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Can't wait to read it.

This is great.
:D See what I did there?

Damn, it's a one-shot.

Ty for writing this for me.

Well Im the one that commission it and I really like so I'm considering of commissioning more. What would you like to see?

Well this is already great to build up on. I'm good with any direction the author wants to take.
But you know; more character development, ponies not wanting them to be together, etc. would be nice.

But if it stays like a one-shot, darn, but if not yay.

Fuckin MMP General.

5330160 Totally agree.
Developing the plot is important.

What kind of plot would you like to see?

5331134 A well rounded one of course.

Lol I see what you did there. what would make well rounded for you?

Love your avatar.

I was hoping for vore :ajsleepy: :fluttershbad:


Hmm I have one for rainbow dash not sure if I can star in it though (names Jonathan by the way) it's mostly a romance comfort clop thing
I guess it's because I've led an unhappy life I don't have any friends except at my brony club my mom is having heart problems plus a guy who lives with her abuses her sometimes physically I've also been in realationships with girls where they only wanted one thing out of me you can pretty much guess what that is not to mention I'm a thirty year old virgin but when I started watching mlp I fell in love with dashie because of her loyalty to others her brash sense of humor and attitude her confidence in herself and others standing up for those who can't help or protect themselves from others from those who'd hurt them I always liked her for those reasons and the fact even when I'm at my lowest I can almost feel "something" pushing me forward and not give up on myself almost as if she's saying "dont quit don't quit keep it up you can do it I believe in you" and because of her I have an easier time with my depression I'm more confidant I go and help out at my church and I I'm happier at my job
I guess the fic is a human gets sent to equestria find out I'm trapped there become friends with mane 6 multiverse theory is explained but dashie finds out I'm uncomfortable around her when hearths warming eve season comes around dashie becomes determined to find out why i see to be unhappy around me so she gets twilight to help get to the bottom of the truth when she finds out about my history and how I really feel about her she decides to give me a sexy "gift" to make me feel better on hearths warming eve

Involves stockings ,foreplay , long legs, anthro, Not sure if you'll do it or I have to pay for it


You do do commissions right? Or they drawings? Not sure if I understood correctly

If not do you know anybody else who'd write it I'm sure if any one reads what I replied to you they have my permission to write it as long as it ends on a good note and they message me that it's been written you don't have to do it if you don't wanna

I'm the one that paid for this story. I was thinking of paying Plotpony of doing another one in the same giant pony universe.

5331459 ah I see besides I dunno how to pay for commissions on here anyway but hey never hurts to ask or try huh?

You're missing a space after the colon in your story's title.

5331397 ...What is Vore?

He was hoping for a pony to eat someone.

5331716 Vore is magic!

You'd later hear that you'd infact come in a burst of lightning and thunder, like some kind of great bolt from heaven smashing into the middle of town square. Twilight Sparkle had said that it was quite a wonder there was anything still standing within a five mile radius of where you came into their universe. Apparently the damage had been mitigated to some alternate universe.

Generic Grocery Store #13483 got FUCKED up then.

5331821 <--------------- No we are magic.

we need more "not so little ponies" stories.

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Comment posted by thesavior711 deleted Dec 1st, 2014


Well played....

Anyne #32 · Dec 1st, 2014 · · 33 ·

The cutie mark of one particular pony you had always loved. Trixie.

Why is that cunt even liked

Because she is awesome.

5332995 Because people have their own opinions.

Them some big ponies

i felt kinda bad for trixie, i know they were mad but does it really take a crowd to demean and humiliate one person? was very harsh considering the whole friendship stick they promote. good thing our human friend could make her a little happier

This story just didn't quite do it for me...

5331905 I picture it more as Megaton getting wiped off the face of the Capital Wasteland.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Sorry to hear that. What about it you didn't like?

Interesting way of presenting the world and the like, activities aside it was quite good.


Why is this cunt even liked.

/oh snap

5335082 It just doesn't really do it for me; it doesn't quite make sense in some ways... like how big is his dick to be able to get what amounts to a full size horse off? Is he packing a third leg or something? How is his pelvis not broken? and some other things like that, physics defying things and other shenanigans.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

5336668 Do you hear that?

That is the sound of any shred of respect I may have held for you going up in flames.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Getting worked up over a clop fic with magical talking horses.

5336721 Nah, not worked up, just a tad irked over the fact that you said 'Magic' as a response to my questioning your story breaking physics in ways that aren't excusable. And I do see how pointless this conversation is in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time, neither you nor I are important in said grand scheme either. The only reason why I am still talking is because I have nothing better to do at 1:23 AM, since I am not yet ready for sleep.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

In world that full with magic, I would believed magic an apporite response but I can see how this story breaks your suspension of disbelief.

5336755 Well, at least you aren't a complete tool and can see how I am dissatisfied with this fic. But yeah, if you didn't give things like physics a middle finger, and actually maintained the suspension of disbelief, this could have been better.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Roger that but the purpose of this story isn't to be realistic to physics.

5336807 I understand that. But at the same time, a story needs to maintain the suspension of disbelief.

We have beaten this dead horse to undeath and then death again...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

While this was a pretty lovely read, there are two little nitpicks I have with this (others probably already pointed it out) - the protagonist has to be pretty short. 6 feet is 180cm which is pretty much average height for a man (at least where I live in - I'm 179cm (which is 6 feet give or take one or two inches) tall and almost every guy my age I know is either the same height or taller than I am). So we have a shorty protagonist, whoo! They deserve some love too though.

And speaking of size differences - towards the end, would Trix even feel it?

Anyway, besides those two things, the story was good :twilightsmile:

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