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Oh Sithis, a dragon who is also best pony? That was hot.:rainbowkiss:

We need more female dragon clop!

Odd, yet good.

You know... you can probably expect to continue collecting plentiful dislikes as long as you have this HiE clop up with no Human tag...

I came here for Spike and draconic Rarity... I got... this...

please, next time... not only write a legitimate description, but also add the correct tags and characters (I don't believe "Anon" is a character in the show that counts as an "Other" rather than an "OC", which it is)

PS it's really hard to write a comment/review of this that doesn't have spoilers or a plethora of swears

uioui #5 · May 4th, 2013 · · 3 ·

read expecting :moustache: / dragon rarity.
mislead, disliked.

first thought when i started reading this

Thanks a lot for misleading us with what you were presenting. I came here for Spike on Dragon Rarity action and we get this crap instead. Anypony coming here and expecting a Sparity story better turn away right now, because this story is nothing but a big fat lie.

Thumbs down for misleading readers.


Dude...Calm down, Spike is nowhere in the description, and there's a human tag, not to mention the description uses second person...what in the world were you expecting? Chill.

2526120 Yet he's in the cover image, he's one of the characters in the story, and he's ultimately kicked out of a majority of the story and doesn't even get a small apology out of Rarity or "Anon" for losing somepony he loved.

2526120 If there's one thing I hate about Romance stories, it's a pairing that look like it's going to happen, but then another pairing comes completely out of the blue and lets down those who were expecting another pairing.

>rarity gets turned into a dragon
>rated human

2526120 First off, he's a character tag, something you apparently don't understand is for MAIN CHARACTERS, and, second, there are a ton of stories that use second person through a cannon characters eyes.

2526608 That is first person.:facehoof:

2527308 Second person puts you in the characters shoes, as if you are the character. Usually, it uses you instead of I like first person. First person is told from the perspective of the character, as if they're narrating.

dont see why this has so much thumbs down, its good.

I did not expect that at all ... Good tho :3 liked

And also:

now you’ve got a thing for scales.

well played to predict the reader's thoughts after reading this ... :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't even read this story and I could tell it was anon in equestria. You people need to get over yourselves seriously.

2529195 There aren't many if any that do that and if it did wouldn't this have this some where in the title or description, Oh dear I am spike now/You are know spike/In this story you are spike.
I think you are just looking for reasons to complain.

2714874 A: This is still second person go look it up since I'm not any of your fail ass teachers who didn't teach you the different perspectives.

B: Sure there are. Here you go Coffee and Creativity.

I'm not even complaining; I'm just pointing out the flaw in his comment. Like that Spike tag, that's still there.

P.S. I think you just like seeing your typing, since you clearly don't actually check anything before starting. Good news for you though, there's no IQ or common sense requirement for the internet.

A. I know what it fucking is, I even wrote one idiot. So make sure when condescending someone about a story perspective make sure they haven't wrote one.

B. Fair enough.

What about the Spike tag? Do you know how many stories have the full main six tag because they just show up in it and not do anything important? You know how many people complain about that? No one. You are only doing it because you are looking for things to complain about .


>> Path_of_cloud That is first person.

You claimed it was first person, not me. And based on the comment you wrote yesterday you could be referring to, 2nd person or 2nd person from a cannon character's perspective. The first time I read it I thought it was the later and changed my mind because I'm not one of TAWS 2000+ followers (Excellent writer all the same), but damn it all of TAW hasn't introduced most to 2nd person by now,

A lot of people tell writers who use the tags wrong to use them correctly, or some just hit the dislike button instead of taking the time to try and save said writer from many other aggravated readers. There were actually 3 other people before me who commented that the tags were wrong and description was misleading, which was before there was even a human tag on this, another large issue he had. If you follow the chain of conversation you would see my comment is in agreement to someone else's but it also point out what he has to change to stop getting dislikes because he can't understand two simple concepts. The first being what main characters are, and the second being cover art because there are quite a few pictures of Draggity without Spike in them.

In fact, tagging was so bad at one point that WandererD (If not him it was one of the other mods, but not Knighty) had to write an entire blog and post a link to it on the front page explaining how to use tags. So, literally, everything in your last paragraph is wrong.

Hot damn a dragon in heat... That gives me a story idea... (I am a pegasister not a brony)

You have a unusually, weirdly fitting pic for the story...
I mean your profile pic

2716608 I do believe you won this argument

3156094 Based on the fact everything I said is solid and he never came up with a response, it would seem so :eeyup:

Okay, I just read through that entire argument...
And I can honestly say that:
A) I got lost and confused over who was ranting about what after a while.
B) I really need to stop reading other people's arguments, because in the end I just wind up not giving two shits.

I like this story. It has great plot. Is all you need to know.

I thought this was great and you were at the edge of a no sex tag, making it so much more great. :yay:

But the end gave me a sudden worry for Spike

i loved it,make moar please:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::eeyup::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::coolphoto:

No fair, I've been into scales for ages, and I only NOW find this.:rainbowderp:

Comment posted by Luna Lover19 deleted Mar 29th, 2020

You should make more of these Dragon _____ x Reader stories ( >u>)

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