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Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened. — Dr Seuss <3

About Me! <3

Username Changed: NysaxStories > serenityx

Name: Nysa :heart:

Birthday: Well, I'll say in February.

Zodiac: Pisces.

Ethnicity: Af American & French.

Fav Show: Duh, MLPEG! I also like PLL & Free Rein.

My (fav) Ships: SciSet, SunLight, SunFlash, SunPie, SunDash, & SunFlower

Fav Genre: Romance! Yet, don't be deceived. I can write dark.

Fav Food: Spaghetti.

Fav Place: The mall, always.

Personality: Sweet, generous, laughable, shy, loving, caring; I can be... sassy...

Dislikes: Cockiness, immature manners and unneeded criticism.

I Have A Insta: NysaEditx


She's Back! · 4:31am August 5th

Thank you all for your kind words over my last post. I really appreciate everything you guys said, no matter if it was in a comment or DM. Love you all. <3

Anyways, enough of that. I know what you're here for. Story updates! xD

Dearest of Desires is now off hiatus and the next chapter will either be posted tomorrow or Tuesday.

- Nysa

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serenityx -Story Guide · 6:36am January 12th

Here is my Story Timeline!

(Lastly Updated: 7-25-19)

-As I write more stories, this will be helpful so you won't be confused about which stories are connected with which. It can be confusing as I only write about Sunset. Haha... I think I have an obsession...

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No problem! Loved them! <3

Thanks for the faves!

Thanks ;D I try my best. Comment on the ones you like most. comments and likes really hope keep me motivated

No problem! Love your work. <3

thanks for following

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