The Plotpocolypse

by Plotpony

First published

You like plots, I like plots, lets have some stories...about plots.

You like plots, I like plots, lets have some stories...about plots.

Let Sleeping DJ's Lie (You/Vinyl)

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You wait at the door, tapping a hoof. She’d asked you to come over, why was it taking so long for her to answer?

You raise your hoof and ring the doorbell again. Still there’s no answer.

With a sigh you turn to leave, she must have forgotten she called you. Vinyl was a bit flaky that way. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d made a commitment only to totally neglect it.

The records in your saddlebag rattle against eachother as you walk down the walkway. Then you pause.

What if she was hurt?

You knew it was unlikely, but still....when she’d flaked, those had been dates and boring things, this was music...she wouldn’t flake on music. It was her cutie mark for Celestia’s sake. were probably being overly worried. I mean come on...this was Vinyl, she could take care of herself, she didn’t need you to come in and rescue you. She’d probably kick your ass just for thinking like that.

You trot back up to the door and try the handle. It turns easily. That’s not a good sign.

You creep in. It’s dark inside, the house is messy, but you can’t tell if that’s the natural squalor of Vinyl’s life or some kind of sign of a break in. You hear a sound from upstares, it sounds strained and strangled. You heart races. You race up the stairs, four at a time. The sounds are coming from her bedroom. Without wasting a moment you rip open the door and take a breath to shout at her attackers, raising onto your hind legs to buck anyone who might hurt he-

She’s asleep.

She’s asleep on the bed. The sound echoing through the house is her snoring. You stand there, slack jawed. You kind of want to be angry at her for falling asleep and leaving you outside in the cold, but you’re distracted by one thing.

Her ass.

She’s sleeping outside the covers, her rump pointed directly at you. She’d always been bottom heavy, but you’d never really noticed just how much until now. You almost can’t see the rest of her past her posterior. It rises and falls, shifting ever so slightly with her breath, looking...soft.

The worst part is she’s wearing a thong and a sweatjacket. It was an odd habit of hers, wearing cloths. Somehow it made her look all the more attractive. The grey of the sweatjacket makes her white ass stand out, ringed by the stretchy band around her wait, ending in the red throng which accents her curves gloriously. The silky fabric shifts along the soft flesh of her hindquarters in a way that makes you mouth water.

You’re not sure how long you stood there. You probably should wake her up. You did have this planned. She’d probably be sorry she fell asleep on you. Still, you bite your bottom lip. Your hooves push you forwards, you body not wanting to listen to your brain. You get closer and close to the bed, watching her as she peacefully sleeps. She shifts a bit, her thighs and hips shifting and molding to the bed. Her ass was firm, but there was just enough chub to make it malleable, let it flow just a bit across the sheets.

That tears it.

You’re at her side at once, looking down at that ass. She knew you liked it, she often teased you with it, working her hips into her stride, letting it ‘Accidentally’ brush against your side as she walked by....but she’d never let you touch it. Now was your chance.

You lifted a hoof, letting it hover just above her skin. She moves in her sleep again, the flesh moving under your gaze.

You reach down, and press.

It’s just as soft as you imagined. The sweatjacket above providing heat in the cold, the warmth of it flows up your hoof as it sinks ever so slightly into her butt. She moans slightly in her sleep, stirring a bit. You feel her butt rise as it presses against the sheet, that though rubbing against your hoof.

You lose it, your hooves roaming and playing with her ass, kneading it like dough pressing and rolling the thick, firm skin like so much play dough. It jiggles and shifts at your ministrations, having just enough tartness to pop back into shape whenever you pull your hoof away. You poke and you prod, pressing the flesh as her moans grow a bit louder. She’s squirming now, you’re sure she’ll wake up but you really don’t care.

Your eyes fall to that red thong, a bit of lace clinging around the top, pressing into her ass ever so slightly. With a grin you reach down with you mouth, letting her cheeks envelope your face in soft, firm heaven as you grab it between your teeth, and slowly draw it downwards, letting them caress against your face as you finally draw it free, her butt now exposed in all its glory to the open air. Her cheeks, both sets, redden ever so slightly at the sudden cold.

You decide to help them warm up.

You reach back down and run your tongue across the left cheek feeling the flesh and tasting her on your tongue. You let it explore and roam across her cheeks, before exploring between the crack, always going a little deeper, letting those firm globes of flesh press and confirm around your head. Finally you reach your prize, her hole, and start licking their with reckless abandon.

You hear a gasp, then a moan and freeze in your tracks. You open your eyes, muzzling buried between her cheeks as you look up to see her looking down at you, eye blazing with anger.

You slowly try to pull away only to find her hoof at the back of your head, forcing you back into her soft, warm cheeks with a little shudder.

“Who told you you could stop? she purrs.

You grin, and get back to work.

The end.

Sisterly Fun (Luna/Celestia)

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Luna walked behind her sister in the royal procession through the halls of the castle in canterlot. She did so hate these tedious things. She and Celestia would trot around the castle as the ponies below screamed and cheered. It always made her feel like some prop, some figurehead, she wanted to feel like a pony.

She was behind her sister’s carriage. She’d opted to walk beside it as it rolled along, sitting still only made it worse. She looked up at her sister, then down at the ground and sighed.

Celestia noticed this. She looked down at her sister and let a playful smile play across her features. She hopped down off the carriage to trot alongside her sister.

Luna tried her best to ignore the princess of the sun. She wasn’t mad at her, but she knew that smile and she was in no mood for her sister’s games.

Celestia nudged her sister with her flank, it was a great deal bigger than Luna’s and almost through her off balance. The smaller princess turned to glare at her sister.

“Oh lighten up Luna, come along, we must get this finished up and return to our chambers.”

The older sister bumped Luna a second time before walking off, her flank dragged along Luna’s side...surely by accident as she went. Still the princess of the moon could not help but notice her sister had gained a bit of weight ever since that desert contest in manehattan, her flank gave a bit against her as it went by. Luna watched as she walked. She could hardly see anything of her sister past her butt, besides her long neck and head stretching over it as it bobbed with her walk.

Celestia peeked over her shoulder, that smile still on her lips.

Luna caught herself staring and quickly looked away. She looked back at her own flank, it was rather small and trim, there was just a bit of fat to it, as there was with any healthy mare, but compared to her sister...

She walked face first into Celestia’s rump as her sister stopped in her tracks. Her muzzle was momentarily buried in soft warm flesh, it gave like a marshmallow around her. It took her a moment to collect her wits, and another moment to pull back. She looked up to find her sister looked at her over that shoulder smiling a bit wider than before. She burst out laughing.

“Ahh, a classic prank but a good one.” she chuckled, swinging her hips a bit. She paused as she noticed her sister’s expression. “Are you...blushing?”

“No!” Luna said quickly hiding her face. “I’m just surprised. I thought I was supposed to raise the moon at night.” she jabbed.

Celestia laughed again. “Oooh, nice shot. At least I got some reaction out of you. Now come along sister, enough playing we must return to our chambers to await the next procession. All of our subjects want to see us today, so we should put on a show. Come, rest.”

The pair of them walked to their chambers, Luna following behind her sister. She tried to look at the various features of the castle as they walked, but her eyes kept returning to Celestia’s rear. Her muzzle still felt a bit warm from her sister’s joke, she could smell her still, feel those warm cheeks around her. She watched as those cheeks swayed and jiggled as her sister walked. While she had gained weight, they were not fat just yet, right at the border, just chubby enough the shift and jiggle, while taunt enough to retain their round shape. With each step one cheek rose and tensed the flesh firming as the muscles beneath that gorgeous white coat worked, while the other relaxed loosening and swinging a bit. Luna’s head almost swayed with it.

She quickly averted her gaze as her sister opened the door to their chambers, turning just enough to see Celestia’s ass one more time as she turned to the bed. She couldn’t possibly be ogling her sister could she?

As Celestia layed down in bed with her hindquarters facing the smaller princess, she decided, yes, yes she could.

Celestia’s rump compressed against the mattress, pressing downwards and rolling outwards a bit like pressed dough, causing the opposite cheek to push outwards slightly. As the mattress bounced under her weight they jiggled shifting with her thighs as she got comfortable.

Luna bit her lip.

She trotted over to the bed, and therefore closer to that ass. She attempted to look innocent climbing in beside her sister, very close to her voluptuous rump. She could feel a bit of heat radiating off it, warm from the sun, and ever so slightly moist from the work of trotting around the castle on a summers day.

She almost yelped as it pressed against her chest, her sister shifting on the bed. Her cheeks rolled across Luna’s chest, warm and soft. She looked up to see her sister smiling at her.

“Hmm, eyup, blushing again.” she chuckled wiggling her rump against sisters chest, moving it up until it was just below her chin. Her sister was a great deal larger than her, the massive cheeks actually begin to swallow her neck surrounding it in soft flesh. “You know, I’d actually been a bit self conscious about this bit of weight I put on, but at least someone seems to like it,” she teased, her tail wrapping around Luna’s back and holding her close. The tip licked at her own smaller posterior. Princess Luna turned strawberry red.

“Sister...I-” She was cut off as Celestia moved her ass upwards, suddenly burying Luna’s muzzle between her cheeks as her tail lathered itself against her haunches, briefly brushing against a very sensitive place.

Luna gasped.

Celestia looked at her, that smile turning sultry. “Nopony said we could not have a little fun while we wait for the next procession. You seem quite enamored with my backside, so...want to do something about it?”

Luna looked at her sister, shocked. She started to pull away but...the smell...the soft yet..supple. Those glorious white buttocks pressed against her face, she couldn’t help herself. She raised her hooves, and let them roam over Celestia’s voluptuous curves. Her hooves sinking slightly into that flesh as they roamed, kneading and pressing, stroking and caressing. Celestia began to moan, her tail licking at Luna’s marehood more insistently. Luna knew what her sister wanted and began to lick, her tongue roaming over her cheeks teasingly, tasting her, feeling her, goosebumps rising it its wake. She lifted her head for a moment and smiled at her sister before plunging between those cheeks, her head almost buried between the globes of flesh as she licked at her sisters puckered hole, driving her tongue deeply, swirling it around, listening to the sound of her sister’s moans, releasing a few of her own as Celestia’s tail drove itself deeply into her. Outside her hooves pressed at that rump as it jiggled around her, warm and firm. Their sounds grew louder as they grew more aroused, slowly coming towards climax, the two of the arched, Celestia’s cheeks growing tense around Luna as the pair of them felt release, before slumping back to the bed, covered in sweat and various other things. Luna pulled her head away, nuzzling at Celestia’s left cheek a bit before giving it a light smack.

“I knew you’d lighten up.” Celestia remarked.

“You were right.” Luna agreed before casting a glance to the door. “...How much time till the next procession?” she gave her sister a wolfish grin.

