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In case you couldn't tell, my works are often written to fill specific ... niches. I expect you will enjoy a unique and novel experience.

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I liked the theme and moral that love transcends the limitations presented in your story.
But it was also gross. :unsuresweetie:

Which is what you were going for so it's great.

That was sorta gross. Very good, too. I liked it one heck of a lot.

Oh my god, V.

I've never been mindfucked (forgive the crude, but very effective language) so hard in my entire life. I'm glad that the dark/gore tag didn't turn out to be the cliche "everyone you know and love is going to be murdered now" bit.

This was marvelously crafted, giving a feeling of 20s Americana to Equestria. I can undoubtedly say that the plot was beautiful, as was its delivery. Even at the end and even with its foibles, I can relate to Marvelous, and I feel both sorrowful for and enamored with LL.


Afterthought: I forgot to compliment your prose. Consider it complimented.

i've said this before and i'll say it again here
you are one of the most fabulously talented and underrated writers in this fandom
even at the first paragraph i knew this story was going to be fantastic
i'm super bummed that more people aren't paying attention to your output - this story seems as much a proper novel as it is fanfiction, which might be to its undoing - if anything, your talents are being wasted on shoe-horning ponies into your stories

dick-sucking aside, the prose in this story is beautiful, and i have no doubt the chapters past the first will be endlessly entertaining. bravo on a brilliant piece.

I stuck this into my to read pile ages ago. I wasn't feeling the story to begin with, it was good, but not great. Chapter 3 though turned it all around. Glad I finished it.

i already left one comment on this story

i can't put into words how wonderful i found everything about this piece

the death of fanfiction

Thanks for all the support, Mr. darf.
I find it most satisfying to hear that you've enjoyed my stories. I guess I'll see if I can keep it up, yeah?

And hey, everyone else -
I know I tend to not respond to comments, but if you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to say things. I hope you've enjoyed yourselves as well.

There is only one word for mastercraft such as this:


while i cant say that i understand all the facets of this story, i can say that it is really well written.

I also get the feeling that lovely's place being a honeyfarm, honey being mentioned as a preservative, the fact that lovely has a neural disease and that marvelous stated that he couldn't imagine life without her are all leading to a horribly tragic ending.

getting a little creeped out here. i got to say though i kind of saw this coming, it seems very Edgar Allan Poe, to do a thing like this. looking foreward too seeing how this all ties together.

Fucking brilliant.

Horrifyingly beautiful.

This is THE greatest story I've read yet. Oddly enough, I find myself thinking of acting the same way as Marvelous has... I would still love Little Lovely.


Yeah, it is very reminiscent of both Lovecraft and Poe, some sort of juxtaposition of the horror of the grotesque and the romance of morbidity. This story is a genre of its own.

This is truly a beautiful tale. Very VERY beautiful. I say kudos to you!:fluttercry::heart:

This was a cool story although I kind of feel it would have been better without ponies. They didn't really add anything except the little bit of magic explanation at the end.

I expected Little Lovely's sickness to be a result of her father's imperfect clockwork and that Marvelous would upgrade her. I figured that was why you included the scene of Marvelous mentally critiquing the clocks.

But overall it was a great story with a unique style. I'll have to check out some of your other stuff. Oh... What? Hmm... Do you have something in... not porn? Well I might check it out anyways.

This is the second time I have read this story and again I am wowed. Wonderful job! :yay::yay::yay:

The beautiful sacrifice of a mother for her child...

Love can transcend even discrimation and fear...

I like how Carver wasn't perfect with clocks. It seems to hint that his masterpiece isn't all his doing.

I loved reading this story. Despite not seeming pony superficially, I think that upon looking deeper, thematically it does fit
with pony.

This story has been sitting in my read it later list for a long time now, and I finally got around to reading the whole thing in one sitting. It's been forever since I last read anything considered to be truth gothic fiction, and the fact that you touch on that genre so well here is a testament to your skill as a writer. I am infinitely jelly of you.

This is brilliant. The little asides about clockwork mechanisms, the foreshadowing, the characterization, it's all very well done. I could not have guessed where this story was going to take me, but I'm glad I took the chance and give this a read. Why this does not have more attention to it is a real honest shame, but I suppose not many typical fanfic readers would understand, let alone appreciate, a thoughtful piece of writing like this. Again, I am so jelly.

I'm really glad you write this and chose to share it on here. It was a pleasure to read, and I wish there was more stories like this on here.

This was a strange beast.

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

A strange, romantic tale written in the tradition of nineteenth century horror.

why no horror tags ? lol

This read like Poe only with a happy ending...

Creepier and creepier. But since it's ponies, a sweet ending!

Now with reading:

The horror tag wasn't added as a site feature until at least 2014. I guess Mr. V just never went back and attached it.

Oh my. This is the perfect blend of classic horror and pony positivity. The awful situation that would end in pure tragedy in most stories, yet coming out with a happy ending here, despite being no less creepy for that. It's absolutely wonderful.

I can already tell this'll be an interesting ride. Down the rabbit hole we go!

Called it. I figured this was on the table somewhere, but goddamn does the execution prevail regardless. This is a hell of a story. I need to see how it ends.

Goddamn. I love how simply everything is presented, no matter how impactful ieach piece of information is. Especially the big bang toward the end there, as if it were just carelessly tossed our way. It all made the 'horror' of this story that much more powerful.

I will say that it didn't feel much like a true horror story, but that might simply be due to the change the genre has seen over the years. Definitely an upper-shelf story.

Eerily, exquisitely beautiful. I wish I'd read this years ago.

Well, what a lovely, little tale.

I actually liked this. It's messed up, but still adorable at the same time. Very well done, I might actually read this on my channel, if that's ok with you?

This was a beautifully visceral romance, in every sense of the word. The atmosphere and tone were perfectly constructed to convey that gothic feeling, combining the best of both gothic horror and gothic romance. It's like something out of a Stoker novel, and I loved every moment of it.

This is quite the masterpiece.

A lovely yet dark romance.

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