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In case you couldn't tell, my works are often written to fill specific ... niches. I expect you will enjoy a unique and novel experience.

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Make it explicit and you will get over 9000 internets.

Very, very sweet. Loved every word of it. Make an explicit version if you're pressured into it, but I like this as it is. It alos fits perfectly with Rarity's personality (all neat freaks have a "dark", chaotic side) :duck:

110688 I agree with this fine gentlemen.

Oh my god. YES. I finally found this again!

Thank you sweet gods!

Oh...Oh my....It would ACTUALLY make sense if this ever happened. Rarity doesn't normally mind some more....lewd contact in the show and seems perverse overall.

I'll track this and give this close to 5 stars. Keep it up:raritywink:

Not bad. Looking forward to the rest, explicit action or not.



To be honest, I always thought that Fluttershy was secretly some kind of bondage goddess. The problem is working up enough courage to get anypony into her bed. Or, basement.

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Oh look, it's another of "those" stories:facehoof:.

Moving on...


i was reading this while i was playing skyrim
my character fell down a waterfall and landed next to a dead dragon and absorbed it's soul

i swear to god this story scared the everloving shit out of me

Oh yeah, I remember this. Nice to see it here!

Mildly insane clopfiction. My favourite kind!

Very well done, character-appropriate, and intricately written. I must say, I enjoyed this one. It's right there among "the Back Room" when it comes to well-written perverted fics.


Fluttershy, you're putting me in a bind! :raritywink:

Ep ep ep - not clopfiction.
Sensual fiction? Definitely.
Fetish fiction? ... admittedly yes.
But not clopfiction. Just for the record.:scootangel:

Do it. Hundreds are waiting for it.

i think i have found a new favorite story:trixieshiftleft:

No, silly, you misspelled Twilight. But by all the various gods, Rarity's so hot in this. I especially like the thought of Fluttershy slowly maturing into this beautiful, powerful domme.

Kinda like a chrysalis that becomes a butterfly.


Waaaaaaaaait a minute...

113329 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbow laugh: Bahahahahahaha! i see the connection! BAHAHAHAHAHA!:rainbowlaugh:

I am actually going to track this because A) You play the character beautifully B) This is deliciously awkward through the whole thing and it just makes me laugh


In this case I apologize. Though it is, despite it's pretty much sexless nature, very clopable. Especially to the utterly depraved and fetishistic audience ;)

Congrats Mr.V

You are a gentleman and a scholar.:moustache:
I praise you for your intelligence, and say again: If you make this explicit, you will get over 10000 views in ten seconds flat.

Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

Ooohhhh my god this is AWESOME. It just keeps getting better. The wingboner totally got me, can't help grinning. And Twilight as a masochist... totally can see that.

Keep it up, you got yourself an audience here. :)

Liked the first one, but this was great! i was a little disconcerted with how Twilight was treated but i think that its probably a good thing anyway. She does kinda need to be more respectful to the others. Then the ending with Rainbow Dash? AWWW HEELLLL YAAAA!!! The next one is gunna be fun...

113604 I second the above comment . . .

Since the theme is flutters being more assertive, I figure I'll try. "Take that shit of hiatus and give me more chapters damnit!" :flutterrage:

Buck yeah!


If you dont mind me saying so, I beleive that you could improve on this, and it needs very little improvement, by changes the tense to either past or present rather than future. It seems somewhat unnatural to me, although it does make your story stand out more.

You are a god among meer mortals

This is bloody brilliant. I actually enjoy reading this, and I'm not a big fan of clopfics. Hope the next chapter comes soon! :rainbowwild:

Because freedom of speech.

113899 Because ponies.

Amazingly simple, yet addictive. Great work.

Ahhh poor Rainbow Dash, :rainbowhuh: She just dosen't know what she's got herself into now.

Keep writing man!

I didn't really like this... At all... Sorry.

Oh, Rainbow Dash was so very predictable (peeping tomgirl, WING ERECTION) but that doesn't make it any less sweet. My absolute favorite still being

Fluttershy can hardly believe what she's seeing. "Rarity!" she gasps, "W-w-what are you planning to
do with that?"
Despite her anxiety, Twilight can't resist an amused scoff. "Yeah, it's a real mystery ..."
“Twilight!” Rarity looks at her with obvious disapproval. With a huff, she lightly flicks the cane
against the little ruffles at the tops of Twilight's stockings, “My, my, we definitely have to do something about
this ... sarcasm."

That really made my day. I only hope the lessons will help them grow, and not downright change them, because that would be sad. Twilight without sarcasm? No way.

Thanks again for a session of wonderful s&m randomness. Didn't think you could do it again, but guess what? you did

Rarity: The Monster of Ponyville. No one is perfect enough for her. They have so many "flaws" like wills, assertiveness and personalities. Better to destroy all that lives than bear the uncontrolled. :facehoof:

Poor Rarity. She gets no respect. She's either an insane artist or mistress of madness. Some ponies never catch a break. :raritydespair:

Rarity is ordering Fluttershy to order Rarity.

115494 That sir, it the definition of shit getting real.


115077 Check out the ask lil miss rarity and sadistic rarity tumblr blogs. its this but with pictures!


sadi rarity is better for this story i believe...

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