Lion's Den (You/Gilda)

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There was a cry from above as you raced through the woods. A hawks cry, chasing you as you tore through the underbrush. There was one certain thing, one thing you were very sure of.

You were going to die.

Still you raced forwards, the branches tearing at your hide as you raced to escape. Suddenly the branches whipping at you vanished and you found yourself in the worst place possible, an open field.

The cry sounds again. You looked up to see a shadow descending, wide brown wings enveloping your vision. You try to backtrack, make it back into the forest, but at once yoru tail is sized by talons, and you’re yanked away hooves pawing for ground that isn’t there as you go higher and higher, the ground vanishing below you. You look up, a griffon, a bit larger than you are, wings its way to the north. You look off, and you can see a mountain getting steadily closer.

You can see her *you’re very sure its a her at this point) face as she flies, her white feathers matching the brown fur of her leonine body. But you can’t stay focused on that for very long. Because, from your position, dangling behind her, you can’t help but notice...

Her ass looks AMAZING.

With every flap of her wings you can see the muscles moving and flexing under tawny fur. Her leith form is toned and muscular, every bit of her glorious rump working with the rest of her body to move the two of you forwards, her long lions tail flicking about in the wind. You watch hypnotized as you fly farther. You’d always been a bit of an ass pony, but usually you went for the less muscular types. Now you had to wonder what you’d been missing. You traced your eyes up and down her haunches watching as they delightfully shifted and flexed under the strain of flight. There were some asses you wanted to squeeze, but these made you want to stand up and take notice.

You heard the sound of a clearing throat, and looked back up the griffon’s face, she gazed down at you, eyes narrowed.

“I must say this is a new one, I don’t often get checked out by my lunch.” She said. Her voice was somewhat rough, that you looked at her, and heard her voice...kinda cute. You felt a blush coming to your cheeks as you opened your mouth to defend yourself, but before you can get a word out you’re falling.

Your stomach drops, as you begin to scream.

“Open your eyes dweeb,” said the griffon.

You do. You’re sitting on the edge of a cliff, the forest below looking like a postage stamp of green.

“You were so busy looking at my ass you didn’t even notice we arrived.” She s scoffed. “Weird pony.”

You looked at her for a moment, then back over the edge of the cliff. “Are...are you going to eat me?” you asked.

The griffon rolled her eyes. “I could, if that’s your thing.”

You noticed you were blushing again.

The griffon started to laugh. “No, usually I just take ponies up here, and me and friends knock’em around for a bit, scare them, it’s a good time. But normally they’re screaming like babies by now. Seems you got distracted.” She shook her hips a bit which REALLY didn’t help your blush. “So no, I’m not going to eat you.” Suddenly you heard a throaty purr issue from her beak. “I have a better idea.” Very slowly she began to sashay towards you. Her hips swaying as she came closer to you. Now that she moved slowly, even...sensually, you could see there was just a touch of softness to those muscles as they moved. You stood transfixed as she turned around, giving you a perfect view of her perfectly shaped rump.

She gave it a little shake, her rump doesn't really jiggle, but the sight of the muscles beneath that fur shifting back and forth, bunching and releasing is enough to make your body respond.

“You like this?” she asked with a purr.

You simply nod, totally dumbfounded.

Suddenly you feel her tail around your throat, the strong sinuous appendage choking you.

“Then get to work.”

You’re pulled forwards into the warm, firm supple flesh of her rump, your muzzle forced between her cheeks as her tail pulls you forwards. She looks back at you purring as you struggle. You really don’t know why you are...this is heaven. The feeling of your face against those toned muscles that give just ever so slightly against your cheek is enough to make you shiver. As you thrash, your hoof strikes her left cheek. Hard.

You hear a hawks cry split the air again, and for the second time that day you’re quite sure you’re going to die. But when you look up at her, her eyes are lidded, and yer purr is louder than ever, the vibrations radiating through her body her cheeks vibrating with the power of it.

“Feel free to do that again...” she breathed huskily.

You’re at a loss, this is NOT how you were expecting this to go, still her smell is intoxicating as you thrash against her rump. From her look you know what she wants. Your hooves become more purposeful, kneading and rubbing at her cheeks, letting the firm muscles flex and fall against your touch, rubbing them over the tawny fur, feeling the meaty firm mass beneath. Your right hoof rises as high as you can manage, and comes down, slamming into her ass with a firm smack, hard enough to send ripples through the supple muscles around your muzzle.

She cries out again, sharp and high ending in a moan as she begins to shudder. You let a little smile come across your features. You open your mouth and let your tongue go to work, search deep, slathering between her cheeks at the supple flesh, before it finds her puckered hole, and dives in without a seconds hesitation. She finds out very quickly that one of the pluses of being a pony is that they have very long tongues.

She begins to squirm, her rump tensing and relaxing around you as she gets closer and closer. Suddenly her tail releases your neck and goes lower, the long prehensile appendages diving between your hind legs and wrapping several times around your own arousal. The tip teases at the flared head, just under the tip as it throbs. You lick at her ass with reckless abandon, the long muscle of your tongue snaking out of her asshole to delve down to her vag in a long wet slurp before returning and pounding back into the smaller hole with no mercy. Your hoof lifts and comes down again, harder than ever, you’re sure she’s going to have bruises but you don’t care. Between her ass on your face and her tail at your member you can hardly think straight enough to do much of anything but ride it out.

With a final cry, mixing with one of your own you both release, you make her tail wet and sticky as your chest is coated with her juices.

The two of you slump to the ground, gasping and panting, your head resting on her ass like a pillow.

She looks at you with a bit of surprise, then a sultry smile. “Not bad, dweeb.” she comments. Her tail snakes through the air, and in one deff motion a good foot of hit disappears down her throat. With a slurp she sucks it clean and shakes it dry before it pats you, slack jawed, on the cheek. “Gilda’s the name by the way. Keep that up, and I might just eat you.”

You collect yourself enough to chuckle, and lick your lips with that tongue of yours. “You keep it up and I might return the favor.”

The End

Smooth (Pinkie Pie/You)

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You sit alone in the upstairs bedroom of sugarcube corner. Pinkie Pie told you to wait here when she left last night. She was apparently on a ‘Super Secret Find the Time Travel Spell to Help Twilight Undo All the Nasty Bad Stuff That Hasn’t Happened Yet But Might Happen Because Her Future Self Came Back and Told Her so’ Mission....whatever the Tartarus that meant.

Still it had been all night and she still hadn’t returned, admittedly you’d fallen asleep, but now that the sun was rising and she wasn’t back you were getting worried. What if something had happened?...She went on crazy adventures all the time, but she always came back right?


You fell off the bed onto the floor. Headfirst.

“Ow...” you groaned.

Pinkiepie looked off the corner of the bed down at you, a look of concern on her face. “Oh no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you, I meant to say hello, and hello isn’t scary! Hello are supposed to be the opposite of scary, which is...” she paused. “Um...not scary!” She hopped down onto the floor helping you up. You suddenly notice what she’s wearing. Clinging to her body is a skintight latex It squeaks ever so slightly as her forelegs and thighs rub against one another. You’re speechless for a moment.

“Oh dear, you’ve got a little owie.” she rubbed your head with a tender hoof. “I’ve got some band aids in my trunk. Give me two shakes.

She dashed over to the trunk in the corner of the room, bending over and....

In the pale morning light, you can see her ass, covered in shiny black latex. It’s so tight, you can hardly tell where it begins, it even delves in between her cheeks, only ending to let her curly cotton candy tail free. It bobs back and forth idly, squeaking as the latex rubs together. her rump jiggles ever so slightly, held in check by the tight material.

Pinkie had never been the fittest of ponies. Her work in the bakery was shown in her flank. She wasn’t fat, but she certainly wasn’t trim, and all those cupcakes knew just where to go. You could tell that beneath that shiny, black material her soft pink rump pushed forwards, making the latex stretch taunt emphasizing every flex of what little muscle there was in those cheeks so shiny you could almost see yourself staring.

“Here we go!” she said, surprising you so much you almost fall over again. You’d gotten so distracted you’d almost forgotten she’d been looking for a band aid. She turned slapped it onto your forehead “Good as new!” She began to prance around the room in circles, the way she jumped did...interesting things to her flank. It bounced and jiggled, always pulled back into line quickly by the smooth latex. “Twilight had me put this on so we could be all sneeeaaaakkyyy” she waved her hooves around. “I think it’s pretty funny looking! And plus, it squeaks! Watch.”

She turned away from you, her rump facing you again in all its glory, she lifted a hoof and rubbed it along her leg, trailing up her thigh with a small, quiet squeal. As she reached the curve of her rump it grew louder, more high pitched as she drew it across the stressed, stretched material around her butt. It warmed around her hoof as it sunk in ever so slightly, bouncing back the second her hoof left and jiggling for several seconds.

“See? Squeaky!” she grinned and repeated the motion, faster this time, she did it several times, the squeaking of the latex and the jiggling of her posterior hypnotizing you. The morning light danced and glittered off her shiny latex coated rump, her cheeks shifted and moved under her hoof as she continued to rub it across her rump.

You bit your lip. Hard.

You draw your eyes away from her ass, reluctantly, to notice her looking at you oddly.

“You really seem to like my tushie,” she let out a little giggle, shaking it back and forth, you nearly fall over as the flesh shifts inside that tight suit, squeaking softly as it moves. Your body responds. You see her eyes widen.

Wow, you really REALLY seem to like it.” She giggled lidding her eyes.

She took a step back. Her rump jiggling as she threw her hips into her stride. Then another, and another. The soft, shiny plot getting closer and closer to you. You did fall over after that, and suddenly her rump is swaying inches away from your face, the light caressing over that shiney black latex as she moves, cheeks bobbing up...and down...and up...and down.

Pinkie Giggles again. “I think somepony’s got it baaaadd~” she singsongs.

Suddenly her rump descends past you, and your cheek is pressed to her...cheek. The softness of it gives a bit. It seems she’d been active tonight, the latex was warm, and made those bubbly cheeks all the more taunt and supple.

Pinkie laughs. “Cheek to cheek! Get it?” She sees your expression and her smile turns sultry. Her rump moves back, before pressing against your chest, slowly lowering you to the ground, the soft warmth of her cheeks spreading across your middle like cookie dough, the latex squeaking and groaning as it tries to keep her rump at bay. She has you pinned, looking over her shoulder as she begins to sway her rump across your chest. “I think my tushie likes you too.”

Somehow a giggle has never sounded sexier to you than it does now.

You’re at a total loss, unsure how to respond. Your body seems to know though, your member is twitching like mad, rock hard at the sensation of her soft, pliant flesh against your chest, contained by that slick rubber. It slides across your skin like it was oiled.

“Oooh, looks like we have another little friend here.” Pinkie Pie looks over her shoulder, smiling at you.

You gasp as you feel her hoof around your member. “Nice to meet you. I love shaking hooves with new friends.” Her eyes glinted back at you, her smile curling upwards. “I think my tushy wants to say hi too.”

