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A watch for now, and a read later :twilightsmile:

Now normaly i dont like this type of fic but, THIS WAS SUPERB, i am not joking, this must be one of the best fics i have ever read, you have earned yourself a watcher

.....NEED MORE!!!
Please :twilightsmile:

Well done. Of course, I'd like a continuation, but as a whole, a rather excellent little oneshot. I don't usually fave these, but...

I'd like to see a continuation of this.

I approve of heartwarming romances such as these.

So fucking awesome. But you might want to explain the scenario first. You get it in the end but knowing beforehand helps you understand.

Other then that I have only one word to describe this beautiful piece of litterature


Very well written man i really hope this gets moar likez:raritywink:

Loved every bit of it! Great work! :raritywink:

A slight bit of hesitation is what initially stopped me from reading this. I'm not typically fond of stories told in this way and I did not want to view another failure. However, my endurance gone and my unwillingness to go to sleep forced me to overlook my objections as your story seemed to be the only one that struck me as something to be read. I am glad that it did.

Few words will describe how I feel after having enjoyed the product of your labor, but I will see if I can name such a feeling just for you. Satisfied, impressed, taken aback, pleasantly surprised, and many others don't quite do the feeling justice. To put it simply; you've done a good job.

What I most enjoyed was that you didn't simply cop out and utilize this format to avoid developing a character to center around. You actually developed a character and drew the reader to become connected to said character. It allowed me to feel what he felt without being disappointed by any character traits. Very well done.

Though I would not label this as glorious as the other comments have, I still must say that this is one of the better pieces I've come across since joining the site. There were a few minor spelling mistakes, but nothing detrimental to the story or distracting.

You've definitely earned my respect and I will definitely check out what else you have written.

My rating, four out of five mustaches.


Glad to hear you liked it :raritywink:

Thanks for the fave :) as far as continuations go, I could see it in the future. I've also been thinking about other mane 6/human stories though,
Appreciate the comment
Here's hoping ;)
I'm glad you gave it a chance too. Nine thousands words is no short read. And I appreciate the detailed critique.:)

All I can do is applaud. This is what all human x pony stories should be like.
I also quite enjoyed that it was pony on Earth, instead of human in Equestria.

You went as far as to even develop the girlfriend character and to talk about the ability to journey between the planes.

A+ Will read again!

Omg this was AMAZING :raritystarry: SPEECHLESS! :pinkiegasp:

I don't "clop", but I occasionally read clopfics because some of them are written in a beautiful and outstanding fashion. This fic was no exception. It was well-written, no it was amazingly-written, the whole way through. The emotions were well balanced and the piece made me feel several times. All in all, a magnificent one-shot. I felt that I needed to write a comment for this because it was easily one of the best things I've read recently. And even though I don't "clop" I can appreciate and enjoy good writing, characters, and stories. Well done, sir. I salute you.

Well, that was absolutely amazing... Definitely high on the list of Equestria / Earth crossovers!

I've love to see a sequel, but I also love this as a one shot. So torn!

Glad you like it :yay:
Thanks :)
Thank you, :twilightsmile: I like to call it "clop with feels".
For the time being, I'd treat it as a oneshot. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't leave space for more of this couple's story in the future. :)

you bucking blew me away with this.:rainbowderp:

TWilight said something.
Now you write a story about what she was talking about!

Seriously, great job here. Firs time i see pony on earth instead of human in equestria on a story like this. I live both ideas.

I'll do my best :twilightblush:
This story is in the same universe as Mares and Butterflies :raritywink:
However, it's been around a year (and a few months?) since mankind was introduced to equestria. Maybe a little more. I would assume that Twilight's human friend was one of the first emissaries.

This was definitely a beautiful story full of passion, understanding, and love. I really feel that you should continue this as a full on story.

I can certainly see references in future stories ;)
Thanks for reading :)

I am ashamed.

i say great job, this was one of the best clops iv read in a loooong time. hope you make more. :moustache::yay:

I really like it man. Especially the fact that this is a good ponies on Earth story. What I wish more than anything is that there were more well written fics where Earth and Equestria were in friendly contact like in this one. There is so much potential to be had from the two worlds interacting.

I wasn't going to read this,as i despise humanXpony fanfics,ecspecialy ones with rarity,as i already dont like her,but...

