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What's a better way to start off a summer vacation with a slumber party? Nothing of course. But one night during one at Pinkie's they discover a heart broken 3 year old boy with a dark and tragic past. With no one to take care of him, the Rainbooms decide to take him under thier wing. Soon they find out he's not just any normal three year old. He's one with powers! Unfortunaltey because of that, he is being hunted down by evil forces, so the Mane 7 must do everything they can to protect this little one from getting in harms way.

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"I'll check," Fluttershy volunteered. She went outside and tried to find where the crying was coming from. "Hello?" She asked beginning to get nervous. The sound of crying sounded like it was getting louder. She heard it was coming from the alleyway. Gathering her courage, Fluttershy turned around the corner and what she saw made her gasp.

Um, how did they hear the crying? Alleyways aren't usually near regular houses.

I feel disgusted on what's happening to this poor kid.

Plus, this old cliche/trope is being done to death.

more plz tell me u will finish it

5 Grand that Rosie is a villain

You don't think Chaos is one?

What I meant is the female voice/ surprise villain cliche

Didn’t you write this story before?

Oh yeah on my other accoun but I wanted to do it in a different way

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted September 7th

Today was the first day of Summer vacation. The Mane 7 were excited as they talked about what they would be planning to do for the next three months. They had all passed thier exams. Sunset and Twilight had gotten all As. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie had gotten A's and B's. Rainbow had gotten Cs, but she didn't care. She still passed and that's all that matters.

What about applejack?

The girl on the T.V smiled. "Yes, my inventions are fueled by magical energy from this world. I believe they can and will benefit the humankind."

Is that good or bad?

"If you are watching this, please listen carefully! The little boy you met is my little brother, and he's not just any ordinary human. He's one with powers. But unfortunatley, because of that, they are looking for him. They are intending to exploit his powers and to have him under thier control." The sound of banging could be heard. The girl seemed to be in a hurry to finish up. "Our parents our dead and I can't take care of him any longer because he is no longer safe here. I have tried to help the other kids escape, but it has gotten more risky." The sound of banging could be heard getting louder. "I have to go! Please take care of him! He's the most special boy there is!"

That sounds awesome af.

"I think that's his powers," Rainbow pointed out. "And it's so cool!"

For once I agree.

"I guess his powers come and go at random," Rainbow guessed. "I wonder if he has any others."


can't what? Apply logic to a story? Yes, I can.


It's a long topic. I explained later when I have the chance.

But in short summary, this AIN'T the first story nor it will be the last.

That has:

A. Poor little kids having tragic back stories. And they get adopted by one of the Mane Six, or all of them.

B. Lost their parents/families because of that dark past ( Or worse, having terrible and abusive "parents"/"family". That they run well away, and meet the WAY BETTER parenthood from the Mane Six and other MLP Characters. ).

Or C. having super powers within themselves, that a top secret and corrupt government or other evil forces ALWAYS want to kidnapped them and conduct torturing experiments onto those poor little super powered kids for their dark, greedy, and evil F******* UP desires!!!!!!

:flutterrage: :twilightangry2: :facehoof: :ajbemused:

That’s not what I meant.

You said they couldn’t have heard him cry. Is that true?


Yes! It's true. You probably haven't read or seen a lot of stories much? But, I do exactly from long ago. And believe me, those tropes are actually happened in some stories ( Despite it being morally disgusting. )

I think so at least. I mean they mention him being in an alleyway and like I said regular houses in a neighborhood don't have alleyways and in order to even begin to accept that they heard him, he must have been closed by, though even then it's a stretch. Pinkie does live in a regular house, right?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted September 7th

I probably haven’t.

I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

I know there were multiple rooms shown in rainbow rocks and since Maud was there and not sleeping with the girls there is more than one bedroom. Though, again even if it was an apartment near an alleyway, it's still doubtful they would hear him.

Why would it still be doubtful?

Should’ve beaten his a** when they had the chance.

I find it doubtful they would hear someone crying from still a decent distance outside when inside.

Yeah, you might have a point.

"Yeah! If anyone tries to take you, they have us to deal with!" Rainbow retorted. "Because like you, we also have powers!"

Why tell him that.

"I can make diomand projections," Rarity said and created a little diomand show for Berry as he giggled with glee.

Wait, that’s her power?

Applejack gave her a warning glare. "It's very dangerous for someone like Berry to go at ten thousand miles per hour!"

Ten thousand?

"So you into the science magic, is that right?" Rarity asked.

Science magic?

If chaos is gonna bring back up, then they better be good back up.

I want the smoke with chaos.

I feel like so many people made so many mistakes in this chapter.

"That's a great question, Berry. How did Chaos find us?" Fluttershy wondered too. "You don't think Rose has something to do with it, do you?"

They don’t think it was the bird?

Fluttershy thought for a while and told him, "If you want, you can come with me," she told him.

Wouldn’t it be better if he stayed with rainbow dash, applejack, or twilight?

Fluttershy looked up from her plate. "Oh, he can move objects around without making contact with them."


Invisibility? Not bad.

So I guess it was a good and bad thing that he was sent to fluttershy.

The only way I could see them successfully kidnapping berry is plot.

"I suggest the little one here spends the night in different houses. It'll be harder for them to track him down."

Like they did with sunset?

Aria gave Sonata a 'Are you fucking retarded?' face. "Yes, Sonata, we give them the fucking gun so they can shoot us," she said sarcastically. Chaos ignored Sonata and continued on. "Here's another in case you need it." He handed them another pistol.

I wouldn’t mind.

"Those seven girls you saw at the beach? They are going to spoil and ruin my plans! I need you to dispose all of them!"

"That won't be a problem," Chaos said with no emotion. He hung up.

He must be cocky if he thinks that’s possible.

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