Suddenly her warm rump leaves your chest, jiggling a bit as the pressure is released, the latex pulling it immediately back into a perfect shiny bubble of flesh. You only have a moment to process what’s happening, your eyes widening.

Pinkie’s rump descends onto your crotch Your member is pinned against your lower chest as it’s developed between her thick, supple cheeks. The slick warm latex conforming around it as it twitches and bobs, causing small ripples to flow through her ass, a bit of pre leaking from the tp as you gran, unable to say anything. Her rump barely fits between your legs, the sides of her cheeks conforming around your inner thighs, the warmth and softness so encompassing your lower body it blinds you to anything else.

“Say hello Tushie.” she purrs.

Suddenly she’s moving, her rump rubbing up and down your member, threading it between her crack. Her latex covered cheeks caress your member as it slides between those two heavenly bodies. She looks back at you the whole time. Her eyes are lidded, tongue stuck out to the left in a teasing expression.

You gasp and squirm as pleasure begins to overtake you. Her soft, supple rump keeps you in place as she moves up and down on your member. The laytex squeaks loudly as she moves, her cheeks jiggling and bouncing between your thighs. You can feel it coming, your whole body heating up as she goes faster and faster, those heavenly globes grinding along your member as you bite your lip almost hard enough to draw blood.

Suddenly she stops.

Your body is tight as a harpstring. You squirm with neediness, your member hard to the point of near pain. Your teeth gritted as you try to raise yourself off the floor to meet that rump again, feel its softness.

“Nah-ah-ah~” she tisked waving a hoof back and forth. “Not just yet. I think your new friend has a present for you. You just have to unwrap it first.” she shakes her rump to and fro above you, it pushes against the latex, her cheeks shifting softly beneath it.

You allow yourself a little grin and you're on her in seconds. Your hooves run over that supple rubber coating her ass. The skin beneath races to fill the space your hooves aren’t occupying, pushed by that tight material. You enjoy yourself for a few moments, letting your hooves roam and feel her softness. She moans lightly as you caress, but you know what she wants. You bring your face forwards, burrying it between those cheeks, letting them meld around your head, reveling in the meaty, slippery cheeks.

Your teeth search out, pinching her ass slightly. She gives a little yelp, but it’s quickly drowned out by a moan as you pull back, the material still between your teeth, it stretches, and stretches, pulling her cheeks together as it strains.

Finally with a firm tug you hear a ripping sound, a strip of the latex comes away in your teeth.

You look down, between the tight latex is a flash of pink, her soft warm rump spilling out from it’s tight confines. You look up at her, peering at you over her shoulder and lid your own eyes before sticking out your tongue and licking across that exposed flesh, tasting the sweat that built up from those muscles working, trapped inside the suit. Pinkie shudders at the warm sensation flooding across her rump. You bite down, and rip piece after piece of the latex away, letting more and more of her pink posterior show through, spilling between the gaps slightly.

Finally it is held back by one, lone thick strand of latex cutting directly through the center of her ass, the flesh bulging outwards on either side pressing inwards by the slick rubber. You give her another look, before slowly pressing forwards, your cheeks meet hers, for the first time exposed to your lecherous gaze. You thought they were soft in the latex, but now, free in the open air, and a bit pinker than usual from your attentions, they were indescribable. The warmth was tenfold from beeing cooped up for so long as they surround your face, letting it sink in like a big cushy pillow. You grab that last strip, and tug.

It snaps easily, between your pulling and the stain of pinkie’s ample buns it hardly stood a chance. Her rump pops free, jiggling and shaking in the air before settling into their natural bubbly shape.

Pinkie is breathing heavily, looking back at you with a blush on her features. She waves her rump in front of you, slowly, letting the freed chub sway and shake in the air. “I think your new friend would like a kiss.” she purrs.

Suddenly her rump is on you once more surrounding your face in heavy warm flesh. Your muzzle goes deep, pressing against her puckered hole, so burried in her crack that you can hardly breath as the flesh flows over your features. You don’t care. She wants a kiss, so you pucker up, sticking your tongue out and licking at her smaller entrance with abandon, slightly muffled you can hear her moans, feel her squirms. Your tongue delves deep as the hole expands and contracts around it. You let it snake inside, twisting and worming inside her, your long pony tongue sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her cheeks clench and relax around your head, almost burning hot with arousal. Her breath gets faster and faster, your member throbbing in the air, but right as she’s about to reach climax she suddenly pulls away. Leaving you with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, panting loudly.

She can hardly speak, she’s shivering with need, her rump jiggling above you.

“I...I think after that, you and tushie...are more than just friends. Why don’t you two commemorate the moment.”

Without a moment to spare she’s on your member, her rump shaking above it, before slowly pushing downwards. You gasp and moan as it delves between her cheeks. She shakes her cheeks back and forth as it lowers, your head finally meeting her hole. You feel it flex and open around the thick, throbbing length, your saliva acting as lubricant.

Suddenly she slamed her ass down, swallowing your length into her tight, warm hole. The both of you moan and shudder as she works it in and out, her anus contracting and relaxing around it as she goes, slamming against your crotch again and again, those cheeks slapping against you so hard they turn red. Your breaths and manes grow louder and louder until the both of you finally climax. You give those cheeks of hers a creamy filling as her juices spill out onto your crotch.

The two of you pant and attempt to catch your breath as she slowly works her way off of your member. She lays down on the floor next to you, smiling contently.

“You know what?” she asked lidding her eyes. She shifted the way she lay, her head facing away from you as her rump rises into view still stained lightly with your cum, squeezed a bit at the sides by the latex. She shook it a bit. “I think you and tushy are going to be great friends.


Tender Caring

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You walked up the road to Fluttershy’s cottage. You often enjoyed helping her out, she was a sweet, if somewhat shy mare. You’d been assisting her for the past week or so and you were pretty sure she was beginning to open up. It made you happy to see also helped that she was pretty cute little mare. But of course you wouldn’t even dream of taking advantage, but...if she happened to develop a fondness for you, you would exactly complain.

You came up to her large wooden door and knocked twice, waiting for a bit. After a moment you heard her small voice calling from the yard.

“Um...hello? Is that you? If not...Um...I’m sorry...but if it can come in! The gates open, I’m in the backyard.”

You nodded to yourself, heading back to the little wooden fence, it swung open with a slight creak as you looked around .

“It’s me! I’ve come to help out with th-”

Your voice dies in your throat. Fluttershy is over by the chicken coops. She’s facing away from you, fiddling with the incubator. You can’t help but stare as this gives you a perfect, unimpeded view of her ass. The normally slightly chubby cheeks are tensed as she reaches far into the coop, one leg up in the air for balance, as it moves her ass shifts with it. Fluttershy wasn’t the fittest pony in the universe, but her work with animals kept her from getting fat. Still she had a bit of chub around her flank, you watch as it jiggles underneath that long pink tail which is raised as she strained to reach as far as possible. You’re not even sure she realizes how high it is and the show you’re getting as a result. You can feel your cheeks burning as you watch hers, the pale yellow flesh bouncing delightfully as she works on something inside.

“Got it,” she says, her soft voice happy with accomplishment. She backs out of the coop, the way her hips have to move to accomplish this makes your eyes widen. As her flowing pink mane comes free you try to avert your gaze in time, but you can tell by the way she suddenly reddens that she noticed you ogling her.

“Oh-oh my...” she says softly.

You quickly raised your hooves. “Oh! Nonononono! Fluttershy, I was not looking at your...well...I mean...I was...the chicken coop...and...”

She quickly turns around and sits on her rump. Now that she’s not stretching or straining the bit of chub in her figure is more obvious. Her butt smashed against the ground a little pressing against the grass, you can’t help yourself, your eyes follow it down. You can see both sets of cheeks growing redder.

“” she eeps. trying to shuffle back towards the coop.

You sigh. “I’m sorry.” You look up at her, honestly apologetic.

She looks off to the left, not meeting your eye, looking...ashamed?

You tilt your head. “....What’s wrong? Listen Fluttershy I really am sorry...”

She shook her head, her face scrunched up in shame. “I-it’s not you...I...I have a fat could you not stare...I’m just...a Buttershy.”

You paused, frowning. “Buttershy?” You trotted carefully over sitting down next to her.

She looked away, but didn’t move. “It’s...what some mares at the spa called me...I dropped my bits on the ground when I tried to pay...and...and when I bent over to get them that’s what they called me....Buttershy. A-a fat flank!” She sniffed.

You look at her for a moment before wrapping a hoof around her. “Well...don’t listen to those mares, they’re crazy.”

Fluttershy sniffed again. “No they’re not...I’m a ugly...worthless...Buttershy.”

You hugged her close. “ don’t think you’re ugly...I think you’re beautiful...”

She sniffled. “No you don’ were staring at it...when people see me, that’s all they notice...”

It was your turn to blush. You fidgeted awkwardly. “Well...I wasn’t staring at your flank because its fat...I...I was staring at it because I...Like it.”

She paused, turning to look at you, her face flushing. “...Like it?”

You nodded sheepishly. “I...kind of have a thing for...well...rears, and I don’t think yours makes you ugly...”

Fluttershy was red as a strawberry. She looked down at her rump then up at you. “Um...really?”

You nodded, embarrassed.

“Well...thank you.” she said softly. She scooted a bit closer, suddenly her rump was touching yours, the warm skin rubbing against your thigh. You stiffened noticeably. She tilted her head. “ know...I don’t always need as much help as I say around here.”

You blinked. “You...don’t?”

She shook her head, looking off to the left. “I...really just...kind of like having you’ve been”

You look at her...she can’t honestly be asking what you think she is.

Suddenly she gets up, bending her forlegs, and you find your vision filled by soft yellow assflesh. Fluttershy squeaked embarrassed.

“Show me how much y-ou like my flank!” she yelled.

You sputter and choke at the request. She...she can’t possibly be... But as you watch wide eyed, her ass shifts before you, her cheeks look so...soft, just like the rest of her...her personality, her voice, her mane, even her silky tail as it lifts aside to give you a better view. There’s nothing about her you don’t want to hold tight and caress, but at the moment only one thing has your attention.

“A-are you sure about this?” you asked, biting your lip.

You can hardly see any of her, past that ample rump, but you make out her nodding. She’s tense, waiting, you can feel her need, this request has been building up in her for a while. She needs attention, to be reassured.

Welp. Who are you to deny her that?

You close your eyes and take a breath. “I’ll start off soft.” you said quietly. You bend forwards and press your lips to her left cheek, the flesh giving slightly under you lips, deforming as the curve of it greets your nose. She’s ever so slightly sweaty from working outside with the animals, her natural scent mixed with a hint of sod and animal feed. They’re just as soft as they looked, pressing warmly back against your lips. You hear an ‘eep’ at your kiss, before she exhales lightly.

