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A good start. Loved the part with Twilight, “Really? I thought this was a restaurant. Do you have special menu items or something?” that was amazing! :rainbowlaugh: Looking forward to more.

And away we go again!

Whoo hooooo!

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is shaping up to be better than the first one :pinkiehappy:
Hope you update soon :heart:

Damn this is going to be very intresting.
I really can't wait for the next one.
And since comments seem to motivate you, why not a picture to top it all.
And don't forget.

She needs Turner's help? Er... ok? I'm not sure what she can do though, but as a minion, it's her job to do the dirty work like carry a big bag of bits away or throw herself at the "hero" to distract them while Madame gets her coupe de grace ready.

At least she doesn't have to wear goofy overalls, speak in some whimsical nonsense language, and look like a sorta-clone of the the other minions, heh.

Heh, eh...

Oh god, she's serious.

No. No! Anything but the goofy overalls!

Near the end.

"That or the were better actors"

The -> they?

Other than that keep up the great work, glad to see a sequel.

Clever. Well written. Interesting. Funny.
Everything I loved about the first story, again! Great job, keep it up!


Or, what if Trick Turner has the ability to turn every superhero's and villain's tricks around and see through their disguise?

Definitely hooked on this concept - and the second one is definitely better than the first. You've improved! :yay: Keep going! I will :heart: you forever if you make a threesome with Twilight, Trick, and Madame. That would be epic. :twilightblush:


You mean the only pony in the entire city with... common sense? :rainbowlaugh:

But we both know (wink wink) that Trick Turner has nothing to do with turning around anyone's special abilities. If you know what I mean. :trollestia:


But srsly I neeeeed to know what happens next! :heart:

comments = faster writing? OMGOMGOMGOMG SPAM ALL THE GOOD VIBES!!!!! But seriously, this is a good read; I look forward to moar!


Needs an AU tag on this story.

This is gonna be sweet. Here's hoping for a sexy bank robbery.

Mother of Luna this is some sexy shit I can not wait for more I say good job and give this man a cookie now for is hard work
:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild: more more MORE MOAR!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

This. Is. FABULOUS! :raritystarry: We must have more darling!

3066958 Season 4 has a superhero episode though.....Doesn't it?

When's the next chapter? Looking forward to this.
I have also made fan-art. I'm an anthro artist so the drawing is of course anthro, even though the fic isn't. I really love it.

Why isn't chapter two out yet? I need more! More I say! MORE! :flutterrage:

It's been ten weeks and six days since I read this :applecry: why you no update sir you let down all your fans:fluttercry: plz...hurry with the update we really want more to read
(update)my god man why havnt you updated this yet!!! come on did something happen that won't let you make words for us?

3058513 "'Special menu items?' You could say that…"

This is a comment! You are now sustained. Now, spend every living breathing second writing!

It's not dead
IT'S REBORN ahhh Idk
I love the story though:derpyderp2:

Comment posted by Dragonslayer Ornstein deleted Jun 12th, 2018

*twitch* Why… Why hasn't this updated since before season four started? I guess the author just needs more motivation… :pinkiecrazy: This is a good story! You should totally write more! :pinkiehappy: Bam! Motivation.


Yeah, I know. So much potential. Like one of Pinkie's party cannons, only it's filled with spandex, scented oils, and french ticklers!

...oh, it's one of those parties... :pinkiecrazy:

Alright nice chapter so far i injoy the detail you put in when she tells us that she hasnt been out the brothal in years got right in my heart man
what did i tell you about acting like you know shit damn it! You dont know anything but to be a slave to our queen now come here!
im sorry plz master dont beat me again plz dont beat me!
no you get over here and take it like a man damn it!....sorry about that...my mind goes places i wish it didnt

I missed this fic. I'm glad to see you back!

Was definitely suprised to see this pop up as updated. Great job. I look forward to more, but take your time and go at the pace your comfortable with. I'm sure everyone whose waiting will still be here.

Oh my god.

