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Glad to see a commission up.
And hooray for chubby pone :D

Comment posted by Mixer Loop deleted Dec 1st, 2014

Enjoyed it very much.

I wish I was in Mrs. Cake's position. -Gulps-

it must have been some kind of architectural trick to make it appear as though it was simple as a small, sweetly constructed cottage instead of this massive interior operation that it apparently was instead.

It's a Time Lord science!3.bp.blogspot.com/-NQQO2TLXON8/UWQTxHgpT5I/AAAAAAAAF-0/OvGMki7ZKqo/s1600/The-tenth-Doctor-TARDIS-Time-Lord-Yeah-doctor-who-31965854-500-250.gif

To put it frankly Pinkie Pie was the envy of anacondas everywhere.


There are some things you may want to edit. First, there are several times where you wrote Ms. Cake instead of Mrs. Cake. And lastly,

She'd basically caught him with her tongue halfway down his throat, and his hands playing with her cheeks like molding clay.

I think that either this story in missing an anthro tag or that should be hooves.

5332785 a lady with a dark side? I'm intrigued, madam.

To put it frankly Pinkie Pie was the envy of anacondas everywhere.


"..but ‘oh sweet Celestia’s grace’ did those sweets ever know where to go when they got there. To put it frankly Pinkie Pie was the envy of anacondas everywhere."
Good use of Nicki Minaj's butt song as a reference.
I feel me and Shortcake have a lot in common. I mean, he's an ass-stallion. I'm an ass connoisseur. We're like kindred spirits, man! Still feel sad for Mr. Cake tho.
One thing: plz describe Shortcake's appearance a bit more. Well maybe just his mane, I keep confusing his appearance (in my mind) to another OC I know of.

DUDE! It's been over 3 months!

EDIT: Make that over half a year.

EDIT 2: Well over a year.

Shame this didn't continue after such a nice start.

what have u done

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