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One of my favorite clop stories. Now on Fimfiction.

Unf~ :heart:

" What you wouldn't give to be those muffins right about now, yeah you know that's not normal at all. "



Predator on Prey Fetish

With a human and a pony, this sounds quite hot...
Will read and/or clop. :ajsmug:

I like it, it was a really good story, hey I know is a big cliche but, can you make a clop fic with Anonymous and Celestia?, you make very good stories and I will like to see, how that would work. Also the same with Zecora

I have found a new fetish. :rainbowderp:

Holy craaaaap!!!:pinkiegasp:

God damn, I knew I wasn't the only one!:yay:

Predator on Prey seems like a natural to me for some reason when it comes to pony/human sex.:twilightblush:

Should make more...We should make more:rainbowkiss:

So uh... you gonna buy some of Rose's Roses?

I don't know what to think about this.:rainbowhuh:

pretty damn great... you earned yourself a follow:pinkiehappy:

I can only say:

Have a 'stache for your delightful piece of writing. :moustache:

...And an extra one just because. My fetish! :moustache:

Wait... this got featured? Wow, wasn't expecting that one. :pinkiegasp:

I don't know what I just read, but I have to admit I enjoyed reading it. Interesting view

Great, now I have a new fetish. Ponies being hunted by humans. What am I supposed to do now, man? I don't think it's gonna be easy finding more of this.

Tipping my hat for you once again Aether... Sheesh! Peppy Greyskull must be losing his place as my favorite clop writer. This one and Sad Sweet Memories are just damn hot! :rainbowwild:

Going to explore more 'Forbidden' territories in your next works? :rainbowderp:

There are almost zero to none fics about the Flower Sisters and a human, first time I see one HumanxRose fic, really good work and funny :rainbowlaugh:

I will like to see more fics about Human x Flower Sisters, maibe and herd fics with the three sister and Anonymous like in the Xenophilia universe, hope someone write this one not really need to have clop to drag my atention though :rainbowlaugh:

Cheers to you and keep up the good work.

As far as forbidden goes, no idea.

That was pretty fucking hot right there. Than again, there is nothing hotter than pure animalistic sex.

instant like, fave, etc.; Roseluck is best pony!

Comment posted by Fubbles deleted Mar 21st, 2013

That Anonymous thing is just the biggest buzzkill I can imagine. Well written though. Except for the Anonymous thing, which is the bigges buzzkill I can imagine.

“Rose, why are your flowers in the floor?" he asks, uncertain as to what your methods could be. You turn around and flash him an innocent smile.

“Rose, why are your flowers in the floor?"

your flowers in the floor?"

Why did I think of this the moment I read that? I don't know.

2293456 That fucking picture will haunt my dreams tonight. :rainbowlaugh:

2291728 Are there more fics like this?

no. Maybe only coming out in small bits, but it is never a big part of the story.

Yes, this is what this fansite needs! A more carnivorous attitude!

Real dominating between predator and prey! More eating, devouring, licking and.... sucking....:twilightoops:

I'm putting this on my Read Later list, because LEG WARMERS ASFFDLGBPH.

I hope you're happy.

Source on the picture? Google or TinEye didn't help.

Unfortunately I don't even remember where I got it. Just looked on my hard drive and bam there it was. I could just put it up on imgur and post the link.


Thanks, I'll keep looking. I'll post back if I find it.


How did I not notice the artist's name on it? His whole gallery is here, including the picture you used on your story: http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/member/69-brianblackberry/

He seems to be quite well-known artist in fact; many fanfic writers have used his pictures as story covers.

Uh oh. I'm curious about this "Flower Clopping" fetish.
Can someone spoil it for me before I actually read this? Because I want to, I just don't want to be let down...

This fic is full of fuck, and I love it.

it was a great story, wright more:raritystarry:

Reading this was an interesting decision.
Normally not a fan of humanxpony stories, so I didn't want to read it, but then I saw Predator on Prey. Not a very common thing to see in a clopfic, and it sounded... SO HOT.

And it was, SO HOT. Excellent work sir.

Oh, and like many others I now have a new fetish. I swear if I can't find any more predator/prey...

2298216 She masturbates with flowers.

Very hot story, do recommend reading, wish there were more predator/prey fetish stories on this site.

Character insert in the form of second person~ I like. This is so much better than second person, anon-insert fuckficks.

Pretty great twist.

I got a PM from the author about it.
I'm definitely going to read it when I get the time, in between editing and writing my own stories. :facehoof:

Very well written. I'm very picky about my second-person fiction, but this one was a breath of fresh air. Well done, and keep up the good work!


PS: It also helps that I myself am writing a story about Rose, and this may end up helping me along with things I intend to do in the story. Swing by my profile if you're interested in reading what I have so far.

Well this is interesting indeed. *Office intercom* Mrs.PennyApple can you file 'Predator on Prey' under 'Newly Acquired Fetishes' please.

.......... this is best clop:rainbowkiss:

Awww. I was REALLY hoping he would have gutted Rose with a steak knife, carving her flesh and hips into sweet delicious horse meat.

This was a very interesting clopfic. Normally, I don't bother with 2nd person fics, most especially HiE's, but, like SMITE, a change of perspective can have some amazing effects. That we experience the entire story from Rose's perspective and thoughts is pretty much the entire selling point of this experience, methinks; I wouldn't have liked it so much if we were "Anonymous."

To be in an established character's hooves, to see the world as she sees it, was spectacular--certainly more enjoyable than being thrown into the hooves of an avatar the author ostensibly claims is "you," at any rate.

I like the roller-coaster of emotions throughout the story, segueing from fear, to anger, to unbridled lust, to unbridled lust heightened with fear and anger. The flowery (ha, ha) descriptions really helped set the mood for each scene, most especially the "fucked up" (again, ha, ha) way Rose prepares Anon's flowers. (For some reason, the presentation with Anon in the audience then the actual rutting didn't get to me.)

The constant references to rape, domination, and hard vore REALLY turned me on. I don't really like the first of the three in most situations, but the other two are huge kinks for me. Thank you very much for the constant references to being eaten alive, or just being used and abused like a sex toy. The fear really helps arouse.

If I had but one problem with this story, it's that, sometimes, the "flowery" descriptions of Rose's mare-bits got grating at times. I myself hesitate to use the actual terms for such, but all those euphemisms got old.

I thank you for your honestly. Though as far as the euphemisms go I always feel that the simple terms are the easiest. It's just hearing "dick, pussy, penis, vagina, maregina, juices, etc" it just sounds either bland or simple.

The "flowery" descriptions I figured would fit, though I guess I used it in excess.
I guess I could tone those types of euphemisms down a notch or two for next time.

I can't believe I haven't thought this up sooner.

The chemistry between Ryan and Colin is almost identical to Rose's and Anonymous's.

Start at 0:49, that's where the Fun STARTS!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Is it me, or is it just a coincidence that Colin is in red kind of like Rose?

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