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The window through which we perceive life is what defines our experience of it. We are only aware of a small fraction of what our senses pick up. We can all choose how we see the world.


Applejack is willing to make sacrifices for Rarity and herself in Seaddle, but that may be put to the test when she has to wear Rarity's couture.

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Congrats on the popular story! I thought the fic was cute :heart:

5460750 Thank you! :heart:

Now me normally being an Appledash fan O:......... 10 outta 10 O: ~quack~

5464106 Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

5464119 O: at first I was like boop..but then it was like beep ;D

Very cute story! Applejack has a knack for modeling it seems. :ajsmug:

5482944 Glad you enjoyed it, makes me feel warm inside. :rainbowkiss:

5500713 I'm glad you liked it! :heart:

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