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Love to write for both fitness and recreation. Perhaps others will enjoy my scribblings.

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Follow along as Celestia and Luna journey from their humble beginnings and rise to become the rulers of a new nation. They will face many challenges as they work together to keep peace in Equestria; Discord will come to power, Luna will discover the bat ponies, and Celestia will face her worst fear in the end. How much can two sisters handle?


This story is meant to be in line with the history laid out by canon (as close as possible anyway) along with the additions from my other story, Learning To Live Again. You don't have to read the other story to understand this one. If you have read it, you may notice some details Celestia and Luna didn't divulge. I hope you enjoy my take on the early years of Equestria's first rulers.

Chapters (11)

One changeling was left in Equestria after the attack at the Royal Wedding. He got lost in the Everfree Forest, barely surviving the harsh environment. When he’s finally discovered, it will take Twilight, her friends, and even Celestia and Luna to show him that there is life beyond the changeling hive. Follow Shade on his journey through light and darkness as he learns to embrace his inner strength and become more than he ever thought possible.

This is a complete rewrite of Taken In. There are major differences from the original, but I hope you enjoy it!

Chapters (50)

Shade was nearly dead when he was discovered by his former pony enemies. Now he will begin a journey that will teach him what it means to live, laugh, and love as only a pony can. And he’ll make plenty of friends along the way.

A full rewrite is underway as well. You can check out Learning To Live Again and see Shade’s story play out differently.

Chapters (32)

Scootaloo reveals to her friends that she has a family. But she doubts they'll like who her sister is.

Chapters (9)

Discord lounges around Canterlot Castle without a thing to do. A reformed life has taken every surprise out of life. Until Celestia drops the bomb on him: He has a daughter. And what's more is that Celestia wants him to reunite with her with Twilight's help.

Chapters (12)
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