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This story is a sequel to Rekindled Embers

Thanks to the efforts of Emberglow, her fellow Elements, and all who stood against tyranny, the twisted heart of the Holy Equestrian Diarchy was exposed and expunged. Some time has passed since then, and all the creatures of the land have settled into a new normal. While there are those who still cling to their old fear and hatred, the seeds of change have been planted in the hearts of many who once blindly followed a bigoted faith. Others have already embraced peaceful coexistence, following Emberglow’s example.

But sudden, unfathomable arrivals trigger a seismic shift, upending what everypony thought they knew and threatening to undo everything Emberglow and company achieved. Can they uncover the real truth once again and protect Equestria? Or will renewed violence and conquest sweep across the entire world under the purview of those who would claim absolute power?

Preread by Celestilune, LysanderasD, and the inspiring applezombi
Cover Art by JodTheCod

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Chapters (2)

Step into the oppressive world faced by the lower classes of the Holy Equestrian Diarchy—not under the shielded protection of nobility or wealth in New Canterlot City, and exposed to injustices faced by everypony else.

The imposing system had thrown many a youth away, but Indium Indigo had a cause.

A cause he would die for.

The candle flickered.

Although set in the universe of Rekindled Embers authored by applezombi, no knowledge of that universe is required to enjoy the story. Besides, this story occurs decades to years before Rekindled Embers. Thanks to Celestilune, iAmSiNnEr, TerribleSpeller, ExaltedFiction, SmokyFlare, Seriff Pilcrow, et al. for pre-reading and editing, on both Discord servers, namely Angel's Rest and Advisors' Cove.

Thanks to the talented Smiley Hexagon for the cover art.

Chapters (9)

What better basis for a romance than casual undead acquaintanceship during the snowpocalypse?

Rated Teen due to mild violence. Nothing graphic.

Written for Applezombi for Jinglemas 2022

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder, LuckyChaosHooves, and Nailah

Inspired by the movie Warm Bodies

Chapters (6)

A collection of stories centered around different parts of Saddle Arabian culture. The first two were written for the Quills and Sofas speedwriting server, but I may publish more if I feel inspired!

Chapters (2)

Chamomile isn't a train conductor. She isn't an engineer, either. She's just a widow taking care of her lonely Bridlewood tea shop and disabled son. Yet, when she receives word of a job opportunity from the newly instituted Equestrian Railroad Company, asking for ponies to extend the railroad to a forgotten realm in the Frozen North, she is intrigued. Perhaps such a place holds the key to changing her son's life for the better.

This simple task is colored by the group she's paired with: a reserved unicorn, a gung-ho pegasus, and an earth pony no less burdened than herself. As they journey forward, she'll find they bring out sides of her long since buried, and new sides altogether—not least the earth pony, whom Chamomile finds herself growing inexplicably closer to.

It'll be up to her how to react to this change—and what kinds of memories she wants to make.

This story is complete, and will be updated every Tuesday and Friday.

My eternal gratitude to all of my pre-readers and editors who, with all their various contributions, comments, and concerns, helped me bring out the best in this story:
Stinium Ruide
Ghost Mike

Little Tigress provided the cover art. Their deviantart can be found at this link. Thank you so much!

This story was written and revised to be set during the Tell Your Tale YouTube Series and after the Make Your Mark special, and as such, departs from the Make Your Mark series. That said, I have tried to make it so that watching either the special or the series is not necessary to understand the story's contents.

Chapters (20)

A bat pony shows Twilight a hidden world - she only needs to listen.

This story was written in just over an hour, and took first place in a Quills and Sofas speedwriting competition.

Chapters (1)

There's a tension in Twilight and Rarity's relationship, one that they've danced around and only now are brave enough to address head on.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event! Sorry I'm late.

Consider giving something to those who need it most.

Chapters (4)

“Hey, Rainbow?”


“Are we gay?”


Written on a whim after a weird dream and a bout of insomnia. I am not sorry.

Now with a reading.

Chapters (1)

A mysterious dream. A powerful artefact. And a great ocean, filled with strange experiences and stranger folks.

The sky is wide and the sea is boundless. Applejack sets sail, and nothing can stop her in her quest.

Preread by AFanaticRabbit. CoverArt by Shaslan.

Chapters (24)