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*Low irish accent*Big whoop you've got a nice ass want to fight about it?

Yay good Gilda clop.:yay: Like and fave just for that.

1856069 has your mind been blown by Siri's auto correct yet?

This....this successfully gave me a boner...thank you good sir, I hope for more ass in da future, fat bottomed mares make the rocking world go 'round! :yay:

dat lunestiass :D see wat I did there? :trollestia:

Hm. Reminded of....Drop the (B)ass...not bad.

Fluttershy, you so cute.


Sor-no I'm not. Surprised no one else has posted old 80's rap to this yet.

:rainbowderp: well damn... if i'da known she was into THAT we might still be friends...

Comment posted by musicalreader deleted Dec 27th, 2012

:twilightsmile: D'aaaaaawwwww!
:fluttershysad: um... Twilight? it was more like, :yay: yay...

RAINBOW DASH! GO AWAY! And stop sleeping in Luna's face. RAINBOW! STOP FOLLOWING MY CURSOR! Ugh.... Anyway. Nice story so far. Needs more plot *wink wink*

Sigh, I know this is kjust clop and fuck the plot but I don't like how Trixie is. The princesses and Gilda sure, but I like Trixie.

That paint doesn't sound to healthy and the fumes.

This...Hmmm, not bad. but you can do better man! :twilightsmile:

Oh geez, this one. This one earns this a fave. The others where awesome, but this one... mmm.:pinkiecrazy:

Heh remind me to get that treatment every Tuesday as well! Very Nice Job!

Tuesday sale, sounds like a plan.

Take me to this spa.

Thank you for this

and now if i ever where to go to equestria the first thing i would do at the spa is say well i hope there isnt a HAPPY ENDING or anything :ajsmug: and see there reactions

Applejack! An Applejack one which is teasing like the Trixie one!

Commence read.

Female Diamond Dogs. Don't see enough of them.

Diamond Dog chapter must get

Bon Bon's candy ass!

Never thought of a female Diamond Dog, unique! I LOVE IT!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Teenage dragoness one please....If um that is okay with you..:fluttershyouch:

A dragon that caught you trying to take her hoard would be good. Maybe a minotaur, no ones ever done something like that before

I'd like to suggest some with either Colgate, or Screwball.

Gotta admit, if you hadn't put that pic up I wouldn't have given this a chance, but I'm glad you did! As for a suggestion, why not one with Mrs. Cake, she has the ass of the century.


Colgate. There's no decent Colgate Clopfics on Fimfiction, or so i'm told.

Comment posted by The Sergeant deleted Feb 17th, 2013


Futa vinyl x Octavia please please please

Damn this one is hot! I do hope to see the Mane 6 if you have the time, if not I shall continue to read this story! Hopefully Pinkie Pie can make the first cut.

This was very good, but I don't think it was as good as the previous ones. They had more of a backstory worked in, and I really liked that, whereas this one just kinda jumped into it.
Still very good, and I can't wait for the next one. As far as requests, I'm highly looking forward to the day when you write an Applejack one... ;3

These little stories are the best I've ever read, I'm a very big fan of clop stories that involves butts, and I hope there is more to come. I would like to suggest Screwball for one of your next stories, I'm just thinking that with her chaos magic, a lot of things are possible. :pinkiehappy:


The way I see it, some people don't like Trixie, so Plotpony is probably just whoring her out, his/her way of saying 'Buck you, Trixie'.

i can't get enough of this one, you showed the control id except mrs cake to have other that exceptional backside. Would you ever consider doing one featuring the mare from saddle arabia please?

All are excellent, but teh definite faves are Palette Swap, the fem Diamond Dog, and Smooth with Pinkie, and of course the LunaxCelesita:twilightsmile::heart:

1952320 if that was the treatment what is the happy ending?!:rainbowhuh:

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