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Ponies have asked Princess Celestia one question above all others over the generations. It has taken many forms, many directions, but the true question is always the same. "What does a Goddess fear?" It is not a question any of them expect to truly be answered, and none thus far have understood her answer.

She is Princess Celestia Arc De La Equestria, The Undimmed Monarch of Equestria, and she only fears three things.

She fears each day for the safety and happiness of her little ponies. She fears for the loss of those she loves, consumed by time's eternal march. Most of all, she fears a small purple unicorn. Brilliant as her own sun, curious, inquisitive, and bearing a charisma to rise all Equestria to her side. A mare that Celestia fears accepting as much if not more than denying. A mare that was standing outside the door to Celestia's private chambers, with a question upon her lips that could topple an empire.

This story takes place in the down time between season 1 and 2. As such Twilight Sparkle is not yet an alicorn and has only been living in ponyville for roughly a year.

Co-Written by:
* Chosen Heart
Cover Art:
Once more by the lovey and super awesome Manifest Harmony :heart:
* Fuzzy Fabricator
Cuddles, Cuteness, romance, no sex

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

so is this a one shot o are there to be more chapters

hope to see more


This is definitely not a one shot, there will be more! Although I am not sure about the rate of chapter releases considering this is being written with someone else.

8088697 ah cool just the way you ended it and the authors notes made it seem like that was it

8088783 Oh thanks for pointing that out, I should probably edit the authors note a little (I copied the bottom part of it for all the names and forgot to change the short story part x3


Oh my goodness, this fic was so... gooey is the best word I can think of :rainbowlaugh:

I'd groan and facepalm at every sappy line... all with a bug dumb grin on my face.

Nice job!

So much adorableness​ packed into a single chapter. I have the widest grin on my face.

Your chapter image is broken.


"They're lovely, Twilight. I will plant them in the gardens once they begin to dry, so that I can appreciate them longer." She said.

When characters are talking, it should look like this:

"They're lovely, Twilight. I will plant them in the gardens once they begin to dry, so that I can appreciate them longer," she said.

I've never seen that way hailed as correct before, so I thought I'd point that out.

F L U F F :pinkiehappy::heart:

Do you know when the next chapter will be released? Have you already started it? Just a question not meaning to rush but seriously I loved this chapter it was so disgustingly cute and cheesy. This chapter had so many utterly adorable 'aww' moments!:twilightblush::heart:


I need to do 600 more words today

It wasn’t the first time tonight she found herself standing here, before this startlingly intimidating door. The first time, she had an excuse. She wasn't feeling ready. The second, she had 'forgotten' flowers. She pinned her ears back and sighed a little. Leaving once more crossed her mind – that is, until the sound of knocking reached her ears. She stared, dumbfounded, at her traitorous hoof! Really, now of all moments it decided to comply and knock!?

Twilight has been betrayed! Not by her friends, not by her teacher, not even by background ponies... no she has been betrayed by her own hoof!

OMG yass! So hyped, bet it's gonna be great. Can't wait for it to come out. Glad you're continuing it. See you next chapter!:raritystarry::heart:

1 year anniversary? :0

I loved the first chapter, please continue.

Aww, this was shaping up to be a great story. I’m sad to see it cancelled. Hopefully there will be other Twilestia stories from you, if there’s plans for those?

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