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I have no idea what to think about this fic....

So I'm going to judge that it's amazing.

it feels like if its done right it could be a AWESOME story. i do feel however like you said " it is rushed" though im definetly no writer i would probably have gone more into detail about the attack maybe the actual dialogue, just to help give the story a bit more life you know? but again im no writer so i dont know what im doing ^0^ still love the idea! cant wait for another chapter!

I liked it, please continue, I want to know what happen to the main six.
Also you mention clop, those that means that Annon will have a moment with Nightmare?

This is a clop oriented short story.
The mane 6 won't be mentioned because it's not the focal point of the story.

Its not THAT bad it was nice!! really really short though. i feel like more couldve been done with it. the whole story had the potential to be a lot longer if you wouldve put more detail in the work and actually described the story itself from the characters, the whole time it felt like a giant narration that was skipping major points in the story(well im not a writer so i shouldnt judge anyways i liked the idea i just wish more couldve been done, i could think of several different scenarios that couldve been better though) good job, loved it ableit to short.

This is nice as well! both really great endings, i think you should make sequels to both endings, i really really like this idea and wish for it to happen more :twilightsheepish: it as the possiblity of becoming something amazing!

While I thank you for the compliments, this wasn't supposed to really go anywhere other than just a one shot. The people I write for wanted "Nightmare Moon Anal Clop" so I gave it to them. :rainbowderp:

2276540 Still i could see a lot of potential in the story, it might just being a good person with imagination, but i still could see alot you could do it ! its a nice idea so maybe thats why ^0^ anyways enough babbling from me just know i could see something that could be awesome if done right ^.^

hmmmmmm, the pain Nightmare went through........i can feel it

Personally, I like this ending better, I don't like it when a pony in my Top 10 dies.

i like this ending better. do another story? maybe a little more go happy one?

I liked it, both endings where good but I prefer this one, I loved when villains had their change of hearts, and I will like to see the continuation of this ending, perhaps in the future Annon can convinced Nightmare to start bringing back the princess starting with Luna and in return it will be like Nanna Macbe where her scar start to erase as she become a good pony.

And she can become a princess and goddess of the dreams or something. Bottom line, if you can think of an idea for a sequel please continue the story

Yeah i agree with the author
this ending made no sense

2276540 This was so much more than just a clop story, fucking great.

Aww... It would have been nice if Nightmare would have realized her weaknesses and changed for the better :ajsleepy:

You did make me laugh quite a bit, though. God damn you.
"I poop from there!"
"Not tonight you don't" :rainbowlaugh:

Oh... So that was the alternative ending, I spoke too soon :derpyderp1:

YAY! :flutterrage:
Awesome, bro, good job. I love stories like this. :eeyup:

you know, if nightmare stayed with the hate, then the human could have pulled the "you're going to bear my children" card, that would have been crushing for her...

good story good alternate and it was funny.

but i don get the big spoon part

still you got a follow a like and a fav

As I always say, "No means yes, and yes means anal.":flutterrage:

Both endings were great, but I prefer the first. Too many people go for happy endings these days.

2553403 Although i am usually one to go for the happy endings, i must agree. The dark ending fit much better, and was really well done. I am a bit confused at why anon was executed, if nightmare was using fear to rule why would the people be mad at him. Especially if there was eternal night i am not sure how anyone would be loyal to her

Indoctrination. They weren't freed from it upon her death. :applecry:

I gotta say I like this ending way more than I did the other that's for sure.


Spooning is, basically, cuddling. "Big spoon" and "little spoon" are the positions.
"Big Spoon" is whoever is behind the other person, sort of hugging them from behind.
"Little Spoon" is whoever is in front of the Big Spoon, being hugged.

2276540 please do a sequel to this story's ending please:pinkiesad2:

The story is really good and the first part is like a custom tailored first chapter to an epic story

EDIT: holy crap this story is old

Call me cheap but i loved the quick intro and the two alternate endings. Bad girls are always a good lay... Tyrannical ones even more so. Liked, faved, and followed.

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