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In case you couldn't tell, my works are often written to fill specific ... niches. I expect you will enjoy a unique and novel experience.


A short and sugary piece in which you spend a quiet winter day with Fluttershy --
who just happens to be adorably fat.

Second person, HiE, cute.

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Oh, sweet cheeziness.
Not bad though. :twilightsmile:
Dat cover art... ^_^


I'm not personally a fan of BBWs, but it's adorable for what it is.



She laughs and rubs her cheek against your tousled hair. “And I wuv you, my snuggwy wittle bunny-bun.”"

You quietly cringe, and with a nervous look, your eyes roam about the room. “Fluttershy, come on,” you grumble, “I told you not to call me that when the animals are around.”

You can already hear the squirrels riffing on you, those jerks.

Is actually Angel.

I don't know why, but I fucking loved this.

Curious as to why Fluttershy is fat, though.


What the hell?
I mean, I laughed the whole way through, and yes it was cute, but still...
What the hell?

I have no idea where this came from, but it was cute. :twilightsmile:

Speaking as a fan of anything Fluttershy, that was adorable. Too bad it's a one-shot.This would have some potential, great fic and really well written.

> 1,620 words
>Status: Complete

this is a travesty the likes of which i've never before been privy to

I'm a girl and I found me and Fluttershy together as a couple is quite ideal. :yay:

Great story.

Is this some kind of fetish or something? I'm very confused. But the pic is hilarious


D'awww, that was awesome.

Hmm... poor girl might need to lose some weight due to health reasons; her heart might give out. :fluttercry:

Good story though.

something something diabetes joke

But that was positively adorable.

Conflicted feelings, ho!

Buttershy is always adorable. Nuff' said.

A++++++ would find adorable again :3c

Buttershy is best Shy :yay:

I have no idea what this is, but I'm bored of reading normal fics.:pinkiecrazy:

Just... what? Take my thumb, but live without my star.

fat ponies should be a thing. i had to bite down on a stick to stop from cooing and to a lesser extent squeeing.

To me,this fic is adorable and about accepting anyone and loving them for their personality,not their physical form.<3
I draw out the weirdest meanings in stories xD

I-I can't,,,,, HHHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!! 0///0

I had to. It was required of me.

This was kind of weird, but I loved it.

Fat Fluttershy only makes her all the more cuter.

It was so cute it hurts.

1821464 fetish was my first guess when reading the description but then i saw the everyone rating and just sat there for a moment to ponder what this might be. i was pleasantly surprised with how FAKKING ADORABLE this was

its cutie buuut i'm kinda glad it didnt escalate from there:pinkiehappy:

My eyes have burned out of my skull.
Too adorable.

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