Ill just put it under read later,and give you a watch for the astounding comments I just read :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush: :ajsmug:

This is rare, a pony/human shipping that does not come off as wrong at all.

I liked the ending it was good :pinkiesmile:

I'm normally not a fan of human x pony fics.....but being in Hat's boat what with the refusal to sleep, I decided to give it a try....and.....you, you magnificent bastard.....have crafted something worth appreciating. True romantic passion is difficult to capture without either losing the feeling somewhere in the mix or invalidating it with an overuse of, shall we say, intimate details. You, good sir, have done something few others can lay claim to, and you should be proud of this fact.

tl;dr.....in short.....Loved it, insta-watched. Can't wait to see what else you create if you attained greatness with a one-shot.

Beautiful, I don't just say that because of Rarity either, though that was a plus :raritywink:. You sir have a talent for setting enough of a scene to create meaningful details about your unnamed protagonists and the ponies you pair them with. I especially liked the addition of the jerky girlfriend, loved when she saw Rarity walking around his home naked, who wouldn't have that reaction when you go looking for your significant other. On top of that, I especially enjoyed the slight nods you gave to your first story with out actually bringing up any details about it. Heck, I think this one might actually be better than the last one you wrote. I'm sad that these are all one shots though :pinkiesad2:, I'd still absolutely love to see the lasting effects of the relationships you're covering with these stories, but regardless they're still an awesome read. Can't wait to see your next one man!

erally good story.. another one of those very good written stories which could use a continuation.. well maybe one more to see how "you" come to equestria and what happens there with rarity and you..

but none the less fav'd and thumbs up for you.. i would like to watch you.. but the watch button is broken (btw.. just for me or do others experience this problem? did i miss something?)

Phew. I thought this was another Goris fic at first. Glad to see it isn't. Just not ready for Goris just yet.

Wow, :raritystarry: this was freaking great. Like, damn. Nailed it. I really have to check out your other stuff, and I look forward to a possible cont. of this! :raritywink:

Alright I must admit at first I was like, what the hell is this, but as the story progressed I found myself drawn in. You did a great job of drawing the reader in and making them take a personal stake in the story, by the end I was seriously screaming in my head "GO TO EQUESTRIA!"
All in all this was a very good read and I, as well as many others apparently, would like to see a continuation of this story. I must say that you have created the foundation for what could potentially become an amazing series, that I would undoubtably read, given you decided to expand this story. :rainbowkiss:

loved it mate, really nice story
And if you consider making other main 6 / human stuff like this I would love that too :yay:

A nice, interesting, and sexy fic. I've always tried to get this kind of feeling when I write, and you have hit the bullseye and more. Sex is nothing without the romance behind it. :raritywink:

The only error I could spot in this story is the complete status. I think you set it to complete by accident.:scootangel:

great start im looking forward to further installments

Very lovely, I would be very interested in reading a sequel or continuation. Well done keeping the second person narrative while not resorting to the blank husk protagonist.


please continue

Holy crap dude!
That is one beautiful picture you got there.
Looks very professional.
Deviantart page?
I'll read the story later, just wanna tell you how amazing and professional-looking I found that pic :twilightsmile:

I'm serious. This is nothing like some of the other clop, where it's, 'we just met, let me bone you'. No, this is truly something special beyond words! It had back story, plot (in both sense of the word) and tension. I loved every second of reading it and was captivated by the first paragraph! I am watching you now, good sir! And, may I ask, Is there a sequel coming? :pinkiehappy:

Awesome work man.

Really needs a follow up.

This would be Number One in the feature box if you'd uploaded it on any other day of the year.

Thanks, it certainly makes for interesting interactions. I could see myself writing more stories with mane six members staying on Earth. Maybe not all in the united states either...
It's my goal to convert all readers to human x pony...not really :pinkiecrazy: Glad you like it, though :)
Thanks...to be honest I was worried about writing someone with too many gary-stu tendencies.
No deviantart, I'm afraid. Though I may make one if they accept fanfictions...
Everything in the image was done in gimp. It's a composite of a rarity vector, but I took the hair and background from a screenshot of a episode and merged it in. Shading also done in gimp. Pretty happy in how it turned out.

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