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This is a random and non-canon story about Nightmare Night happening in the Human world. Sunset and her friends have thier costumes, but the costumes...um...aren't very pleasant.

*If you are sensitive to dark topics then don't read this*

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: New Student

The sequel to Anon-A-Miss: New Student. It's winter break and Logan and Sunset decide to spend it together but that's not all. Logan's childhood friends are also coming to visit during the holidays. Sunset is excited to spend the holiday with two more people and especially Logan. She's just happy to finally have better friends to spend time with during the holidays.

However, it's not all good news. Abigail gets sees a news report about a resturaunt being filed against a lawsuit. Not just any resturunat, but the one she had finded many years before! Apparently, some costumer had claimed that her food was poisoned by one of the staff memebers. Abigail's friend is in desperate need of help so she decides to go back to Manehattan and prove her friends' and the resturaunt's innocence. She can't help but feel like Gilda's mother had something to do with it.

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What's a better way to start off a summer vacation with a slumber party? Nothing of course, but one night Fluttershy finds a heartbroken 3 year old boy while on her way to Pinkie's. With no choice, she decides to take him with her. The other girls all adore him and find out he's not just any normal three year old. He's one with powers! Unfortunaltey because of that, he is being hunted down by evil forces, so the Mane 7 must do everything they can to protect this little one from getting in harms way.

This story is inspired by Goebeltron's story "A Tale of A loving Sister," so there might be some parts where it will seem familiar. You should check him out. His stories are really good.

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Sunset Shimmer had thought her life was turned around. She had her friends who supported her, and she never felt like home. However that all changed when a mysterious user on MyStable by the name of Anon-A-Miss started to appear online, posting everyone's secrets. Everyone starts to blame Sunset and quickly resort to bullying to remind her how she was back in her "reign of terror". The worst part? Even her friends don't believe her.

Meanwhile A new student who just arrived in Canterlot High. Someone who isn't from Crystal Prep, but out of state. He soon learns about the whole Anon-A-Miss Chaos, but unlike the others he believes Sunset when she says she's innocent.

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