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The day had started out so well, shelter was found and even prey. Life was looking up for her pack in this new home in the wild untamed Everfree Forest. That was until ponies discovered their presence. Time to show them who owned the forest.

Setting: This story is actually set in the Clocktower Society setting. (Even though it does not take place inside the tower.)
Cover Art by: The lovely Manifest Harmony!
Big thanks to my editing team for giving this a well needed pass: Fuzzy Fabricator, Seraphem

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Ponies have asked Princess Celestia one question above all others over the generations. It has taken many forms, many directions, but the true question is always the same. "What does a Goddess fear?" It is not a question any of them expect to truly be answered, and none thus far have understood her answer.

She is Princess Celestia Arc De La Equestria, The Undimmed Monarch of Equestria, and she only fears three things.

She fears each day for the safety and happiness of her little ponies. She fears for the loss of those she loves, consumed by time's eternal march. Most of all, she fears a small purple unicorn. Brilliant as her own sun, curious, inquisitive, and bearing a charisma to rise all Equestria to her side. A mare that Celestia fears accepting as much if not more than denying. A mare that was standing outside the door to Celestia's private chambers, with a question upon her lips that could topple an empire.

This story takes place in the down time between season 1 and 2. As such Twilight Sparkle is not yet an alicorn and has only been living in ponyville for roughly a year.

Co-Written by:
* Chosen Heart
Cover Art:
Once more by the lovey and super awesome Manifest Harmony :heart:
* Fuzzy Fabricator
Cuddles, Cuteness, romance, no sex

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Princess Celestia the immortal ruler of Equestria drowned herself in her work after her sister’s banishment to the moon, for a thousand years she sacrificed any semblance of a personal life to focus on the well being of her little ponies in order to forget the heartache she was going through.

But with the return of her sister Luna there is not enough to lose herself in, and a thousand years worth of unresolved issues and emotions start to catch up; Celestia finds herself to be increasingly alone, her sister being nocturnal, Twilight moving to Ponyville, Cadance moving to the Crystal Empire with the captain of her guard. She tries catch up on a thousand years of her long lost past times like poetry and painting; it all feels incredibly empty and devoid of any form of joy or sense of accomplishment.

Enter Starsong, a former priestess of the Unicorn Temple, and raw recruit within Luna's Night Guard. She is offered a position as Celestia’s Seneschal by Princess Luna, with the motives of offering something that Celestia desperately needs in her life, a friend who won't abuse the princess' position for their own personal gain.

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Part of the Equestria Aegis alternate universe

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