• Published 17th Jan 2016
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Celestial Starsong - Wendy A Crescent

Starsong former unicorn priestess, and recruit in Luna's nightguard is offered a position as Celestia’s Seneschal by Princess Luna, with the motives of offering something that Celestia desperately needs: a friend.

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Celestial Starsong

You taught me how beautiful life is,
Everything from your words, your touch, your kiss.
You gave me hope, you gave me love,
And I know you were sent from heaven above.”
- Autumn Delight


Oh mother… I wish someone would hold me like that, Celestia thought to herself letting out a wistful sigh; she lazily turned the page with her golden magical aura. She was laying on top of her rather luxurious queen size bed, dressed in her favourite off white silken nightgown. While reading she idly kicked her delicate feet in the air, a small blush crept onto her cheeks as the novel’s tone slowly shifted to a saucier, adult subject matter. Oooh… I wouldn’t mind that either.

It would be a lie to say that Celestia did not long for the intimacy described on those pages, with another small sigh she pulled the small pillow close to her chest as she scanned the pages with her magenta eyes; her aurora hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, lacking the usual flow and lustre now that the winds of magic were not playing with it.

The smile slowly shifted to a little grin as she kept reading; finally managing to lose herself in the fantasy of being the lead character of said literary work, the common servant girl whose life was sent into a veritable hurricane when she got to know her princess in a more personal way. A small whimper and then a frustrated huff escaped her lips as she sent the novel flying across the room, until it hit the sturdy oak double doors. Throwing herself onto her back; she groaned out her frustration quite loudly, she pulled the fluffy pillow closer to her chest staring up at the white roof. She clutched the pillow even closer to chest as her eyes slowly closed.

“Princess, are you alright?” A guard called from beyond the door, his normally stoic tone betraying genuine worry for the eldest of the nation.

“I’m fine.” She replied with an exasperated sigh, annoyance clearly present in her normally radiant and motherly voice.

Celestia nuzzled into the soft fluffy pillow, wrapping herself into the thick blanket and curling around the pillow as if she was spooning with another person. Letting out a final sigh she allowed her mind to wander to a time where she was closer to her people, where she could have left the castle without anyone dropping to their knees and worshipping her as a goddess. Or the time after her sister’s banishment where she didn’t have the time for such things as reading or even entertaining the thoughts of romantic companionship; she always had the convenient excuse of running a country all on her own for a thousand years.

That all changed though with her sister’s return, joyous as it might have been to her in the moment; the first weeks or rather months had been the best of her life. She had time to pamper herself, catching up on a thousand years of her old hobbies such as painting and poetry which at the time she had considered a blessing; looking back on it though she cursed it all. Not the return of her sweet beloved little sister Luna, but as the months turned to two years the pleasure she felt in her art, poetry, and music felt entirely meaningless as the realisation registered of just how alone she had become. Her only real social company who did not carry any ulterior motives these days was her sister Luna, her faithful student Twilight Sparkle, and niece her, Cadance.

Sure she had nights where she had felt alone in the thousand years of her rule, though it was easier to push those aside back then; Running a country all by yourself offered too much to worry about… made it easy to drown out the sorrow and pain. She had essentially caused herself to be so tired that upon coming into her room she would just pass out from fatigue rather than having any amount of free time.

Celestia heaved a shuddering sigh, why is it that everyone these days only wants my attention for their own ends… She thought to herself, pulling the pillow closer, threatening to almost snap it in half, and then it happened she let out a choked sob. She bit her lip trying to fight back the tears, though it was impossible to stop the ensuing flow of warm tears over her cheeks; fighting it with all her might, and suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of her own pent up emotions they flowed forth after years of repression. After years of smiling at everyone and saying things like: ‘I’m fine’ and ‘everything is going to be okay’.

Princess Celestia, Diarch of the Day, Mother to every one of her subjects finally allowed years of repression to catch up with her; finally submitting to the break down her choked sobs devolving into unrestrained sobbing, staining the pillow she couldn’t have held any tighter to herself with her sorrowful tears.

Unbeknown to her sister though, Luna stood in front of the door a hand raised to knock, a knock that had never fallen on the door. It was interrupted by pure shock as she, and the guards could clearly hear her sisters sorrowful crying; the sound of countless years of repressed emotions forcing themselves to the surface broke Luna’s heart. Sister… I wish she would confide in me… She thought to herself, her horn illuminating, casting a sound dampening shell on her sister’s room to give her at least some privacy.

Luna looked at each of the guards in turn, frowning for a moment as she whispered gently “Thee both hath heard nothing, we shall handle this and we doth not wish scuttlebutt among the ranks.” Her voice was as stern and unyielding as her gaze, making both men shrink back away from the smaller woman.

“Y-yes Princess!” they answered in choir, neither of them daring to move an inch.

“Good, carry on then.” Luna said, turning on her heels to slowly march away and leaving the two day guards to look at each other communicating without the need for words. Luna sighed heavily as she walked along the hallway her eyes half lidded thy sister is feeling alone, how do we… I help her, Luna thought to herself.

“Why not plant someone to try and make friends with her?” a voice whispered into her ear, causing the lunar princess to jump in fright. Casting a glance over her shoulder she stood Face to face with a tall thin man with salt and pepper hair, he wore a brown suit giving her the appearance of a proper gentleman. “Discord…” Luna sighed out softly “You’re the last person I wish to see right now.”