... I will read this later tonight. I suddenly feel a little hope in my heart.

While I know this is a clopfic, you have me interested enough in the villainy that I want to read more and the clop no longer matters.


Huh, that might be the biggest compliment I've gotten on this story...

And its nice to have some more content of that mad mare.

This is my comment. There are many like it but this one's for you. :derpytongue2:

I'm also in this story as much for what's going on as for the smexy bits. And not just Marelevolent's... :raritywink: I want to know what Marelevolent is actually up to and how Trick is going to save her lovely, "evil" rump from Mild Mannered Not-Sparkle the Deffinitely-a-Reporter-and-Nothing-Else. Because sympathetic villains are cool like that.

Got a bit of the feels towards the end there. It's heartfelt when a, er, working mare wants to look nice when she's never been given the opportunity.

I'm also curious how she's going to help rob the place when she's dragging in a million bits. Maybe I'm just not thinking evil but putting money into the Mint isn't robbing it... although it's still illegal... somehow. I suppose it's technically littering?

The whole plan seems as flimsy as one of the lacy things back at the brothel.

Mmm, then again, most supervillain plans are. The fun, entertaining ones anyway.
I'll just wait till it all blows up like an overinflated mare-doll. :pinkiehappy:

The chapter was good, but it shows something important as well - your writing skills haven't gotten rusty. Despite how much shorter it is compared to the first chapter, a lot comes out here, and leaves enough for the reader to want more, which hopefully comes sooner rather than later.

So yes, this was a good chapter. I'm really glad you got around to writing this.

Excellent. I'm loving this story. Very engaging plot and a very well developed main character. This would get a fave and a like from me even if it weren't a clopfic. Please continue.


4419017 4418984

He nodded, a bit flustered. “Oh, um...yes. So I came a few days ago, and...well...you were there for that bit.” He paused, seeming to recall the memory. “While I had figured out what the restaurant was for, I had no idea that the Madame was one of Maretropolis’s many supervillains. Now that I know...it seems blatantly obvious, but still everyone seems to remain blind to it.”

“Tell me about it.” I huffed internally.

That remind of other certains villains who's is obvious:
The Hooded Claw:

And Dan Backsilde from the cartoon "The Dover Boys of Pimento University"

Aaaah, I am so very, very happy to see this update! It was a pleasure reading it. Trick is the kind of wonderfully written character who deserves a hundred works of fanart of her. :twilightsmile: The reader really feels for her, y'know? I can just feel the tenderness of these moments when I'm reading what's going on in her mind: when she reflects on how thankful she is to the Madame Trick for taking her off the street and for accepting her no matter her orientation; that awkward, odd-feeling realization that after staying inside the brothel for so long she's forgotten that ponies don't normally wear clothes; when she tears up at being able to look and feel nice for the first time in her life. . . . This is quite a touching story. Trick is a beautiful character. :pinkiesmile: :pinkiesmile: :pinkiesmile: I can't stop smiling after reading this chapter!

Oh! And a couple typos: "I paused as I reached the stares" misspells the word "stairs", "might bit" should be "mite bit", and you need to capitalize the word "he" at the beginnings of the sentences "he shrugged." and "he got even more bashful than usual". Also, you misspelled Madame Marelevolent's name in the title of the fic!

Commence read.

Alright. Robbing a bank. Neato.

3060871 Common Sense: So rare, it's a super power.

You should add the mane-iac tag to both stories.

Do you have any updates planned, clop or otherwise? The only way there could be clop in the near future is if she has to seduce her way out of the mint. Or it goes off without a hitch and the mane-iac gives a nice thank you (hopefully she stays awake longer if so). I'd be happy either way, both kinds of plot are nice.

I bit my lip and clamped down on that thought like a bear trap. I was about to help rob a mint. I didn’t need to be getting wet right now.


Wonderful and sweet. Trick is endearing in so many ways. I love the setting, the spirit of it all.

Just read the last story and this one, and I'm hoping that this one will be finished someday!

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