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10/10 Will come back!

Brilliant. I can see why people would pay you to write this.

I wouldn't myself, but I can definitely understand those that do.

Comment posted by ZerOAimi deleted Apr 3rd, 2014

Mm, would love to see a follow-up where he returns and lets her keep him <3

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Apr 3rd, 2014

Hmmm... gusta!
Also, the description of how the reshaped Twilight's posterior looks like is reminding me of a specific game by Kaijo.

On an other note: the story was well made and detailed. It could be better with a longer 'action' scene, though.
But I'm sure I'll take a look at this at some times in the future.


aaah, you stole my idea. changeling do this shtuff.

4176118 Your comment is so giddy that I chuckled in real life (in a good way, mind).

4179002 Hooray! I made someone chuckle! :pinkiehappy:

Gonna read this tonight~


Do tell me what you think when you're done! Getting a lot of views, but comments have been discouragingly sparse.

Sure thing!

The premise of this fic definitely caught my eye when I saw it. As far back as the very day the wedding episode first aired, I've always wanted to see "Changeling brothel" fics, in which changelings take on the forms of specific characters in order to gather love from ponies who have fantasies they'd like to fulfill.

Not to mention, plots and mind control are also big interests of mine, so this fic sounds like it should be right up my alley!

:rainbowderp: Wow. Mind-meltingly fantastic. A great premise that's backed up by the perfect amount of detail and excellent execution of a second-person perspective. I'm honestly thinking of commissioning a story myself.

Who is the artist?

Great story my friend great story
My night just got better

I can honestly say I didn't enjoy this and I don't get why it's featured... Then I remember shallow second person wish fulfillment rather than... Proper story or erotica.
On a side note, why are those deleted comments there?...

I'm concerned that the ongoing promotion of your commissions TWICE in your summary, especially as it's in the feature box, is violating the gray area of copyright that fanfiction holds.

If you want to advertise on your blog, fine, but soliciting commissions in your summary is a step too far and liable for the rest of the site to be put in legal jeopardy.

Would you consider removing the upper one and leaving just the lower, below the cut-off link?


Clearly it's not the author deleting criticism! Never!


There's no evidence of that. Some people just regret commenting on things after they've hit *send*.

4180791 Yes, but on clopfics, especially featured ones, I've noticed that thing happens a lot. Not as frequently as on a truly full on bad as a nasty Taco Bell'd shit of a story, but... It's not uncommon.
Anyway, how's your day been, random stranger? I found a rare TF2 item.


Fair enough, I can do that.


Thanks, Plot. Not trying to jump up and down on you for it. I'll clear my last comment with Eldorado about it, too.



oh hey, I know the character in the title image. :ajsmug:
good read by the way.

Nice short clop piece. Second-person perspective is usually a crutch, but you make it work. However, be careful with commas. You have them where you want a period, and you lack them where they're needed. Have a look here or here.

Omg that title image. I know exactly where that comes from and what it means. Can't even read this because of that. >.<

4181968 APPUL :3 yus that image if from a friend of ours.... you don't want to know.

Intersting. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work.

“Not many are aware that female changelings have such an ability...I could do it you know...I could tie up your mind in mine, like a present left on the heath, your will gone...only pleasure...only me…”

Is it just me being German and not understanding what she means, or is this a typo?

dame, long time since i've read a good story like this
the ending was too great, she want's to keep him but stops from doing it


4182728 Just you being German; though it does look odd, will in this instance means determination, i.e. the will to live.

Great story. That being said, I found some things you may want to edit.

You plunged inwards, your cock sheathed inside her velvety softness. She cried out as the sensation coursed through both of you, your bodies connected, tied and twined intimately as you writhed together, moved together, you hips tensing as they pulled you back, only to pound into her again, smacking wetly into that ass you moved so much, sending it shaking like you’d smacked it with a paddle, the purple suddenly tented by red as the impact drew a blush from her skin.

First, that should be "your". And second, I think that should be "tinted".

You didn’t care, you couldn’t care about much of anything, you were awash in that orgasim, all thoughts except pleasure dripping out of your mind like debris under a monsoon.

Lastly, I think that should be "orgasm".

This was a step above many stories on this site.

Well done!

Finally had a chance to read this story last night. Ooooh boy, it did not disappoint!

It was everything I'd hoped it would be, plus a little more. The presentation and atmosphere held very well, and I particularly enjoyed that bit with the real-time modifications to the Changeling's form. That was easily my favorite part.

This has definitely earned a fav from me, and I would totally love if you did more with this idea. Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna do Luna she has the best ass please Luna Luna Luna Princess Luna of the full moon Luna Luna plot!

In any case, thanks for the awesome read!

Um... okay. Well written, but... not my cup of tea. I'll give it a like, though.

I'm so slow, it took me reading this twice to notice that the changeling's description was of Chrysalis.

Well, that was a good story! :D

Actually the story says that she's shorter than you. Since she'd have no reason to make this adjustment, she's either not Chysalis or you're really freaking tall.

4349314 If you look at my OC: Yep. I'm definitely tell. About her height if I was a pony.

I'm not an ass person. I'm a chest kind of guy, but the exquisite, erotic detail you wrote this with is delightful. I'm a huge sucker for detail, and you hit this one out of the park. Thank you for these stories, as I'm currently going through your gallery.
I rate this story 10 out of 10 hearts.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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