“On the contrary I have a foolproof idea, if you’re willing to indulge me… one chance Lulu is all I ask for!” He said, offering a hope filled smile at the princess of the Night.

She sighed, deeply “Fine, one chance, Discord but no funny business!” she said, in a flat and even tone.

“Oh you’re no fun Luna. Very well. What dear Princess Celestia needs is a friend, preferably with the same interests.” He said, matter of factly looking at Luna with a small grin on his lips, watching as understanding dawned on her; although that is not what caught his interests. Rather the horror of him being right was quite amusing to observe.


Panic, overwhelming panic; that was what Starsong was feeling. Walking through the castle’s hallways with a heavy heart and a sense of impending dread running through her system, marching towards the princess Luna’s personal chambers was probably the most intimidating thing she has ever done, and possibly ever will do.

“Why me… what would the Princess require of my, I’m not even of any rank… I’m just a recruit…” she mumbled to her sled with a small little whine to her voice, the young recruit shuddered to think what she might have done wrong… that is until it hit her. I struck… silver last night… oh goddess no I'm going to be sent to the dungeons! She thought to herself allowing the panic to take over the more rational side of her mind.

Her eyes fell onto the double door leading to the princess’s private room; the instinct to flee overcame her almost instantly. Her eyes closed as she forced herself to walk forwards towards the door now allowing instinct to overcome her. “I… will face my sentence.” She said firmly.

Approaching the door she rapped on it with a firm hand, standing at attention the moment it opened “Starsong reporting as ordered.” She said, her voice quivering with terror as she looked into a pair of azure eyes, those stern eyes belonging to the person she was so dreading to see, even though she stood at the same height and had a massive grin on her lips.

“Starsong co- by mother you are looking like a deer staring at a stampede… please calm down dear you’re not in any sort of trouble.” Luna said with a small chuckle as she motioned Starsong inside towards a simple table set with a few papers and a large pot of coffee.

“T-thank you Princess, that is good to hear.” She smiled just a little as she took the seat that was indicated to her.

Starsong’s lips curling into a slightly calmer smile, now that she knew this meeting was not anything negative or a wrongdoing on her part.

“So… recruit Starsong.” Luna grinned as she leapt into the pillow across from her, crossing her legs, her gaze turned more serious. She leaned forwards, using her magic to pour each of them a cup of coffee. “So I called you here, my dear because you’re one of the younger guards.”

“Thank you, Princess.” She smiled and levitated the warm coffee to her lips taking a delicate little sip, letting out a small content sigh, her eyes closing. “But why am I good enough, Princess? Is there not a more experienced guard more capable…” she asked curiously.

“Not really my dear, you see what I have in mind requires someone less stoic than the average guard.” She said with a small grin, “You see my sister… feels alone, cut off from others as her guard is quite distant from her, unlike my children, I mean my night guard.” She grinned a little at calling the bat-like night guard her children.

“I… I see what is it you wish me to do for the princess though, Princess?” she asked with an arched eyebrow, seeming definitely curious about the matter.

“Well… her seneschal is going to retire soon, you, if you accept will take his place. And I want you to be more than her assistant, I want you to try and become her friend my dear Starsong, do you think you can do that?” Luna asked softly, sipping her coffee with quite a bit of greed behind it, her azure eyes intently locked with Starsong’s piercing blue eyes.

“I… think I could manage that Princess, but your sister… has quite the reputation for being a Prankster at the Academy.” She said arching her eyebrow for a moment, sipping her hot beverage in a slower refined manner.

Luna let out a small little sigh, and nodded ever so gently to Starsong. “Yes, she fancies herself quite the joker; but trust me my dear once you get past it she is quite charming and sweet… it just takes some effort.”

“Alright Princess, you have a deal, I accept.” Starsong smiled as she offered her hand to Luna with a small grin. “Could you, introduce me to her then, Princess?”

“I can... yes young one, just a final thing before we do that; I want you to talk to me, after you’ve spent time with her… I worry about Celestia.” She smiled a little wistfully as she slowly slips closer to Starsong. “Don’t tell anyone this but… Celestia has been really depressed as of late she needs someone to be close to her without seeking to gain social status.”

Starsong nodded slowly, offering Luna a delicate smile “Why me though? What makes me so special?”

“You’re a temple born girl, Starsong; you have been taught that others do not exist for the advancement of your status, you respect others too much.” She softly grinned at her finishing her Coffee. “Shall we?” she smirked offering the other woman a hand.


Celestia let out a small sigh as she crawled out of her luxurious bed, her eyes catching sight of herself in the mirror. She softly groaned as she saw how red and puffy her eyes were. Although she didn’t pay it attention more than acknowledging that she had once again cried herself to sleep, something that was becoming routine to her.

She slowly stalked into the bathroom, taking the time to wash her face with a light soap, before applying her make-up for the day; much like she did every day to hide the raw red skin, ensuring none of her subjects would ever see through her calm, loving facade.

Stepping back into her room she took in a deep breath; keeping it in for a while before releasing it, levitating a pitcher of water towards one of her cups and filled it up to the bring. Taking a deep sip from the glass she nodded gently “I can do this… it’s a Sunday and I have nothing planned; I… I will play music today maybe that will be a better outlet.” She allowed herself a smile as she slowly sat onto her pillow.