You can’t help but smile at that, she’s adorable...and so is her ass.

You start in earnest, lifting your hooves you trace them tantalizingly up her legs and across her thighs, languishing on her cutiemarks for a moment. You feel her shudder at your teasing, tiny high sounds escaping from her every so often. Then you finally reach her rear. You start off slowly, caressing lovely at the curves of her cheeks, massaging and kneading softly. The flesh bends and jiggles under your light touch like a light airy bubble. It reddens at your caresses, her whole body seeming to blush. You can feel your body responding. She’s so soft...

You really couldn’t stop now if you wanted to. You lean downwards, your face meeting her cheeks and letting them surround you in her softness. You shake your head back and forth for a moment in a tease, motorboating. She makes adorable sounds of surprise and pleasure at that.

You stop teasing, and open your mouth, letting your long tongue snake out against her cheeks dragging itself lovingly over the soft globes of flesh, making them shiny with saliva. Her taste fills your mouth and you revel in every second as her breath grows quicker, little squeaks and eeps more frequent.

You get closer and closer and finally your tongue descends into her crack, reaching deeply as it slithers between her cheeks as they conform around your muzzle. Her sounds are muffled by her ample rump, but you can hear them all the same as they grow louder. You reach your prize, your tongue licks teasingly at her anus teasing at the small tight hole before delving in deep, pushing in and out in long, loving strokes. She begins to squirm, her ass shaking around your head. You can feel your member throbbing, almost hurting with need. You pause for a she ready for this?

You look up at her, she’s looking back at you, fidgeting needily.

“C-can I.” You begin, hardly able to speak.

Her eyes widen with comprehension. For a moment you fear you've scared her away and that everything will stop. But as quick as that though flashes across your mind, her ass lowers away from your face, and meets your member. She sets her cheeks right on the tip, looking back at you shyly.

The sensation of those buns on your throbbing length almost drive you mad. But you hold on, she’s’ll go easy.

You wrap your hooves around her middle, and slowly ease her downwards your saliva letting you slide into that oh so tight hole easily. Both of you gasp at the sensation. Fluttershy squirms and wiggles with pleasure, her squeaks becoming long moans as you slowly work your way back out. Then in. And out. And in. And out. The tightness sliding along your length faster. The sensation of her thick supple yellow cheeks slapping against your groin, around your’s too much.

The two of you cry out, and you fill her, continually with your seed, cumming long and hard before the two of you slump to the ground, your length giving a few final throbs and spurts as it slides free.

She snuggles up to you, breathing too hard, or perhaps too shy to say anything. That’s alright, you comfort her, wrapping your arms around her and laying there in the warm grass under the sun. You smile at her.

“I like you just the way you are.”


Trix or Treats?

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You walked through the streets of ponyvile, Nightmare Night was over and you were left to clean up. It wasn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it was yours and it really wasn't all that bad. You got a lot of the leftovers and doing a job no one wanted earned you a bit of thanks from the town. Who knew? You might eventually find a pretty mare doing this. You chuckled to yourself at the thought.

The crickets chirp in the bushes as you sweep up the various bits of party supplies, confetti and discarded pieces of costumes. Suddenly you hear a creaking sound, like a wheel in need of some grease. You turn to look to find a waggon slowly approaching the center of town from the road. They must be one of the vendors from the festivities who forgot something. You wave amicably and continue sweeping.

You get a bit nervous as it continues drawing nearer, you’re not even sure what’s pulling it, but it’s probably some fancy unicorn magic or something like that.

You look up as it comes nearer, rolling an inch away from you. It looks like it said something once but now its held together with...duct tape?

Suddenly the door opens and something hard hits you across the head. You stumble, you limbs flailing as you try to keep your balance, your vision fading. You look up to see a mare smiling at you, her purple cape fluttering in the wind....

Slowly you come too, your vision is fuzzy all you can see You try to moove your hooves, but they’ve been tied behind your back. You’re very uncomfortable, your hind legs splayed out in front of you, an odd position for a pony, kind of like that one green mare who was always sitting on the bench....

You stop struggling knowing there’s no point, from the feel of it, these are magical bonds, they won’t release you until whoever cast the spell wants them to.

Your vision finally focuses, only for your face to turn bright red. The blue in your vision is the rump of the mare who kidnapped you. She’s bent over looking into a trunk. It shifts and wiggles as she searches. Whoever she is she’s got a very nice ass. It’s just cushy enough to jiggle with her movements, while supple enough to retain its shape as it moves across your field of vision. She’s wearing a pair of panties of slightly deeper blue stretched across her cheeks pushing them together slightly. You can’t help but bite your lip at the way it spills out around the top and the bottom of the lacy outlines. They’re too small, they looked like they wouldn’t fit even the skinniest of mares. This one wasn’t fat, but she definitely needed something bigger, though the tightness emphasized her curves...and did very interesting things to the bit of chub that jiggled around her flank as her light blue tail flailed about.

You make a sound at the back of your throat involuntarily, and at that she notices you. The shock of realizing you’re conscious causes her to bump her head on the lid of the trunk

“Stupid trunk! How dare you defy me!” she yelled to no one in particular. She slammed it with a hoof before turning to you. As she does you can see her rump panning away, the roundness turning, showing off her cutiemark. You hope she didn’t notice, but from the slight blush she does.

“You DARE ogle the Great and Powerful Trixie!” She yells.

“I-I’m sorry! I mean! I wasn’t! I mean I was bu-” You pause. “WAIT, you kidnapped me! You have no right to get angry AT me!!”

Trixie huffs. “The Great and Powerful Trixie did not kidnap you.”

You struggle against your magical bonds. “Then what do you call this!”

Trixie glares at you . “There’s a cartpool lane in Cantorlot, the Great and Powerful Trixie could make a mint there, but she needs at least two ponies.”

You blink. “You couldn’t have ASKED!?”

Trixie turned her nose into the air. “The Great and Powerful Trixie does not ask for anything. And she will not be ogled by commoners. Even if her flank is perfect.”

You rolled your eyes. “Perfect even if those panties are five sizes too small.”

She turns red for what you now assume is two reasons. “Are you calling me...fat!?”

You blink. “No! No I’m not I-”

You’re silenced as a magic bond wraps around your mouth.

“You think I’m a fat flank!? I’ll show you fat flank!” Her expression of offence turns to a slow grin. She lids her eyes. “And I know to do it.” From somewhere in the corner saxaphone music starts playing. She walks towards her swaing her hips. Her rump is just large enough compared to the rest of her to be obvious as she sways, it jiggles around those tight panties as she gets closer.

Your eyes widen, and suddenly she pivots on her front hooves bringing her rump directly back into your face. She lets it sway in front of you smoothly lowering one leg and raising the other then repeating the motion. One cheek goes higher, tensing with her muscles as the other relaxes letting the slight chub flow around those panties keeping it at bay.

“I’ll show you my great and powerful ass!”

She lets it move sensually through the air in front of you, looking over her shoulder with a half lidded smirk. You try to move but you’re bound and can’t even get an inch. You’re forced to sit there as her large blue cheeks sway and jiggle in front of you. You can begin to feel your body responding...those soft supple globes held taunt and pressed together by those lacy panties inches away from your’s enough to drive you mad. You start struggling for a different reason, trying to get closer. You lean forwards as much as your bonds will allow.

Suddenly she takes a step forwards and you end up leaning into the cold open air, her rump shaking back and forth mockingly.

“Nah-ah-ah!” She teases. “Trixie did not give you permission to touch her. You shall simply have to watch.

And you do, she begins to bounce, her cheeks clapping together with practiced skill, just firm enough to always come right back into that perfect, soft bubbly shape, but with enough chub to make them dance in the air. The strain of the teasing motion makes them hot, you can feel heat radiating from the cheeks. You want to touch them, feel that warmth against you, but every time she sashays close enough for you to lean forwards, to try to feel them, she swings her rump away, walking just far enough forwards to leave you teased, laughing at your plight.

Your member throbs, achingly hard at the perfect posterior slowly moving in front of you. She’s done this before. She knows just how to move to accentuate the roundness of her rump, make the cheeks jiggle in just the right way, showing off her immaculate ass, the softness obvious, suppleness showing in the way those small panties strain to keep the muscles from pulling it in two as her legs work to swing her butt to and fro in front of you. You almost cry out at the teasing strain, you want to touch her so badly it hurts.

She smiles, getting closer again, you lean forwards, almost blinded by your desire to be closer to her, and you gasp.

She doesn’t stop coming closer. She suddenly presses her ass against your chest. The force with which she does it forces you to the wall of the wagon, her soft ass bunching up around your chest, just as soft, supple and warm as you imagined, you groan at the sudden contact, your member bouncing around like a mad superball. You want more, you need more.

But just as quickly as it came, with a little sway back and forth against you her rump sways away, and she resumes teasing you with its swaying motions.

You could scream.

Trixie laughs as you struggle against your bonds her sensual motions never ceasing even as she looks back to mock you with her laughter. You yell against your gag but its so muffled you might as well be doing nothing.

She gets closer again, your body aches with need, but she stops just short of your reach, there’s less than a hair’s width between your face and her delicious rump. You can feel the warmth radiating from it.

You could cry.

She cackles louder, and suddenly her rump decends...lower.

Your whole body jerks as her cheeks envelop your member standing proud at attention. The slight chub of those buns swallows it in softness. You cry out at the sudden firmness of her actions, you try to thrust upwards into those cheeks, but you can’t get any leverage.

And she just sits there.

Her ass is situated directly on your member, you’re hotdogged between her buttocks...and she just sits there, looking back at you over her shoulder with an infuriatingly attractive smirk on her face.

She sits there for several moments with you panting and moaning needilly through your gag, but doing nothing, providing no further stimulation other than her warm supple cheeks around your member in a constant pressure against you.

“Feeling hot and bothered?” she pouts playfully. “I’m sorry”

Your breath catches as slowly, ever so slowly, she works her rump to the left, letting her right cheek press against your hard length, the groan inducingly supple cheek flowing over your most sensitive area, the silkiness of her panties aiding in this. Then she goes to the right, even slower this time. Your whole body is tensed, tight as a bow about to fire.

And then she gets up.

She sways her rump in front of you once more, faster and more teasing than ever.

You actually scream.

“Now, now,” She raises a hoof back at you, tilting it back and forth. “Have you learned not to oggle the Great and Powerful ass without Trixie’s permission?”

You nod quickly, panting and fidgeting as much as your bonds will allow. You really can’t do much else.

She smiles. “ that case...” Her horn glows, and a blue aura surrounds her panties...

Your eyes widen as those tight undergarments slowly begin to slide down her legs. Her ass compresses as it flows over the curves, welling up at the top to escape the press of that silky fabric before popping free with a jiggle before popping back into that perfect curve you’ve come to know.

