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Twilight Sparkle wakes up deep into the night to an empty, cold bed, something she wasn't used to at this time of the night, so she decides to see where her partner could be, only to find a series of notes that lead her to a pleasant surprise.

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This story is a sequel to The Right Gift Of Love

It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville once again! Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been dating for three years now, and Rainbow has been nervous about this anniversary. The two have seemed to grow apart now that she has been apart of the Wonderbolts and Applejack takes care of the farm. Will she be able to keep their relationship together? Or will it be a final goodbye?

AppleDash one-shot!
This is the sequel of Right Gift of Love. Feel free to read that before this!
Rated Teen for some swearing and girlxgirl themes (mainly just kissing).

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Both Applejack and Rainbow come home late and talk about their day. Neither actually listens.

Contains unrepentant AppleDash.

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Doomie, like most of his brothers, hasn't eaten in a while.
So, when a random pink pony asks for him to "do her"
and intercourse love is the tastiest kind of love out there,
and the pony herself looks pretty pretty:
How could he refuse?

Author's diary: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR diary. There is not enough Doomie pie fanfics out there....That is all.

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Applejack is willing to make sacrifices for Rarity and herself in Seaddle, but that may be put to the test when she has to wear Rarity's couture.

Editing Assistance from Miss Spectrum

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WARNING! This fic has a strong centre on pregnancy. If you do not like reading about pregnancy, do not go further.

I was a normal 22-year-old brony, with a job, who wrote and read mlp fanfictions whenever he could.

Like most bronies, I've always wondered what it would be like to go to Equestria, either as myself or as a pony.

However, never in my wildest dreams did i think i would go to sleep in my bed and wake up in Equestria as a cream-yellow Pegasus.

not only that, but, apparently, I've got a surprise my new body is yet to show me

Rated teen and Sex tag for sexual references

Images from here, here and here

Featured 25/4/2014

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After their short-lived training at Rainbow Falls, Fluttershy and Ditzy Doo get to talking on the way home. Ditzy at first thinks nothing of it, but as time wears on and she sees more of her fellow mare, she can barely think of anything else.

A story that I hope to be ongoing and run for quite a while.

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You've probably been anticipating this for a while now, and here it is; the sequel to How I Met Derpy.
As the proud parent alongside Derpy, I've taken up the task of recording the life of my daughter, Snow Cloud, as she begins school. Here's the life of my little filly as she struggles in everyday life in her conquest to make friends and learn her special talent.
Guess stars in this story:
Pen Stroke's Nyx from Past Sins (she's adorable).
Lowell (AKA Valentine-crin).
Lightningstorm740 (Her real name is Megan. She is an excellent writer in my opinion. Check out her page. She even has more followers than I as proof of being good at what she does).
Gage (though you all may know him as Dovahbrony).
Finally, there's the famous Derpy Hooves (her character tag isn't there because you can only put a maximum of 5 character tags).
Story now with new cover art!

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Yep. It's true. I live in Equestria now. Ever since a few days ago. It started with Derpy Hooves, who fell through a hole and landed in an alleyway on her head. I found her, and some interesting things happened since then, and this is the story that tells all.
(Warning: tagged teen for mild swearing, suggestive themes, and a lovestruck Derpy).
WARNING: a sequel will be here soon for those of you who love this one. The link will be below this edit here when it's online and posted and all the formalities.
Edit: THE SEQUEL IS UP!!! YAY!!! To go to the sequel, click here.

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A new pony moves to ponyville to start fresh and begin a new life.

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