Levitating the plain silvered harp into her lap she allowed her fingers to gently caress along the strings, filling the room with the soft gentle melody, a song as ancient as the castle she resided in now. It was a slow emotional piece on its own; only amplified by the feelings of her first lover that had written the piece for them.

Celestia couldn’t help but allow herself a smile as she played the song, feeling the same butterflies in her stomach as she did the moment her beloved played that song for her, closing her eyes she was suddenly back in the past watching her face light up in joy at Celestia playing their song.

It didn’t last long though, as a knock on the door shook her from reminiscing about the past. Celestia sighed softly, steeled herself and called “it’s open, enter” in a more neutral tone than she had hoped it’d be. Her smile only slightly returned as she saw her sister walk in, followed by a unicorn woman of a similarly short stature as her sister.

Celestia stared at the blond woman for a moment taking in her looks with a gentle and even fond smile; from her blond hair with plating highlights to her simple white robes. Her chest was covered by a simple silvered breast plate, which didn’t match her day guard at all. In fact silvered armour was the signature of Luna’s night guard. She locked eyes with the girl’s ice blue orbs, and blushed as she realised she’d been caught staring.

“Celestia, are you listening to me?” Luna said with the ghost of a giggle to her words as she sat at the table before her sister, motioning the young girl closer. “I wanted to personally introduce your Seneschal’s replacement” Luna smiled a little at her sister, the kind of smile that would normally make Celestia instantly suspicious that she was up to something; this was no exception to that.

“I see Luna; well she looks a bit young. No offence meant.” She said softly, her voice having more of a teasing edge to her tone as she watched Starsong fall in behind Luna, though not taking a seat.

Starsong was, nervous and that was clearly written on her face. The princess of the Day had stared at her, for quite a while she never spared more than a passing glance for guards, “None taken Princess, I… am quite young.” She said, with a smile joy mixed with nervousness clearly audible in her voice, her soft sweet voice.

“Good, now introduce yourself my dear; before my sister finds you rude as well as young.” Luna quipped, with a small snicker.

“I-I'm sorry Princess!” She started off with genuine shock at not having introduced herself, “I-I’m Starsong, still a recruit in Princess Luna’s night guard; I’m a healer from the Unicorn Temple…” she smiled with a slightly embarrassed blush as she introduced herself. “I-I do have the qualifications f-for the position I assure you.” She amended quickly.

She… is kind of adorable; it’d be nice to play a few pranks on her… not to mention she’d make better company than… him. Celestia nodded gently as she observed Starsong for a moment, motioning to the empty pillow, “Please my dear sit, would you like some tea?” She asked with a gentle smile.

Luna’s eyes went wide as she noticed the devious nature of Celestia’s grin, shaking her head ever so slightly she said “Sister, I take it then by that smile I have selected an appropriate candidate?”

Celestia only nodded as she levitated over a cup for Starsong, filling it up with tea, and a single lump of sugar.

“T-thank you Princess, you’re very kind.” She smiled gently as she accepted the tea, not noticing the shift in the ambient magic around her cup; she slowly used her magic to stir the warm liquid with a gentle smile.

“Please, don’t thank me it’s my pleasure.” Celestia said with an edge to her voice that Starsong couldn’t place, but the princess sounded happy so she didn’t pay it anymore mind that she needed to, sipping her tea made her freeze; it was salty. Not wanting to be rude though she put on a smile, much to the amusement of Luna and Celestia.

Luna stood up with a little giggle, winking at Starsong mouthing the words ‘she got you’. “Sister, I will see you later on our balcony for the changing of the celestial bodies yes?” She smiled sweetly up at Celestia.

Celestia nodded gently “Indeed sister, try not to forget it like yesterday” Celestia cooed softly, grinning as she managed to elect a blush from her younger sibling.

Meanwhile Starsong simply sipped the tea until she had finished it. Remaining quiet, but not out of sight as there was nowhere to hide from Celestia’s piercing gaze. Which fell on her the moment Luna had left the room.

“You… drank the tea?” She said Celestia looked both worried and amazed at the same time at the young woman’s determination; a small smirk crept onto her lips.

“Yes, Princess” she smiled; she couldn’t help but smile as she watched the amusement dance in her princess’ eyes. “That song you were playing, before we entered; it was, beautiful.”

Celestia looked stunned for a moment, she’d never been complimented by one of her guards before, and she allowed herself a small smile and bowed her head much like an artist would. “Thank you little Starsong, that means much to me.” She said, a light chuckle playing to her words.

“It… means a lot to you I assume?” she asked with a small curious smile on her lips “There was a lot of emotion behind the music.”

She nodded gently, a flash of sadness visible in her eyes, though that was quickly replaced with an overwhelming fondness as she softly spoke “yes, it was written by my first and last lover, it was our song.” She smiled to the young girl, a little grin crossing her lips.

Starsong nodded, for a moment she didn’t know how to reply, but before she realised she said “That is quite romantic Princess, may I… hear the rest?”

Blinking Celestia nodded slowly “Not, on this day, little Starsong.” Celestia softly said, offering her more tea and an innocent smile “This time… without salt we have your duties to discuss.”

She nodded gently, shifting her disposition just a touch, though to Celestia’s surprise the girl never took on the stoic, distant one her guards always had “Yes, Princess” she said with a distinct fondness to her voice.