She looks at you dead in the eye with a little smile, she begins to jiggle her cheeks without moving at all, just be tensing the muscles in her rump. Tense. Relax. Tense. Relax.

“Do you want to apologize?”

You can only think enough to nod, all of your attention taken up by those bare beautiful cheeks tensing in front of you.

Suddenly your vision is plunged into pure soft, warm blueness, her ass pressed against your face. You moan loudly, this is what you wanted, you nuzzle and press yourself against those buns, letting their softness caress your face. You can hear her voice, muffled slightly.

“Then please me!”

You don’t need to be told twice, your tongue snakes lecherously from your mouth and paints itself across her plot, stroking and feeling her cheeks. She holds with no teasing and immediately pushes her rump harder against your face. You obey and start tonguing her puckered hole.

It’s hurt turn to moan. You’re hungry from her teasing, your tongue plunges deeping, licking and slurping at her anus, you swirl and slurp, tasting her. Her butt is sweaty from being cooped up in those tight panties, and that’s just fine by you. You bend your head as much as your bonds will allow and slip it over her burning marehood, she cries out loudly before you return to her smaller, tighter hole, licking faster and faster.

Suddenly her plot pulls away, for a moment you’re afraid she’ll start teasing you again, but you look up at her face, and see her blushing brightly, looking back at you with a sultry smirk, and you know she needs this just as much as you do.

Without further delay her ass descends onto your crotch, it swallows your burning length in seconds. Her soft cheeks slam into your lap.

She knows what she’s doing. She wiggles back and forth before pulling back up, riding your length like a joystick, the cheeks rubbing up and down along your sensitive flesh as she goes up and down, up and down. She pulls almost all the way out, only the tip left inside, holding there for a moment as you moan with need before slamming back down with a sound of her own, high and breathy, she goes faster and faster finding a rhythm, that glorious rear slapping against you reddening with the force of her thrusts. It’s all her, she pounds down against you your meager thrusts almost completely useless, as she controls the growing pleasure you both feel. She slows occasionally still not resisting the urge to tease you a bit.

Then she gets serious.

She pulls almost out again, just your head inside her warm, oh so tight plot, as she looks back at you. She laughs a bit. Then slams back down. She pulls, up and down, up and down, her ass clenching and unclencing faster than you thought possible.

It builds and builds, until finally, the teasing, the tightness of her hole, the softness of her plot. It’s too much.

Both of you cry out, and you fill her up with warm sticky fluid, cumming longer and harder than you ever thought you possibly could. Her juices spilling over your lap.

Her spell vanishes, your gag and bonds vanishing as you both fall to the floor exhausted. She slowly lets your member slide from her ass, her hole leaking a bit as your member spurts a bit onto her cheeks.

You look at her for a moment, both of you blissfully laying in the afterglow.

“You know what, Trixie?”

She looks at you. “What?”

“Now that I’ve thought about it I really don’t think I mind accompanying you to cantorlot...”


Painting the Town

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Pallette Swap had invited you to her studio. Being the first human in Equestria she wanted to immortalize you on vanvase. It wasn’t often she ran into something she’d never painted before. Though...there’s one thing she didn’t tell you.

That she wanted to paint a nude.

As she led you down the corridor your heart began to pound. Honestly you’d agreed to this because you found her really hope she wouldn’t notice just how adorable you found her.

“Oooh this is gonna be great! Human musculature should be an interesting challenge to paint. Your anatomy is so strange for Equestria. The closest I’ve painted is a Diamond Dog, admittedly it was hard to paint while being chased through the mines but I did manage, I-....”

Your thoughts drifted from what she was saying. She was walking slightly ahead of you. You could see her rump bobbing as she walked. She was a tiny thing, even by pony standards, but what fat there way to her certainly knew where to go. Her tail blocked most of your view, but as it swayed along with her hips you got a pretty good view of her ass. She had that slight bounce of youth, you figured she’d be in about her early twenties in human terms. The perkiness of her flank showed that. It bounced just as happily as she did when she spoke, her long red tail flowing along with her stride. You noticed the tip was green...was that some kind of dye or was that its natural coloring, you wondered. You noticed a slight smell in the air it was...pleasant.

“And that’s why I don’t paint phoenixes anymore,” she finished looking back at you. You managed to avert your gaze before she saw you checking her out. You’d reached the dressing room, a small sheet of fabric stretching over a little room.

“Well take off your clothes.” she said smiling.

You feel your cheeks heating up, but she looks up at you so happily you can hardly say no. You smile and nod, walking behind the curtain.

“Think unsexy thoughts...think unsexy thoughts...” You will yourself under your breath. It was bad enough she was going to see you naked, you didn’t need her to see you...excited.

You slowly disrobe, your shirt coming off first, then your pants...

You stare at your underwear. You’re thankful, the bit of excitement you got from staring at her flank has ebbed away a’ll still be embarrassing, but at least not awkward. Ponies walked around naked all the time right? You were just joining the crowd. Your junk gave a little throb at the memory of her flank. You glared threateningly at it. None of that.

You’d be couldn’t stare at her if she was painting, she’d be facing you. It’d be easy.

With a deep breath, you step out, turning your hips a bit so your junk wouldn’t be in your direct line of sight.

She smiled, looking at you appraisingly. That didn’t help your blush. At all.

“This way.” She says happily. As she led you to the drawing room you looked everywhere except her ass, not matter how tempting it was. She opened the doors and pointed to a little pedestal in the center of the room. “Climb on! Try to stay as still as possible.”

You oblige, climbing onto the pedestal and striking a pose, hands on your hips, chest puffed out. She giggles a bit, and you try not to think about how cute that is.

“Alright lets get started.” She walks over to a set of canvas and several paint buckets...and turns around so her rump is facing right at you. Your eyes widen as her tail begins to lift.

“Uh...what are you...doing?” you asked, cheeks burning.

“Painting of course.” she replied, then paused. “Ooohh, I see, I suppose you’d use your hands. Well I’m an earthpony, so I don’t have much of a choice, I paint with my tail. It’s prehensile. See?” She waved it around in the air in ways you didn’t know were possible, revealing her pale white rump in all it’s glory for a moment.

Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts....

“Now that that’s explained, lets get painting.” She looked at you over her shoulder, sticking her tongue out and closing one eye. Her tail descends into the green paint bucket before lifting again revealing her ass once more, directly into your line of sight. You turn your head, trying to think the most unsexy thoughts possible.

“Please look this way,” she comments. “Eyes straight ahead, it looks a lot cooler!”

“” You look back, with your eyes straight ahead you can once more see her looks smooth. She wiggles it ever so slightly as her tail works back and forth across the canvas. Her soft cheeks shift ever so slightly with each swish of her tail. You notice that smell again...a slightly musky smell, it really didn’t help your attempts not to get’re fairly certain it’s coming from her paint covered tail as it works above that delicious rump.

Her ass shifts far. swinging left and right even farther than before as she lays down a base coat, wafting that smell towards you as you watch her creamy rear sway. She looks up at you, noticing your nostrils flaring, her cheeks flush.

“Oh...Um...sorry. I..tend to reuse paint.” She paused her work, fidgeting a bit self consciously, her adorable flank shifting with her. “One of the problems to my method of painting is...when I paint for a long time my um...” she looked at her own posterior. “Tends to rubs off into the paint...if it bothers you we could-”

You shake your head. “No! it’s fine...I don’t mind, it...doesn’t smell bad.”

That seems to make her blush slightly more, but she nods, and continues painting.

You have no choice but to watch her rump sway with her tail, it shifts to and fro as she finishes the base coat, the curves shifting, flaunting though completely accidental...right?

You feel yourself responding, Without moving your head you shoot your member a warning glance again, clenching your teeth.

As she begins on the smaller details you can see her tail moving more precisely. With her tail raised, you could see the little nub of muscle right at the top of where her back began to curve into her smooth flank, leading into the long strands of red hair. Far be it for you to guess how she moved the rest of it, but that little nub wiggled about atop her ass as she focused. You could see the muscles of her rear aiding in her efforts, her soft glutes tensing and relaxing as her tail bounced her rump shfiting about moving slowly back and forth to position her tail across the canvas.

You couldn’t take your eyes off those cheeks...Tense...flex...wiggle, wiggle. Every time she focused on something particularly small, her cheeks would firm up, and you could see how supple they were, there was muscle there, this very exercise had made sure of that. You could see it wasn’t as easy as it looked, why there weren’t many earth pony painters, her tail had to move so precisely to get everything right, and her ass collected a sheen of sweat to show her efforts, the muscles tightening and relaxing in specific places softening, hardening...softening...hardening.

That smell filled your nostrils...your member knew, now matter how many withering glares you gave it, you couldn’t hold out much longer. You want to shut your eyes, to hide yourself, but you can’t look away, or move. Ruining her hard work would be downright criminal.

One part of you really doesn’t care and starts moving anyway.

It throbs and pulses, rising to attention. You shift your eyes to look down at it, trying to will it to go down, but every time your eyes return to those perky buttocks it throbs all the harder. She’s currently looking at the canvas as her tail glides across the canvas. You think she’s painting your hair because she has to reach high to get it. She lowers her front legs, reaching her rear high into the air, her tail raising, the little nub above her cheeks jiggling like mad to get all the little details of your hair. The result makes her cheeks jiggle back and forth as her whole rump follows.

The power of Celestia herself couldn’t calm you down now.

You know the second she finishes on your hair she’s going to look back over. You’re standing at attention, throbbing almost painfully. You look for something, some out, some reason to leave, but you can’t. The room is sparse, even if you spoke your close were back in the dressing room and there’s nowhere to hide.

She lowers her rump and looks back at you. You brace yourself.

She lids her eyes, smiles and gets back to painting.

You blink...she...she had to have seen it. It was pretty obvious...and...she smiled. You wonder what’s going through her hea-

And any thoughts you might have had vanish as her rump begins to slowly sway back and forth, far more sensually than before. She’s still painting, but she’s working her hips into the motions of her tail far more than necessary. She looks back around the canvas and giggles at you.

You feel your cheeks heat up...she knows you’re staring...and she’s making it worse.

You really don’t mind this turn of events.

You watch her paint, her rear working up and down, back and forth in ways that tease you beyond belief. You groan, trying not to move, you don’t want to give her any reason to stop moving.

Suddenly she steps from behind the canvas, turning around and looking at you appraisingly. The view of her rump leaves you, but before you can miss it she begins to sashay towards you, her hips swaying out to the sides with every step.

There’s a small stand next to the pedestal, you suppose for subjects who want to sit down. She steps up on it, coming to about crotch level.

“Hmmm, I think I can improve this subject...” she smiles at you, and turns around.

You stare, her rump is bared in all its glory closer than ever before, you could reach out and touch it, you start to move to do just that when she clicks a hoof against the floor.

“No! The subject can’t move, painter’s orders.” She teases, shaking her rump from side to side.

