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In case you couldn't tell, my works are often written to fill specific ... niches. I expect you will enjoy a unique and novel experience.

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Lol poor Spike needed that hilarious misunderstanding way earlier and it didn't happen until the end. :moustache:

Hell that's one great way to work out with Pinkie Pie! :pinkiehappy:

It's always the quiet ones lol. :yay:

Okay, I'll admit that was pretty funny.:facehoof:

GROSS. What kind of author write a clop that fiction that focuses around anal. Sick.

In the honorable rhymes of Sir Mix-A-Lot

Nice job man. :rainbowlaugh:

2265592 look at my story list, then you'll get the joke


Just believe me i wanted a chance to post some crazy h-doujin lines as much as possible.


I'm guessing people aren't getting the joke.

Hint for people who don't get it : Check the stories he's written, specifically the latest one.

this chapter is my favorite:raritywink:. the dude was a smartass:facehoof:, just like i'd be:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:!

(you earned a thumbs up! great job!)


He'll he doesn't even try and he gets laid.:moustache:


Reading this for the Spike featured ones, snarkiness is always fun.


How very... relevant. :twilightsheepish:

For real. My first thought was that somepony drew some fanart for this.


It's true; the first story was indeed inspired by that very picture series.

In fact, story #4 may seem rather familiar as well. :raritywink:

Nice. Didn't have to do a thing and still got lucky with the ladies. :moustache:

Oh Gods, all I seriously saw was Spilght in this chapter, and I loved EVERY SECOND:pinkiehappy: Then again I'm a HUGE Spilight fan though I honestly don't mind them as brother and sister. You did very, very well :twilightsmile: Gods, I'm watching you and I'll read your Spike/Derpy chapter because it has my favorite pony of all time but for the other two, I'm not one for HIE, sorry, still...amazing, amazing job on this, seriously:yay: Also, made me laugh my ass off.

2264512 That looks so bucking painful and now I want to read a Spilight fic:facehoof:

Laughed so hard at the end I forgot to breathe myself, Gods this was perfect, DERPY!!!!!!:derpytongue2: Loved it very, very much, you just made my night:twilightsmile: Damn, for a second though Spike was going to die:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

"Awesome" :rainbowlaugh:
Rock on Spike, rock on :moustache:

Think you could make a story about Trixie's great and powerfully out of shape flank?


This whole chapter is based off this image, isn't it..?

You know it, chappie. :pinkiehappy:
Always on the lookout for inspiration, after all

Lol, that is the best way to react to the situation.

the first story here did it for me way more than the others, although it got pretty weird when spike randomly jammed his first in... yeah


honestly, i feel like this story, as a treatise on the subject of squishy butts, is hampered by your unwillingness to be more salacious in your description. i can only read about a butt so many different ways before it gets awkward and unfulfilling.

the first story sort of hooked me until it got weird, but the second person stuff definitely felt weaker, and, again, unfulfilling. i'm not expecting you to start writing porn, but it bears mentioning if the subject of focus is extrapolation on butt after butt after butt

just my two cents


I understand completely where you're coming from, Mr. Darf, and I don't disagree.

I asked myself a number of times "Why am I posting this? Why am I writing this? What am I trying to do?"

The answers are not especially impressive. I mostly wanted to write anything, just to stay in practice. Secondarily, as is often the case, I just wanted to see if I could pull it off.

I suppose I see it something like a theme and variations piece: start with the butt, add a concept, then try something different the next time, each story drawing a slightly different picture.

In the end, I posted them despite my reservations because -- hey, why not, right? Perhaps they could offer someone a few minutes of entertainment (and maybe get some new watchers and residual views for my other stories -- mission more-or-less failed in that respect... :applejackunsure: Oh well.)

Though I must disagree with you regarding the 'weirdness'. I often like when stories get weird. Keeps things nice and unpredictable.

In any case, I appreciate your continued readership, Mr. Darf. Perhaps one of these days I'll get off my butt and write something truly satisfying.

Well, if nothing else it got a couple of chuckles out of me...


'Tis the power of the Swag, good sirs :moustache:

Today I learned you can put your finger in someone's anus platonically. Who woulda' thunk it?

I demand ghey HIE with Big Mac

I guess you could say...
Put's on sunglasses and then another pair over the first.
He handled the situation!

Her hind leg still lifted to step into her bed, a sudden heavy bass note sounds out from her backside, ripping for just a moment through the silence of the room.

oh my god! i have never thought about celestia passing gas, this is hilarious:rainbowlaugh:

The musical report of her fart rings out from below as she stares into your eyes. You listen happily to the alluring sounds of her body

ok, now it's creepy:twilightoops:

“The air is so sweet out here.” She giggles for just a moment and adds with a grin, “But I suppose I'll soon be putting an end to that, won't I?”

ok, now it's hilarious again:rainbowlaugh:

Her rump seated heavily upon your lap, a sudden deep, heavy vibration shakes your body,

now i'm laughing even harder:rainbowlaugh:

Her soft moan tingles your tongue as a long, hissing puff escapes her tightly puckered hole

and now it's creepy:ajbemused:

Well, that certainly was different, but I liked it anyway.:moustache:
Bravo, good sir.

Im both creeped out, laughing and for some odd reason kind of aroused at the same time

i think i've seen something like this on 4chan once :unsuresweetie:


Anything's possible, I guess.

Trixie booty maybe?
Hey that rhymed :yay:

Well, well. Will ya' look at that. It's my fetish. :pinkiehappy: Thanks.

AWG appreciates your work, anon. you shouldve went Trip. you couldve joind the elite.

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