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New Dead Space chapter WILL be up soon. This time it's the truth. · 4:56am Apr 23rd, 2012

Hey guys. I'm sure some of you are wondering when the next chapter of my popular (lies, it's not popular :P) Dead Space fic will be up? Well I'm sorry that I haven't realised it yet, but I promise to have it up ASAP. Since I feel bad for making you all wait, I've decided you should at least know what the name of the chapter will be. Chapter 4: Isaac's Memories. There! I'd say more, but the title pretty much sums it up! Again, sorry for the wait. LineWolf, Signing out.

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Hey, Wolf. You still there? When can we expect the next chapter of your Dead Space fic? It's been months since you last updated. Where the hell you been?

206845 Not a problem! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

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