You freeze, you don’t know what’s happening, but you don’t want it to stop. She continues to wiggle her rump for a moment, before her tail lifts even higher.

You can smell that musky paint, the scent far more powerful this close up. Her scent is all around you, almost pungent but not quite, a slightly spicy intoxicating smell. Her tail, covered in that odor lifts higher, and gently paints the side of your face.

Her tail is soft, even with the heavy paint coating it, it glides across your cheek, under your chin lifting your head slightly, it’s surprisingly strong.

“Subject has a strong jaw.” She turns your head to the side. “Great in profile.” she giggled. Her tail wraps around your neck, bringing her ass closer to your lower chest just above your throbbing length, it brushes it gently and you can feel the warmth it’s built up from painting, you groan at the sudden contact. Her ass is just as soft as you imagined, but there’s tone to it, making it moan-inducingly taunt.

As you take a breath her tail paints its way up over your nose, covering the lower half of your face in musky, slickly painted tail hair. Her smell is all around you, overwhelming, flooding your senses. From far away you though it was powerful, but now it seems to be a force of its own, all you can breathe. Those hours of painting, sweating, collected in that hair. Below her rump rubs lower, the bottom of her cheeks brushing your member, causing you to jerk slightly.

“Having a hard time staying still?” she asked teasingly.

You nod, unable to do much else.

She looks at you for a moment, before smiling. “Well, in that case...I’d love to capture a subject in motion.”

She steps away and her tail pulls you downwards, all at once you find your face buried in her cheeks. The milky white globes of flesh surround you, and after so long standing still you waste no time. Outside your hands begin to feel her, roaming over her cheeks, feeling her curves, grabbing, squeezing, trying to feel as much of her as possible. Her scent is here too and you inhale it greedily. Your mouth opens and your tongue dives between her cheeks seeking out her hole and delving inside. Her tail is still wrapped around your head, and suddenly it drags you with her ass as she slams you to the floor, lost in pleasure. She’s sitting on you now, keeping you down with the force of her plot alone. She bounces on top of you, that bouncy energy of hers transferred into needy pleasure seeking. Her cheeks lap against yours, as she comes down over and over again, your tongue snaking in and out of her anus. Her tail releases your head, the long, surprisingly strong appendage snaking down wards across your chest and wrapping twice around your throbbing length. The paint makes it slick, the silky hair squeezes and slides up and down over your member, driving you wild. You tongue her ass more frantically, your tongue occasionally rubbing up against her burning mare hood slipping between her haunches as she bounces wildly on top of you. Her tail squeezes and strokes coating you messily in paint. She’s noisey, her cries muffled through her toned bottom but audible all the same. You both breath faster and faster until finally you climax at once.

Her juices spill all over your face, mixing with the pungent paint already coloring it as your cum adds some white to her already colorful tail.

She keeps bouncing for a moment before finally falling to the side, panting tiredly. Your member slips free from her tails grip, still leaking. She turns to look at you, her scent more powerful than ever, her special paint coloring your face. Both of you are going to need a bath.

She smiles at you. “I think I have a new favorite subject”


Spa Day

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You fidgeted uneasily in your plushy spa robe. You found it odd that they had one that fit you, it was even a little big. Apparently there was a diamond dog who somehow found his way in every week for a pedicure. Still you didn't complain, it was actually rather nice and surprisingly clean for something a diamond dog had worn, though it smelled lightly of...kibble.

Rarity had insisted you come, saying it was to ‘Die for’ your insistence that human males didn't really go to spas fell on deaf, well groomed ears. Eventually she convinced you, what harm could it be? So here you sat in one of the many rooms of the spa, awaiting the arrival of your masseuse and waiting for the day to end.

You sat there, messing with the belt loops of your robe as the door opened. Looking up you saw a blue mare with pink hair wander in, she was rather slim from your view, her leith body moving with practiced ease through the doorway in your direction with a pleasant professional smile.

You opened your mouth to say hello, only to close it when a second, identical mare struts in, the only difference being that her body had the opposite coloring. She was pink with a blue mane and tail.

“Oh....I get two of you?” you asked.

The pair of them giggled, and you felt a blush climbing to your cheeks.

“Oh yes,” they said at once, walking towards you with twin smiles. They had thick, low voices, with velvety accents that played across your ears and didn't help your blush.

“It is not every day we get to treat such a client.” said the Pink one.

“You are larger than any pony, so you need special attention.” said the blue one.

“I’m Aloe” said the first.

“I’m Lotus” said the second.

“Oh...well, it’s nice to meet you.” you told them your name, fidgeting in your chair.

“Alright! So, let us begin, yes?” said Lotus, nodding to her sister, together they turned away from you to their bottles and instruments, preparing their hooves for your massage.

As they turn your eyes pop wide.

You can see why they were trim, their bodies knew just where to put any excess. Their smooth matching colored legs lead up into pairs of delightfully plump cheeks. From Twilight’s instruction on the geography of Equestria, you can guess they were from the colder regions, where keeping warm was important. You’d guessed ponies from the area might be bit a little differently, but you never imagined this. For their size they looked firm as the sisters hummed to themselves, bobbing obviously, letting their rears shake directly in your line of vision. These were wide, childbearing hips, leading back into deliciously soft looking, curvy cheeks. You could tell, that this wasn't one too many plates of hay fries, this was how they were built, no matter how much they exercised or tried, they’d never get rid of those rumps.

Thank Celestia for small blessings.

You hear them giggling, your blush climbing as your head whips back upwards, to see if they noticed just where you were looking. Btu their heads were still turned, applying oil to their hooves to begin your massage. Was it just your imagination, or were their hips swinging just a little more? Just a little farther....

You manage to, reluctantly tear your gaze away.

They finish their prep, forelegs glistening with slick, thick oil, the pair smiles to you.

“Remove your robe please.” they said together.

You try not to set your hair on fire as your face heats up. You look down briefly at your belt. Little anonymous seems very happy about the previous show. There was no way you could remove yo-

“There are towels under your table,” said Lotus.

You try not to sigh with relief. Trying to be covert, your turn away from them, and find the towels, in a little cubby hole underneath the massage table. You undo your belt, quickly wrapping the towel around your lower half before little anonymous comes out to play, tying it tightly so it doesn't show through.

The pair of them nod to you, approvingly, gesturing to the table

“Please lay down and try to relax.” said Aloe.

“You look a bit tense, yes?” added Lotus.

The walk over, almost pushing you down onto the table, you’re glad it’s lined with soft pillows as your little friend is pressed up against your stomach, still quite active. You lay your head on your hands, and try to relax.

The two of them get to work, you never knew hooves could be so soft, they knead and press in just the right areas, easing the tension from your body with skill unmatched by any human masseuse, you nearly drift off in their care.

You pause as you feel their hooves leave, opening an eye to see them giving one another a knowing look, Aloe goes to stand in the corner, as her sister looks down at you.

“Now for the full body massage,” she smiled. “My sister and I have a small, what is the word?...wager. I will give you my full body massage, and then she will give you hers. Tell us which of us it is that you like the best.” she lidded her eyes a bit. “Is that acceptable?”

“Uh...sure,” you say, not sure where this is going. They've already relaxed your body totally, things couldn't get much bett-

You stifle a gasp as she climbs onto the table in one swift practiced moment, suddenly she’s on your back, her soft, plump rear pressing against your back, sliding from the oil from your massage, the skin of her cheeks slickening as the warm flesh pressed downwards. You can feel it rolling over your skin firm, yet oh so soft.

Suddenly you’re not so relaxed.

“Please try to stay still,” she says. You can’t see her face, but you’re fairly certain she’s grinning.

Her hooves press against your upper back, and then she’s there, pushing back and forth, up and down on your back. Her ass pressed into your back, rolling back and forth along your spine, down to the small of your back up to the center, the oil making slightly slippery sounds as her soft, warm skin flows along yours like snakes in oil.

For its softness, you can still feel the muscles in her rump, tensing as she pressed downwards, the cushy flesh shrinking and receding as they tighten, before spilling downwards over the small of your back in a wave of soft pressure.

It’s all you can do not to groan.

She continues, going faster and faster, Her rump pressing more firmly into your back. You can feel your arousal pressing against the soft plush of the table. If this was supposed to release tension it certainly wasn’t working.

She gave a final firm push, and then that lovely posterior was gone from your back as she pushed away from the table and got to her hooves. You can feel yourself throbbing, pressed against your chest by the soft table, your cheeks very warm as she leaves, already missing it as you watch those swaying mounds slowly drift away.

“Your turn, sister.” she said, pointing a teasing hoof in your direction as her pink sister.

“Why thank you, sister.” Aloe sashayed up to you, a bit of a mischievous glint in her eye. She turns to the table giving you a rather nice view of her plot as she grabs a tube of oil. You expect her to turn back to you and apply it to your back, or her hooves, but she simply turns her head, and with a well placed squirt, sends a cascade of oil flowing onto her pillowy flanks.

Your have to keep yourself from gasping as it flows down her cheeks, clinging to the sublime curve of her rear as it drips down, delving between her cheeks to her thighs and eventually onto the floor. The slick oil leaves her skin shiny, you can nearly see yourself as the light bounces off the slope of her ass.

You’re quite tense now.

Before you have time to wonder what she’s planning, she’s on the table...but she’s backwards. She plants her hooves on either side of your legs, resting her head on your rear as she arches her back, before gently lowering her rump onto your back. Unlike the firm insistent pressure of her sister, Aloe’s touch is light, the oiled flesh of her almost marshmallowy posterior just pressing against the bare skin of your back.

She starts to rub.

Back and forth, her rump slides with a loud, slick sound, along your back, until it reaches the back of your head. Her soft cheeks compress around it, the oil getting into your hair, her scent suddenly very obvious in your nose. Her supple rear end presses against you like the best pillow in the world, you can feel the cleft of her cheeks on your neck, like an oil, wet, warm kiss as it pushes against you, before sliding back down.

She’s flexible, she gets all the way to the small of you back, never moving her forehooves, just arching and bending her body to let her heavenly ass slide along your skin, the muscles working tensing. She has so much control, you feel her clenching the muscles and unclenching them in a rhythm against your back, tightening and softening almost as if melting against you.

You can’t fight it, you do groan.

As she slides back up, the sound of oil on oil, skin on skin a constant in your ear, as those soft, supple globes glide over you, their touch causing you to whimper despite any attempt to stop yourself.

As her softness reaches your neck, you feel something, soft and silky wrapping around it. Her tail curls under your chin, flicking at your cheek like a caressing hand, the thin fine hair is well cared for, smoother than any fabric, it smells deeply of her. As her plush cheeks slowly slides down your back, it slides away, curling under you nose. Her musky scent complemented by the smell of the scented oils she worked with and light perfumes. Her tail slides away, stroking over your features as her skin slides against yours in a slick path back down.

