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Sup, I'm a 19 year old geek and a virgin Filipino guy irl... Luna Is Best Pony...... *chuckles* A college student studying psychology, and thinks his a modern hippie.


Introduction & Some stuff needed to be cleared · 7:30am Jun 15th, 2018

Hey! It's me, THEGRAYJEDIWHOWASAGEEK, now I swear you guys, this is really me, I just taught of restarting all over again with a new account. And I am fully aware that some of the things I'm writing now would come off as redundancy *sigh*. Welp!!! I am still going to finish "Don't mess with his loyal subjects" just.... Uhh... I am real sorry if it was deleted, I promise I'll make it up, I really want to do this, the changing of stuff, I'll redo it all, and as an added bonus, I'm gonna try to

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Thanks for faving The Griffin Chronicle! When you can, could you possibly tell me what do you like/dislike about it? And if you haven't, please leave a comment and like if you enjoy!

As I've said, I would like to borrow some concepts on "A long way from home" and make use of them on a story I am currently in the works, and has been for a very long time..... stupid procrastination and other distractions... grumble grumble......

And I need some one to be my editor/proofreader....
Oh woe is me... sigh

Yeah, the relationship is intensified over time between him and luna. And i dont mind if you take some concepts from it, in any case im honored. Let me know what you're making out of them!

Yeah, still stuck on ep1 of "A Long way from home" and hey would it be alright with if a borrow a few concept from said story, I hope there's gonna be some shipping, like Jake and Luna in a romantic relationship

Hey Jedi! Thanks a TON for the fav on my story! I really hope you enjoy it. If you've already started it, let me know what is your favorite part so far! :rainbowkiss:

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