A week passed and Starsong found herself becoming more and more accustomed to Celestia’s little pranks, Celestia… she thought since when did that happen, when did I stop thinking of her as princess? Starsong pondered this while standing at that beautiful woman’s side as she held court, doing her task of calling forth petitioners at the princess’ motions, it was a rather easy position to fill… save for one thing, the upcoming charity gala, it had been a nightmare to organise. But she had soldiered through it and everything was set to go in the next coming two days well one if you’d exclude this Friday; she allowed herself a small smile.

Celestia coughed a little, glancing over at her Seneschal, her daydreaming Seneschal it seems. “Starsong, who is next?” she said with a small little smirk, coaxing a stifled giggle from one of the guards.

She blushed deeply as she looked at the list on her clipboard “That was the last one princess, you’re done for the day.” She said with a gentle smile, offering Celestia her hand to help her up out of the throne, she said softly “You… still owe me a match of chess if that pleases you of course, princess.” She said with a teasing edge to her voice Celestia had clearly started to rub off on her.

Celestia chuckles softly, taking Starsong’s hand with a gentle nod rising up from the throne with a playful smirk “That… would indeed please me, Starsong.” Celestia chuckled softly as she led the woman towards the side door in the room with a small grin on her lips “Maybe, this time we can make it a little more interesting?”

“That sounds interesting, Princess?”

“Oh yes! How about the loser must wear some embarrassing outfit.” She giggled softly as she watched Starsong shift uncomfortably; knowing full well that the young Unicorn had no chance of winning if her previous record was anything to go by.

“That is… acceptable Princess” She giggled softly, winking at Celestia “I can live with losing.”

The walk to Celestia’s personal game room passed rather quickly and in relative silence, at most they discussed what a lovely summer afternoon it was, or about their plans for after their little game of chess, which admittedly had become a weekly thing after the last court session.

She’s really fun; I can’t understand why she doesn’t have friends… Starsong thought to herself as she opened the door for the princess with a gentle smile on her lips, making an exaggerated bow, teasing the princess with something she despised more than anything in the world. She smirked a little as the Solar Diarch snorted in mock offence.

“Careful, I might just have to discipline you like the brat you are, Starsong.” She said with an air of authority, that was much too dramatically to be realistic. Shortly after both of them devolved into giggles, as the door was closed the masks came off and they shared a light friendly hug, parting shortly after the moment offering each other a gentle smile.

“Checkmate, little Celestia” Starsong cooed loudly, the overwhelming amount of glee in her voice was perhaps slightly offensive if they had been in any formal setting, either way though Celestia sat there with a stunned look on her face, her magenta eyes locked with those striking ice blue eyes. She noticed something about them that moment a certain confidence that she’d never noticed in her before, normally the girl had been reserved and cautious. Smiling happily Celestia flexed her wings for a short moment.

“Very well Starsong, you’ve won what is the embarrassing outfit that I have to wear?” Celestia asked with a clearly feigned sound of resignation in her voice, doing her best to hide away the undertones of excitement in her voice. It had been ages since she’d had this much fun after losing.

“Ooh, princess you’re going to hate me” She whispered softly, “I… want to see you in one of the castle maid outfits.” Starsong gave Celestia and almost predatory grin as she sat there, hands in her lap taking in the look of genuine shock on her newly made friends face.

Celestia was caught off balance; I had expected something like that from Luna, but Starsong? Never in a thousand years has anyone been so… brazen… she thought. She smiled but that smile slowly turned into a devious little grin. “That can most certainly be arranged, my little Starsong.” Celestia whispered in a playful tone, signalling that she was planning something, something almost evil that made Starsong shiver heavily under the magenta gaze.

“That sounds, good princess… but, what’s with that grin? I’m g-going to regret this am I not?” she whispered softly, her confidence slipping as she looked into her princess’ eyes, she shook her head firmly No, I'm not going to let her win! If she’s going to play a prank then let her bring it. Starsong thought to herself, steeling her resolve with a small grin, staring at Celestia eyes filled with determination. “Bring. Your. Worst.” She said.

“Oh, my dear; you’ve no idea what you just asked for.” She whispered gently, raising up to her full height striking an imposing figure by flexing her wings to full span, that is if it wasn’t for the massive playful grin that was plastered on her lips; no that grin was more than just imposing for anyone who knew Celestia on a more personal level and it filled Starsong with a feeling of undiluted dread at what Celestia was planning for her.

In a bold or perhaps stupid move she stood up, grinned at her princess looking her in the eyes as she whispered “I’m ready for anything that you can throw at me Princess.

For a moment there was silence as the two stared at one another, and then Celestia stepped forwards and wrapped Starsong in a gentle hug, her eyes and expression softening as she held her close, “Thank you Starsong. It’s been countless years since anyone ever dared be playful around me.” She sighed out gently, glancing out of the window “I have some personal business to attend to my dear; I will see you tomorrow then? For tea? I will be sure to give you your reward in the evening” she smiled gently.

Starsong nodded gently as she slowly pulled from the hug “Yes Celestia” she confirmed with a certain amount of fondness in her voice. She… is not that bad once you get to know her she thought to herself.


The following day had been entirely uneventful. Starsong busied herself mostly with the final preparations for the Gala that following evening, though it was no more than ensuring everyone knew what they needed to do. She was thankful that the palace staff was as competent as it was and could be trusted with their tasks. It’d be a logistical nightmare to actually run things if they were less than dependable. That all being said though she was glad to finally be done with everything, aside from the usual Saturday tea with Celestia she had been running around the castle all day.