She continues, up and down, and up and down, tightening softening, tightening softening. The plumpness of her glutes aiding in the cushy soft motions of her inventive massage. The heat of her cheeks in the oil like a hot kiss along your back and neck. She has you groaning and squirming under her, nearly trying to hump the table to get more satisfaction, more sensation.

As your groaning gets faster, and more urgent, she suddenly hops away, you almost yell out at the absence of her warm, comfy form above you.

“I think we know who is the winner.” she smirks at her sister, flourishing a hoof towards your squirming form, your body begging for pleasure.

Lotus sighs. “Fine, I admit defeat.” she bows her head. But then she looks up, and they both cast a mischievous glance in your direction, eyes lidded. “But there is the matter of his payment, sister.”

Aloe nods. “Yes, sister I believe there is the matter of his payment.”

You’re pretty much incapable of responding besides a confused noise. You assumed Rarity had taken care of the tap. But as they advanced towards you, hips swaying like glorious pendulums you got the feeling they didn’t mean money.

“I think I know just the way,” said Aloe.

“I think we are thinking similarly sister.” said Lotus, then she gestured for her sister to go forwards. “Since you are the winner payment goes to you.”

Aloe smiled. “Thank you dear sister.” she looked to you with a sultry purr. “Please flip over.”

You stare at them for a moment, your brain says to slow down, but the rest of your body drop kicks it and locks in in a closet. You comply, rolling over, your member tents the towel, what little attempts you had made to hide it falling to pieces.

She climbs onto the table, standing over it with a teasing grin, she pokes it with a hoof, the sensation of touch through the towel making your squirm and moan needilly.

She looks down to her sister. “I think he is quite ready. I am feeling generous so let us share the pay.” Her eyes glint as she and her sister shared a look. “Make sure he’s wriggly.”

She suddenly steps forwards on the table, and in one small movement, turns around. You see her sister hopping up, right before your world is engulfed by her plum, firm ass. The soft cheeks swallow your face, totally, to the point where you can hardly breathe, and every bit of air you manage to get is filled with her thick, musky scent. She wiggles her thick well rounded plot above you. You can’t even hear if she’s saying anything, but you know what she wants.

Your body almost responds without your consent. Your mouth opens, and your tongue snakes out, lathering the cheeks that surround you, your needy moans muffled and smothered in softness. You can only vaguely hear her own moans as she wiggles atop you more firmly forcing your head down onto the plush table as her marshmallow posterior conforms around your head, her smell and taste all you can feel. Your tongue reaches her puckered hole and you know what she wants. You give your payment, happy to do so, licking out, and letting your tongue delve into the tight hole, feeling it clench and loosen around the soft, wet muscle.

You can hear here even more clearly now, she must be very loud.

As you please her suddenly you feel something else, a sudden wet, oiled, soft touch around your painfully needy member. The sensation is unmistakable.

Lotus’s ass wraps around your member, hot dogging it between her cheeks. You know this only through touch, the sensations blindingly pleasant as you pleasure her sister. You squirm and wriggle beneath her at the softness all around you. Feeling your member as the oiled slippery mounds of flesh saw up and down around it, before suddenly without any warning, you feel it enter.

There’s only one thing that tight, that soft, that groan inducingly pleasing, Lotus has buried your member up to the hilt in her glorious ass.

You can hardly focus long enough to continue to please Aloe, licking and feeling at her ass, moving your head just enough to get the occasional slurp along her delicate petals and clit. Your tongue always returning deep between those cheeks, delving deep slurping lecherously.

It doesn’t take long, you can hear both sister now, the muffled sounds coming through louder and deeper. Lotus bounces up and down on your throbbing arousal, cushy, supple cheeks slapping against you as Aloe grinds and wriggles herself against your working, delving tongue.

All three of your cry out, long and high, Aloe’s juices cover your face as her sister’s spill over your lap. With an arch of your back you fill Lotus’s cheeks with sticky white fluid.

You slump down onto the table. Aloe practically falls off of you onto the floor, a blissful dazed expression covering her face. Lotus slowly slides off your member, the sensation of her oiled pillowy rear sliding off of you drawing a final few spurts to paint her rump.

They look up at you, breathing heavily as you attempt to recover, the room smells strongly of all of you. The sisters smile.

“Feel free to come back. We are having a sale every Tuesday.”



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You knew you shouldn’t have agreed to that favor.

But oh no, Rarity’s big pleading eyes and her protruding lip were too much for you, and now you found yourself out in the mountains alone with a wagon and a shovel. Apparently she needed a whole wagonful to make her next ‘Masterpeice’ and you were just the human to do it.

Oh well at least she was nice enough to enchant a flashlight for you. It would’ve been much harder to find much of anything without it.

You turned it on, shining it at the ground, the magic allowing you to see through the soil until you came to a red sapphire. Putting the light down, you pick up the shovel and plunge it into the earth, digging a few inches down before picking up the gem and dusting it carefully off before tossing it in the bucket.

At the very least it was easy work, you were almost done as is. Just a few more gems and you’d be in the the gems in anycase.

You walked forwards humming a tune and swinging the flashlight along the ground when quite suddenly a whole appeared in front of you. The earth sank downwards, gaping open and leaving a space about four feet in diameter right in your path.

You blinked. Sure was lucky not to be standing there weren’t you?

You look over the edge. It seems to go down for quite a ways, you’d heard Rarity warning you about something when she sent you up here....what was it? Ah well it didn’t really matter did it? So far your time in Eqeustria had been easy peasy, nothing majorly threatening o-

The ground shook, and suddenly you found yourself tumbling backwards. You reached out to grab something, anything, but there was nothing but air in front of you.

As you fell into open space you managed to grasp the handle of the wagon, only to pull it in with you, the gems sparkling in the light as they plummet.

Time seems to slow, and for a moment you’re sure you can hear a raspy voice above the lip of the hole.

“Creature fell into hole?” it says. “Oh no...he stand no chance.”


“Ow...” you groan. You opened your eyes, the light hurt them for a moment. You had no idea how long you’d been had no idea why you were alive for that matter. You looked up, the hole you had fallen through was just a pinprick of light in the ceiling of a large cavern. Geeze, no wonder it’d collapsed there was almost nothing supporting the dirt above you.

You looked at your surroundings as your eyes adjusted. There was a faint glow coming out of various crystals in the walls. They actually lit the cavern quite well. You could see your saving grace, a pile of soft earth collected around where you had fallen, it absorbed the shock like a sponge. Thank Celestia for small miracles.

There was a sound at the corner of your hearing.

You turned your head to see something dart behind a stalagmite.

What was that?

You scuttle back on your hands and knees, almost falling off the pile of earth. Who knew what kinds of creatures lived in the dirt under Equestria, it could be some great stone golem, or a giant snakepony or an undiscovered ravenous beast come to gobble you up.

Suddenly you feel a breath on your ear. You freeze, a soft, deep voice whispering.

“Hello creature.”

You freeze in your tracks, the warm breath on your ear and the sound of that voice causing you to shiver in more than just fear. You slowly turn your head only to find nothing there.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see more there more that one?

“H-Hello?” you call, your voice echoing into the cavern.

You hear shuffling, things moving all around you.

You gulp. Well....they seemed intelligent, maybe they were friendly....if they weren’t you were screwed anyway, so might as well try it.

“Can you help me....I fell down here....I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to intrude.”

There was a moment of silence, before something moved out of the shadows of the stalagmites. You could make out the shape of a head, seemingly...canine.

You gasped as something registered in your mind.

What Rarity had warned you about.

It was diamond dogs.

She’d told you they were mean cruel creatures who captured others to use as slaves in the diamond mines.

She hadn’t told you they’d look like this.

It’s head was a lot smaller and more feminine than you’d imagined, as she, and you’re sure it was a she, comes out you could see she was wearing a vest, it was red with a little patch you couldn’t make out. She looked...almost afraid, still half hidden behind the stalagmite.

She didn’t seem like she meant you any harm, you put a hand out in what you hoped was a disarming gesture.

“Um...hi....I’m you help m-”

Your words die in your throat as her lower half comes out from behind that stalactite.

Bottom heavy doesn’t begin to cover it. It seemed like half this creatures total mass was in her hips. Her slender waist led into a pair of thighs that would make the term ‘Thunder’ redundant. They were the whole storm. They led back into an ass so large you could see it though she was facing you, each tentative step in your direction making one cheek pan forwards. The worst part?

She was wearing a pair of tight, seemingly laytex pants. They went down to the end of her thighs, and kept that mountainous ass in a perfect bubble of flesh. You could see it had even ripped along her left thigh, the soft chub there spilled out in a way that was all too appealing.

You were staring and you didn’t care.

“You are....male?” her voice ripped your eyes away from her better half. Her voice was deep and soft...not the hideous screech you’d heard Rarity describe. You see her nostrils flaring as she looks towards you, eyes glinting with keen interest.

“Um....yes?” you answer, not sure where this is going.

Her large ears perk up at that and...oh god. Her tail starts wagging.

You can see it whipping about behind her, waving so hard her entire hindquarters is swinging left and right. It did...interesting things to her thighs and ass. You can see them jiggling under the latex. Somehow there seemed to be more muscle in those hips than you originally gave them credit for. Though they swing and giggle, panning left and right, even rubbing against eachother with an audible shift as her tail dragged them back and forth they retained their shape...their alluring...bubbly...shape...

You were staring again, and you think she noticed.

“You like?” she asked, her tail wagging faster as she took a step in your direction.

Your face flushed. “Oh...well um...I, I didn’t mean anything by it I-”

Her nostrils flared again.

“You DO like!”

She smiled in a doggy grin and took another step towards you, actually trying to work her hips into her stride this time. The effect made you gulp as she slowly closed the gap between you.

You crawl backwards as she gets closer, your little anonymous might indeed ‘Like’, but....I mean...she wouldn’ could’t-

Your back hit the cavern wall as she sashayed closer those laytex covered hips swinging like pendulums.

“W-wait a minu-”

“You like....” she said again, coming within a foot of you, she slowly turned around, looking at you over her shoulder. “This?”

You get your first full on view of her ass. It almost makes you cry out. You’re sitting against the cave wall, placing it directly in your face. The expanse of flesh covered in that shiny squeaky material so close to you. You’re not sure when she got those pants, but it was obviously several sizes ago. They’re stressed at every curve, hugging close to the point where the valley between the cheeks is clearly defined, it delves between them hugging in places you didn’t want to think about.

Oh who are you kidding, yeah you did.

Her tail wags above it, sending the cheeks jiggling and wobbling in that tight material, peeking out from just above the lip of those pants, it’s wagging so fast you can feel a light breeze, smelling strongly of her. It’s not an disagreeable smell, just a strong musky, but distinctly feminine smell. You’re at a totally loss for what to say, your mouth flaps open and closed like a fish caught on a hook.

