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Wendy A Crescent

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Hi there and welcome to my page, my little angels!

I’m Wendy Crescent and I scribble stuff and things on the internet. I've been writing My Little Pony fan fiction for almost three years now, although some of those have never really seen the light of day. Some I have even had to remove from Fimfiction by me because I think they could have been better and so will eventually rewrite them entirely.

My primary reason for writing is to entertain, enlighten or simply offer my own view to others. But primarily it’s to entertain and hopefully make other people smile because of my writing. I love hearing from people that what I wrote brought a smile to them or just made a shitty day even marginally better for them.

“So… do you write anything other than write pastel pony smut?”

Well I do. I want to focus on my real passion which is writing. Yes. I want to become a writer. This means eventually writing other things alongside MLP: FIM fan fiction. That is not to say I will stop writing about pastel coloured ponies, I love it too much. I have recently started working on my first actual novel that I am hoping to get published. I have no title yet but I have a rough idea of what I want it to be. Which is like quite a few of my recent stories. Safe, Sane, and Consensual BDSM. Which might interest you people that enjoyed my contributions to the Clocktower Society setting.

For the moment that means that I am working two jobs essentially. Officially I work for a Dutch web design company that specialises in online learning solutions, although that consists mostly of simply implementing applications and doing bug fixes. (Yes, it is as creatively bankrupt as it sounds.) This isn't something I want to do for the rest of my life, as you can imagine.

If you made it this far then thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day.

Wendy Crescent

Social Media Links and Stuf:

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I'm Reopening Commissions · 1:49am July 14th

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I was in the proper head space of doing this. I am opening up 2 spots for short story commissions.

My Rules:

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission without giving a reason. No means no.
  • I will not write anything that I find viscerally disgusting or that I find personally objectionable.
  • I will not be taking novel(la) length projects.

Read More

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You gonna go back to continue Life of a Songbird?

Where can we find the rest of Equestria Aegis?

Thx for the follow :twilightsmile:

Sorry I didn't notice earlier, my notification bar is a daily mess :pinkiecrazy:

Hey Wendy Crescent can you do one with a zebra kidnaps twilight and makes her a broodmare.

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