It was now eight in the evening, throughout could as well have been midnight with how Starsong was feeling right now; the only thing on her mind right now was the intimate date she had with her bunk, buck anything else she needed sleep. If only just a short nap, the day had been far too hectic for her liking, she preferred the days where she could simply spend time with the princess rather than run around like a woman possessed.

As she caught sight of the barracks, she steeled herself for what was about to come sighing softly as she pushed the door open she stepped in here goes… she thought to herself as not a second later the first of her male counterparts quipped something along the lines of ‘hey short stuff’ or something. It didn’t quite register anymore she just walked on to her bunk as if nothing was said, although she was sure multiple comments had some her way along similar lines. Reaching her bunk wasn’t hard, although it was at the very end of the room; she fell into it with a small sigh not even bothering to take off her robes of breastplate. Her head on the pillow and arms curling around the blanket she allowed herself to get slightly comfortable, just a few minutes… she thought to herself.

It was cut short though as she caught the distinct scent of, perfume; a particular kind very subdued and easy on the nose but it was still distinctly there, has… someone been sleeping in my bunk? She thought to herself initially thought he moment her eyes opened she noticed the letter. Her eyes shot open all the way as she grasped it, tearing it open she was shocked to find a short and simple note from Celestia in there, dropping it onto her pillow she gulped “D-dinner… with… oh Goddess…” were the choice words that she allowed to slip from her mouth, to the surprise from the other guards in the room.

Ten seconds was all it took, to take off her robes and breast plate, throw them on the bed and dart into the shower with her supplies while shouting “I'M GOING TO BE LATE!” A quick shower and frantic preparations later she had some semblance of proper presentation, even though her make-up was light, and her hair was simply styled as it normally was; thankfully she could dry it with her magic. She pulled the best dress she had available from her trunk, frowning a little at how simple the ceremonial robes were, the only difference with her duties robes where the gold threaded emblem of her position in the temple as Priestess, and intricate embroidery work on the neck and ends of the sleeves. She finished it off with a pair of white high heels, which was not the smartest idea, though she managed to take off sprinting through the door, letter in hand.

Starsong made her way through the castle rather quickly, managing to arrive at the balcony of the two sisters, only running ten minutes late, slowly approaching the door she took a deep breath in preparation for seeing a disappointed Celestia. What she saw instead though, was a memory for the ages; Celestia sat on one of the pillows, a shy smile on her lips as she heard the doors open by the only woman that could at the moment. Celestia had her hair let down as it were, no ethereal winds seemed to play with it as she sat there the light strands of pink hair where nearly braided and hung over her shoulder, she had a simple make-up on just enough to accentuate her marble skinned beauty.

Starsong felt her heart race as she looked at the image of beauty itself, although that is when she noticed something else something she had not been expecting, her princess was not wearing a fancy dress or any grab that she would have been wearing normally. No, the immortal Mistress of the Sun was wearing the maid uniform of a castle staff member; her smile was shy and reserved. Even after the doors shut and locked behind Starsong she had a bashful smile. “H-hello ma’am” she started, the tone to her voice a mixture between nervous and playful, what she’d been planning seems to have slightly backfired on her, at least Starsong thought that as the princess probably did not want herself to be flustered by it.

“H-hello Celestia” She whispered softly, her eyes locked on the woman with a small little grin, as she noticed the princess was more nervous than her right now. “How has your day been?” she asked coyly, sitting not across from her as she normally would but sitting down besides Celestia with what could only be described as a teasing grin.

Celestia shifted a little uncomfortably as her cheeks burned with embarrassment her wings barely kept restrained in their resting position on her back. “My day has been good, ma’am” she said in an almost bashful way now, seeming intent on remaining in her role no matter what. “I was… scared you would not join me though.” She chuckled gently, standing up hands folded before her, offering Starsong a charming smile.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day it took me a moment to find the letter under my pillow.” She smiled gently as she shifted to look at Celestia the same smile dancing on her lips as she locked eyes with the princess “It… looks good on you.” She complimented trying to sound neutral. Goddess she’s beautiful… so… beautiful… she thought, her mind spinning out of control with thoughts that followed those lines. She couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering the princess’ graceful form her smile growing in size as she took in the woman’s beauty.

“So dinner?” Celestia called, slowly walking over towards the servant’s entrance to the side, slowly pulling a small cart out from around it, starting to set the table with a small playful wink to Starsong, W-why is she not fazed by this… This has never failed making anyone flustered before… Celestia though as a small tendril of fear took hold of her, realising she might be losing her touch as it were, pulling gently at the hem of the short skirt that was part of the maids uniform internally wondering why it was so short.

“Dinner sounds lovely my dear, Celestia” Starsong said with a previously unheard commanding tone to her words, the ghost of a grin playing on her lips. Showing off just how much she was delighting in Celestia’s embarrassment, why shouldn’t I enjoy this…? I won this fairly she thought to herself with a small internal giggle. “You will be joining me I hope my dear maid? ‘T would be a shame to have dinner without charming company.” She said, keeping her tone as serious and even as she could manage, appearing to be fully in control to anyone who would walk in on them.