“I know you like, you want to touch?” suddenly she takes some weight off of her legs, and bends down, from the neck down, you find yourself buried in soft, smooth pliant, latex covered flesh, it squeaks as it meets your skin, her tail practically batting you in the nose.

“Touch...” she says at a low growl.

Your breath catches in your throat as you suddenly found yourself in contact with her huge ass. It wasn’t just warm, it was almost hot, you could feel something lower, buried under the latex almost burning. Oh God...from what you knew about animals you could only guess that meant one thing.

Her growl grows a bit louder as she begins to sway ontop of you, forcing you back into the cave wall and forcing some air from your lungs as her soft ass molds around your chest. Your arms are almost totally pinned to the wall, but from her earlier suggestion you’re starting to get the feeling you should obey here....I mean...who were you to question an order like that?....

Your hands reach as far as their limited range can allow and stroke over the smooth latex covering her ass, feeling the slope and curve of her ass. It gives like a marshmallow around you, in your hands on your body. You can feel her thighs, pure bastions of muscle, but that ass?’s all ass.

You can feel the muscles in her tail working back and forth with some speed as you begin to stroke. Your little anonymous is quite excited, it throbs almost painfully in your pants a the overload of sensation.

She grows more and more excited, pressing you against the wall even harder, you’re starting to have a hard time breathing.

She wiggled her ass lower, and lower, cheeks rubbing against you, letting your feel their curvature as they molded to your body a firm pressure that told you you weren’t going anywhere.

Eventually she was practically sitting in your lap, pressing you to the floor, the soft wave of pressure from her ass washing over your groin causing you to groan her tail whipping across your chest.You’d give anything to take your pants off right now but you can’t get your hands around to your zipper as she bounces and grinds against you, keeping you down, her whining sounds of pleasure echoing in the cavern. Through the haze of bliss you could swear you hear something look up to see pairs of eyes looking out from the darkness....

You’re not alone.

But whoever seems to be hiding in the dark they seem to be content to watch for the time being as the diamond dog girl pounds her ponderous posterior into your crotch. That plain softness at your groin pressing and forced up against little anonymous through the fabric making you squirm beneath her, any words you might have gotten out were completely lost under her onslaught. She seems to be getting more forceful, more needy. You can hear it in her voice, grinding’s not going to be enough.

Suddenly her ass leaves your groin, you’re surprised, almost shivering the almost burning heat of her ass leaving you cold in the air of the cavern.

You collect your wits enough to try and reach down to get your pants off.

Hell, if this was going to happen you might as well enjoy i-

She had different ideas.

Suddenly her ass is on you again, your face is buried against the her cheeks, the latex sliding along your cheeks as hers push you back into the wall enveloping your head in a warm, soft, fleshy prison.

You don’t even think she realizes you can’t eat her out through those pants. But you really don’t care, you’re in heaven, even if you’re having a hard time drawing a breath. Each one you manage is heavy with her scent. You can’t help but open your mouth and have a taste of her cheeks, their softness on your tongue as it slides slickly along that latex as it surrounds you. She bounces and whines as she grinds back onto your face, her cheeks swallowing your head almost entirely. You can feel them as they slide around yours, supple to the extreme, your tongue painting all over the slick, hot material.

She squirms and writhes needily on top of you, and you’re nearly in the same boat. No matter how much you try her ass has you pinned, you can’t move your arms to remove your pants or give yourself any more satisfaction besides the sensations pouring in all around your head.

Your little anonymous throbs needily within the confines of your clothing. You cant’ reach it, and you’re actually starting to feel a bit light headed, the pressure on your face is mounting as she becomes more and more aroused, slamming it down onto your head. It’s to the point where when you open your mouth to try and get a breath, a bit of the chub of her ass actually flows in. You can taste the sweat of that rubbery latex, a shine of it beginning to cover the material. You’re starting to get worried as your breath comes with farther and farther gaps in between, each one smelling more and more of her musky aroused scent.

But that’s somewhere at the back of your mind. Right now all you want is a release.

She doesn’t seem concerned with that though. She just continues to foce you against the wall with her large, soft ass, pressing you back again and again, only the softness of the flesh saving you from any kind of injury.

You can feel yourself slipping, awash with sensation you know you’re about to pass out if you don’t do something soon.

Using the last of your wits you open your mouth and grab that latex between your teeth.

That’s all it takes.

It rips like a overfilled water balloon, her burningly hot cheek suddenly pressing against your face, you bite again and again, occasionally nipping at that ass as you do, and suddenly you make a sizable hole.

Your tongue knows what to do after that, licking over whatever it comes in contact with, delving into that puckered hole and that dripping crevice below when it can reach. She squirms all the more fervently, her whines audible even through the muffled plushy walls around your head.

You can only hope it works, any more of this and you’re going t-

Suddenly she howls with pleasure, her ass suddenly tenses around your head. You’re shocked.

There is muscle in those things.

Despite what your first thought they turn into a vice around your head, muscles becoming evident as the toned glutes compress themselves around you. It makes you cry out for more reasons than one.

Then just like that, her ass falls away from your face, leaving you in the comparatively blisteringly cold air of the cavern, your hair slicked back with more than just sweat, her scent clinging to you like a lover.

She lays sprawled on the cavern floor with a blissful smile, tongue hanging out, tail waving gently through the air in contentment, dragging those cheeks you’ve come to know so well gently back and forth with her rump.

You reach down to your belt, you don’t care if you have to do it yourself, after that you have t-

You hear a growl from the corner of your hearing, suddenly something whispers in your ear.

“You like?...”

You turn to see an army of diamond dog girls leaning close to you, looking from you to the one you’d just pleasured’s ass and putting the pieces together.


[Aurthor's note, if you think Diamond Dogs are a weird choice for an ass story I leave you with this]

Bunt Cake

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You found yourself at Sugar Cube Corner at the end of the day, you are pretty bored and kind of tired from helping Applejack around the farm all day. The place is pretty empty, they were about to close, but Ms.Cake let you in anyway. She liked you and didn't mind serving you after hours. Mr.Cake was out for the day and she had a strange look in her eye. As she served you, she looked around the restaurant, you wondered what was going through her mind as she stared at you for a moment.
Then she turned around and goes back to the counter, but you notice a sway in her hips, that lengendary ass swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Your eyes tracked it, your head almost swaying with it as she gets back to work. But then she gets on her hind legs, and starts doing something, she danced a little as she did, sending her ponderous cheeks bouncing and jiggling, you could see from your position how warm and full they were, softer and sweeter than any pastry in the shop. As you looked back up you could see she'd turned around. Your face flushed, she'd caught you checking her out. She had a bottle in her mouth, you're not sure what it was, or what her expression might be, but then she lidded her eyes, and squeezed.
The bottle squirted a thin line of vegetable oil, which splashed a line right across the top of those cheeks. You could only watch, mouth agape as it began to dribble down that soft flesh
She swayed it slowly, sensually, hurrying that thin, translucent line of slippery fluid down her tush as she never broke eye contact with you. You're too stunned to move. Slowly she brought a hoof down and every so slowly stroked across that cheek, spreading the oil in a slick, shiny trail as her assflesh bends and shifts beneath her touch. She slowly lifted the hoof again, puts it too her mouth and gives it a long, slow lick, smacking a bit before looking back at you.
She took a step back, another, then another, her now shiny, slippery cheeks rubbing against eachother with a slight, slick sound with every step. She was on you in moments, her ass close to your chest as she swayed it, you're rock hard in your pants, and she looked down to see the tent forming there before she turned around and grabed the zipper between her teeth.
She had you undressed so fast you could hardly believe it. She must have done this before, her skilled, nimble earthpony lips making short work of your pants and underwear, she didn't even bother to try to take those off, she just ripped them away with her teeth before she turned those same lips on your throbbing arousal. She took it into her mouth all the way up to your balls, before slowly sucking it up and out with a 'POP!' she smacked again tasting you as you shuddered and groaned with need. Then she turned away, and suddenly her spiraled candy cane of a tail snared around your length still dripping with saliva. You cried out in surprise, you'd heard their tails were prehensile, but you'd never expected, this, the hair is groan inducingly soft, and fine, it tickles and feathers along your shaft, while at the same time having substance. She works it line a fine instrument, squeezing and releasing in rolling arcs as she stands in front of you smirking over her shoulder. You can see the muscles in that ass working to move her tail, tensing and firming what little muscles there were in those heavenly bodies of soft flesh.
She has you squirming in her tail's grip, you can hardly stand up, she smiles sweetly at you from over her shoulder. "Having a bit of trouble there hun?" she asks. It's the first thing she said since you walked in, you try to reply, but a squeeze from her tail turns any words into unintelligible moaning. "Don't worry I think I can help with that." she shifts a bit, her tail drawing your dick a bit closer to the cheeks underneith. You can hardly stand the anticipation when the head touches those slick, soft bubbles of flesh. She places you right between those cheeks, you slid in easilly, your member almost totally vanishes between the valley of that ass, sandwiched inbetween like a hotdog in a bun three sizes too big, she unwraps her tail, making duly sure to draw every bit of it over your flesh as it pulls away in a silky tease against your flesh. "There we go, nice and cozy" she chuckled. You try to speak again, but suddenly her cheeks clench, firming up around your member, the sensation driving you to fall back. Somehow there's a chair behind you, and she keeps up the pressure, moving with you. She slowly begins to saw your dick up and down between her cheeks, the supple cheeks rubbing up and down as you throb in that groan inducing ass.
She begins to tense and relax her ass, faster and faster, quicker and quicker, tense, relax, tense, relax. You're a squirming, moaning mess by now, she just stands there, smiling sweetly as she works your member between her cheeks. She begins to alternate, firming one while relaxing the other, actively moving your dick from left to right in a soft, cushy vice with only the power of her ass alone. She tisked. "Oh my, someone's hot and bothered, maybe I can get you something for that dearly. Let's try this." she begins to bounce, up and down, left and right, just obliterating any sense of control you had with manic, supple movements of her ass, you squirm and writhe as she has you under her control, that heavy, soft sweet ass dominating your lap with it's motions. Finally she slows, and slowly draws her crack down along your ass until it reaches the base, your head poking free along the base of her spine, poking past the dock of her tail. She flutters her eyelashes back at you. "Well, I think I know just the ticket." her ass tenses a final, hard time, muscles firming beneath that soft mass more than you ever thought they could, squeezing you in now way a hand ever could. That's it. You cum, long and hard along you back, moaning and squirming as she continues to watch as you paint her with you seed.
She gives a finally little tensing and relaxing of her cheeks, causing your breath to catch a final time before she works you free. She turns around frowning at her back. "Well gee, I can't continue working like this. I need a shower."
Her tail loos around your waist and suddenly you find yoruself being pulled upstairs.
Us earthponies have hard time reaching back there, I'll need some help sweetie. And besides, I figure you owe me a bit, I didn't charge you for those cupcakes after all." she shoots you a smokey glare over her shoulder, and you follow her without question.


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