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All the moon related puns butt in the case of celestia they become donkey related

that last sentence had a few errors in it. looked should be locked, for example.

just FYI.

Wait... what? Was their lust induced by Cadence or Shining's magic? :rainbowhuh:

I'd like to say that it was hot, but i'm too confused about the whole ordeal.

i'm more confused over that ending than when i played antichamber

Typos... Typos everywhere. It made it really difficult to enjoy this fic.

Maybe it's just me, but that ending made no sense at all.

Dat Ass. Dat Pony Ass.

That Hot Skitty on Wailord-esche Pony Ass.

Interesting fic.

I read it more or less from above, but I could not find "mind control" why is then in that section?

It was going ok, until spelling and grammar killed it. You might need an editor for this one.

Bht.....why.....they.....I.....you......he........she.......WHAT THE BUCK MAN!?!
Ehhhhhhh... Eeeeeehhhhhhhh.....*takes an aspirin* ok so...
What DA hay is with the ending...? XD it makeded no sense to me.
And idk if it is just me but if I was in a room with sunbutt and moonbutt and they started talking like that I wouldn't have hesitated to run like hell while screaming like a little bitch. I'm not talking like little girl screaming I'm talking about full on "Japanese school girl in the middle of a Godzilla movie" type screaming. Lol

I didn't get it. Was he being punished or not?

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