“That… would be lovely Starsong.” Celestia said with a gentle smile, trying to push past the awkward feelings that were flooding her system ,though the woman’s icy eyes made it impossible she couldn’t get past the feeling of being smaller than Starsong. As she locked eyes with her she caught a glimpse of something, something she couldn’t place in her mind the look of… she shook her head trying to get the thought out of her mind I’m imagining things now… Celestia thought frantically trying to forget the looks she had imagined.

“Calling me by my name now?” Starsong cooed softly as she levitated Celestia’s pillow to besides herself, clearly enjoying teasing the woman Luna has proclaimed the mistress of teasing. “That would still be delightful my dear.” Starsong straightened herself up a little, offering Celestia a small gentle smile throwing her act aside for the moment in lieu of making Celestia feel a little more comfortable. “S-sorry I was having a little fun teasing you Princess, you do look… radiant even dressed as a servant”.

Celestia chuckles a little as she set out the two plates each were bearing a bowl of hot tomato soup, a smile adorning her lips as she sits beside Starsong. “That, is perfectly alright my dear, I… was just expecting you to be more impacted by it is all.” She allowed herself a gentle giggle, taking her spoon in her magical grip. “You… aren’t unfamiliar with having others in such dress are you?” she smiled a little bringing the spoon to her lips with a gentle coo at the taste.

“I can’t either confirm or deny that Celestia” She said with a playful chime to her voice, knowing full well what the sentence implied, but she didn't really mind her friend suspecting that. “Why the dinner though? If I may ask… Candle lit dinner by moonlight? Are you trying to imply a date?” She said, with a certain amount of casualness to her voice, though there was a distinct undertone of being nervous to her words.

“N-no, not like that at least. It’s a thank you to you Starsong… for being my friend.” She said softly with nothing but fondness in her voice, locking eyes with the unicorn once more, offering her a sweet gentle smile.

Starsong smiled broadly at that, leaning in against Celestia’s side in a gentle sideways hug “Thank you Celestia that is very sweet of you.” Starsong barely whispered the words as she felt emotions welling up inside of her, emotions she’d never associate with the princess not in a million years. She could feel a mixture of affection and adoration building inside of her from the hug along. As the soft white wing wrapped around her though she felt it; butterflies fluttering in her belly her heart started to work just a little faster as she looked up at Celestia, looking into those adoring magenta eyes, watching that sweet smile on her lips Starsong felt like she was melting just by being near her.

Quickly she pulled back from the hug, her cheeks flushed with heat as only a single thought ran through her mind. A single phrase that at first shocked her then scared her and finally it cemented itself in her mind. Making her feel almost awkward for a moment as she sneaked another glance at Celestia from the corners of her eyes. She… certainly is radiant… she thought to herself.

The dinner went on in relative silence; the conversation that was there was light and mostly focused on plans before, and during the gala tomorrow. The dinner passed a little too quickly for Starsong’s liking. She stood up slowly and offered her hand to Celestia to help her up with a tender smile on her lips “May I escort you back to your chambers, My Princess?” She said in as courtly a manner as she could.

“I… would like that Starsong.” Celestia chuckled softly as she took the hand, gracefully rising up from her seated position, her horn illuminated and her garment was replaced with a very simple, casual robe. “Best… keep that a treat for only you.” She winked at Starsong with a small little chuckle.

“I don’t know, I think it looked really good on you, Princess” Starsong quipped playfully.


The night was finally there and the gala had started, Starsong found herself at Celestia’s side in the entry hall of the royal palace greeting the Canterlot nobility as they made their entrance, being announced with full ceremony as was customary. She smiled a little proudly as she stood in her formal Priestess Robes, having opted to not wear her armour and instead was allowed, on order of Celestia; to instead present herself as Celestia’s Seneschal. She had demanded to at least be allowed her blade though… which had been summarily denied.

Hands behind her back she stood at what was a mixture between parade rest, and the rest stance she would have while not being part of a ceremony as priestess. She had a radiant smile though even if Celestia wasn’t able to converse with her seeing that the guests took their sweet time trying to get as much time with the princess as possible; clearly trying to win her favour. It would be a lie to say that she didn’t feel slightly jealous at that fact; on another side though she felt helpless she couldn’t throw expensive gifts at her like they were. Those thoughts were pushed to the back of her mind though as she started to formulate a plan, something that’d make the authors of romance novels proud or so she hoped.

She watches as Celestia cast a glance over her shoulder, her expression was friendly and approachable, though her eyes were almost like that of a young filly screaming for help; desperate for a way out. Unfortunately they both knew that was impossible until all guests were accounted for, in a bold move in between guests Starsong took a single step forwards and rested a hand on Celestia’s shoulder giving her a comfortingly, gently squeezing of encouragement.

So passed half an hour, greeting couples of, or single socialites who seemed to clearly shoot Starsong disapproving glares, one even bold enough to ask the princess what a ‘temple brat’ was doing by her side, though the princess had quickly assured the self-proclaimed prince that this temple brat was the best personal guard she could have wished for. Celestia’s Defence of her made her heart flutter again. Not long after that the idea struck her like a lightning bolt, how she would go about telling Celestia her feelings.

The evening’s opening Ceremony was conducted entirely by the royal sisters, and long enough to allow Starsong to slip into the shadows, and excuse herself from the gala for a while to collect a single rose from the Canterlot gardens, using, or rather abusing the skills of stealth she had been taught as a novitiate in the night guard to get away which was for her the heist of the century. Her bounty was a single scarlet rose; she removed the thrones with her magic, and placed it behind her ear with a small grin, as she looked into the mirror with an appreciative nod. “Perfect, now I can give it to her when I get her alone.” She smiled sweetly at the thought of the blushing princess.

