she have putted you through all that, and it was so sweet of you to try to keep me safe from her."

Sunset and her friends couldn't believe what they were hearing. "Adagio threatened you two? And she was bullying you too, Aria?" She said in shock.

"Why that puffed cheese-haired girl!" Rarity said in disbelief before glancing at Aria. "I'm so sorry she have done all of that to you, darling."

"Am I the only one who thinks that Adagio is a rattle-snake?" Applejack asked.

Even though Rainbow was still doubtful, she too was ticked off at Adagio for treating Sonata and Aria like dirt. "Why that good for nothing yellow-haired twerp!" She muttered angrily.

"I know, right?" Fluttershy said in agreement.

"That big meanie! She had no right to do this to any of you two!" Pinkie yelled.

"Well, that's who she is," Aria said softly, "Sonata, I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me."

"Oh, Ari, of course!" Sonata said happily, hugging Aria close. "May I call you Ari?"

"Sure, I don't see why not." Aria said, hugging Sonata back.

"Ari, I'm so sorry for snapping at you and Adagio the other night." Sonata said sadly.

"It's alright, you were just so upset and angry." Aria said softly.

Sonata smiled and kept on hugging Aria, forgiving her for everything and all.

"That's so sweet, Aria." Sunset said, shedding a tear, before noticing Aria's bags. "Now, I wonder where would you live?"

"Oh, yeah." Aria said, remembering that she ran away. "I can't go back to Adagio, or I fear she may try to harm me or something."

"Well, you are welcome to stay with me in my house, that's where Sonata slept last night after she ran away from you and Adagio." Sunset offered.

"Yeah, Ari, we can be roommates." Sonata said sweetly.

"Well, I don't see why not." Aria said, smiling a bit.

"Good, now how about I help you with your stuff?" Sunset asked, picking up Aria's bags.

"Okay." Aria said, taking one of her bags.

Sonata, Aria, Sunset, and her friends all went to Sunset's house together.