Starsong quickly slipped through the shadows of the castle, and returned to the gala to find it had finally started in full, she smiled watching Celestia on the dance floor enjoying… no that was just the mask she had on, she could tell it was forced as she watched her. It all became clear when her partner came into her view she had seen him before, many times in fact; and his reputation was well known to her, seeing an opportunity she slipped onto the dance floor just as the music started to shift to something slower, more romantic.

Starsong smiled at Celestia with a little wink, tapping on Fancy Pants shoulder, bowing just a little as she asked loud and clearly so anyone close could hear her “May I cut in?”

Begrudgingly he stepped aside and shifted partners back to his wife, leaving Starsong to take his place; firmly taking both hands of the taller princess for a moment looking up at her with a gentle smile. A short moment passed before Starsong decided to take the lead a hand on Celestia’s side, entwining her fingers with the princess’ a healthy blush spread onto her cheeks as she was pulled a bit closer than would be acceptable for people of their station. Feeling the princess’ free hand on her shoulder she started leading her in a waltz to the sweet gentle tune, which faded into the background for her at least as she locked eyes with the much taller woman.

“Thank you, Starsong,” Celestia started with a gentle smile, her eyes shifting around the room just a moment as she was slowly spun by Starsong, standing side by side with her for what seemed to be an eternity, though was in fact just a few seconds. “He was starting to… flirt with me… I am half in mind of informing his wife.” She said with a measure of annoyance to her voice.

Starsong chuckled softly and shook her head as she slowly guided them to the edge of the dance floor, weaving through the sea of people as naturally as a wave making its way majestically towards a beach. “She already knows, and they are going through a divorce.” She smiled gently at Celestia “No need to throw oil onto the fire, as they say Princess.”

She nodded in agreement; arching her eyebrow for a moment as she finally took notice of where she was being led to “Starsong, we’re getting awfully close to the edge.” She whispered with a light chuckle, though stopping her laughter the moment she noticed that certain look in her eyes again, she had finally been able to place it then it was the kind of look that allowed for not argument.

“I know I… have something I want to say, in private.” She smiled gently as she slowly guided Celestia off the dance floor as the music reached its crescendo, knowing everyone would be too wrapped up in their own partners, or the gossip they were throwing around.

As she thought no one had noticed the princess and her Seneschal slipping from the ballroom, at least they thought so seeing there was a lack of voices questioning their disappearance from the room. Starsong quickly closed the door behind herself, along with the curtains to offer them some semblance of privacy. Turning to Celestia she smiled, a lump forming in her throat as she saw the princess sitting on the edge of the banister, her legs shifted to Starsong’s side, while she stared up at the moon, or rather while she bathed in the moonlight.

She swallowed and approached Celestia with a gentle smile on her lips, reaching up for the rose with a sweet smile on her lips.

Celestia looked up at the moon, taking in her sister’s rather breath taking night sky; a mixture of feelings welling up in her eyes as she took in its majesty, the majesty she could never replicate while her younger sibling had been banished to the moon. She took a deep breath, noticing the tell-tale clacking of heels on the stone behind her, casting a glance over her shoulder she beheld Starsong, bathed in the radiant light of the moon. She was speechless as she watched the reflection of the light play on those ice blue eyes making them shine like the very stars in the night sky; her blond hair almost seemed to shimmer and glow like spun gold. She felt her breath catch the moment she noticed something she’d overlooked previously, the single scarlet rose her friend was holding in both hands.

Starsong smiled as she took another step closer, her eyes not leaving Celestia’s, gazing into her eyes adoringly she cupped the princess’ cheek, after tenderly wiping a few strands of her aurora hair from her delicate face. “Celestia… it’s hard for me to say this but…” she started off with a gentle whisper, taking a moment to slowly tuck the rose behind her ear. She steeled herself as she continued, shifting onto the banister besides Celestia gently taking hold of the soft, slightly cold hands “I… love you, Celestia” she whispered softly, barely even audible over the shift music coming from inside, leaning up to softly, tenderly press their lips together in a chaste peck, drawing back slowly she was shocked to feel Celestia’s white angelic wings wrapping around her body, sanding herself stunned the moment the princess cupped her cheeks and pulled her right back into the kiss, the second one though was less chaste; the princess took the lead away from Starsong making it a deep affectionate kiss.

Breathing just a little quicker the princess of the Day slowly slipped a hand around the other woman’s back pulling her up and firmly against herself, holding on tightly at Starsong’s side, never allowing her other hand to move away from the woman’s delicate soft cheek. Smiling a little in the kiss, feeling the smaller woman wrap her hands around her shoulders; as if holding on for dear life not wanting the moment to end, ever. A sentiment that she felt similar about.

Starsong, with a brazen move shifted into Celestia’s lap, she had to hike up her robes for it a little though no one was watching either of them, they couldn’t see either of them through the thick red enchanted curtains, she breathed through her nose as she dared a glance into Celestia’s warm magenta eyes and in a brazen more she slowly allowed her small little tongue to explore and find Celestia’s starting to playfully wrestle with the other woman’s tongue almost as if vying for dominance in the kiss. Her eyes firmly closed as she allowed herself to melt away in the moment of passion.

Celestia stopped holding back and almost crushed the smaller woman to her chest, although not in a painful manner. She followed in the kiss with as much passion as the much younger woman, though unlike Starsong she allowed all her emotions rather unrestrained right, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks as she melted away into the kiss, allowing her tongue to be pinned each time, and the moment they parted she looked into Starsong's eyes with adoration and warmth. “That was…” Celestia started, though trailed off after a moment, a shiver running down her spine. “T-the best kiss… ever.” She finished with a deep blush playing on her cheeks.

“Y-yes it was my angel” Starsong whispered softly in return, pulling Celestia close to herself, nuzzling into her neck with a small shiver, taking in the princess’ scent.

“Starsong, do you trust me?”

“With my life, Celestia”

“Hold on tightly then and whatever you do…” She whispered softly into the woman’s ear, giving it the smallest of bites “Don’t. Ever. Let. Go.” She said shifting on the banister facing the door with her back to the night sky, she smiled feeling Starsong hold on for dear life; taking a deep breath Celestia allowed herself to fall backwards of the Banister, sending the both of them falling off the side of the mountain into a free fall. “I… Love you too my Starsong.” She whispered into her ear gently flapping her wings firmly to get the both of them airborne properly.

Starsong felt a surge of emotions the moment she felt them shifting over the edge, fear and sorrow were chief among them though, that was until she never felt what she was dreading, the impact with the ground, instead she felt almost weightless as she was being carried through the air by Celestia, blushing deeply she inwardly scolded herself for even doubting the radiant princess. She didn’t speak though, the sensation of flying with her beloved as unexpected as it was quite the experience. An experience which came to an end sooner than she would have liked as she felt a shift in the ambient magic of her body, just before she felt the impact with something fluffy, something she’d never experienced before.

Opening her eyes she noticed she was laying on top of a cloud, with Celestia by her side, she blushed for a moment before snuggling close to the princess with a gentle smile “T-that was… incredible Princess…” she whispered softly.

“It was indeed Starsong, s-sorry for it being so… sudden. “She blushed with embarrassment, hiding behind her hair.

“That’s entirely fine, Celestia.” Starsong allowed her fondness to clearly ring in her words as she used her index finger and thumb to guide Celestia to look at her, showing off the sweet little grin. “You’re cute when you blush.”

Back at the castle a certain woman of short stature stood with her arms crossed, finally allowing herself to shift out of the shadows now that the two had taken place on a cloud in the distance, Luna smirked a little “Not entirely what I had in mind little Starsong, but I shall let it slide; I haven’t seen my sister smile like that… in ages.” She giggled lightly, pushing the doors open and returning to the gala, and covering for Celestia’s sudden departure.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed the read,

I had a fun time writing this particular little story, and it is probably not the last time that I will write a story about them. That is if you are interested to see more, or if you want to see something different please let me know! :twilightsmile:


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All the pictures I found of Starsong were her as a pegasus, but in here it says that she's a unicorn... Is the Starsong in the story an OC that I don't know about?
This is the only Starsong pony I could find a picture of. :pinkiesmile:

6869300 Starsong is an Original character I wrote for my main story, there is no actual art work of her (yet). I needed a character to function as Celestia's aid in court.

I didn't actually know there was a character out there named Starsong.

>>Wendy Crescent I wouldn't either if it wasn't for google. She's a background character. Also, could you put a picture of your Starsong in here when some fanart/artwork does get drawn? :pinkiesmile:

6869543 Yeah, I'm saving up money for the commission which should be in the coming week or so :twilightblush: It got a bit expensive because I kind of wanted it as a poster as well,

>>Wendy Crescent Can't wait! Also, could you tell me what coat/fur/skin color she has? All the details about what she looked like was that she had blond hair, blue eyes, & a royal guard outfit/dress. :pinkiesmile:

6873000 oooh sure :3 She's a silvery grey coated Unicorn mare (Or fair of skin, when humanized/Anthro), her build is pretty frail for a royal guard, although she has an above magical aptitude for Lunar and Healing magic. She has deep, expressive icy blue eyes (her feelings are easily read when looking into her eyes) and has a two tone blond mane (Platinum blond being the dominant colour) which is quite commonly pulled into a braid.

She has two main outfits, one being the silvery Lunar Guard armour (With a virgin white robe when she's Anthro). The other outfit is a Virgin white dress with the gold and silver embellishments of the Unicorn Temple, marking her status as priestess (although she hardly wears it after leaving the temple.)

>>Wendy Crescent Oooh, she sounds really pretty! Mabie you could make a picture of her on this pony creator I found on Deviant Art? LINK! :pinkiesmile:

6873184 This (link) Is roughly what she looks like in my mind :twilightblush: Although I am placing the order for the commission of her antro version

thank you Discord

Luna for the win :)

Another comment I forgot to make! (And another one of the three stories I've read by you!)

The prose in here was very, very enjoyable! Starsong, while not the most exceptional of OCs I've seen, was still competent and fit within your story. Her interactions with this Celestia were very nice. However, it was Luna and Celestia that shone very well, particularly the latter. The version in this story and this unique sort of AU (plus the whole thing of temples) would be very nice to see explored in a larger story/different story of some sort.

This also has appeared in a weird number of similar sections for a fair share of my stories in the past, and I don't know why.

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