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It has been a week since Rainbow Dash left to join the Wonderbolts and her #1 fan is feeling down. However, when the truth behind Rainbow's disappearance comes to light, Scootaloo will find herself having to find out that the world can be a place filled with more horror than she could have ever imagined.

*Author's Note*

Yes, this is a sequel to Cupcakes but I am trying my hoof at something different. I realize that this is a one-way trip to downvotes, a Cupcakes story, but I am going for something like I went with with my other story, The Secret Life of Rarity http://www.fimfiction.net/story/40334/The-Secret-Life-of-Rarity. I realize the risk I am taking. If you do not like anything to do with Cupcakes, don't read. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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This sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to reading it!

For what it's worth, I liked it. Not over the top and it was interesting to see what the ones that got left behind go through.

You there is a sequel to Cupcakes where Scootaloo helps Pinkie Pie murder Rainbow Dash (because Rainbow Dash raped Scootaloo), I haven't been able to track it down though. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowderp:

I don't really wanna read this, simply because of the follow-up to Cupcakes, but I will favourite and like it for the idea. One-way trip to downvotes? No downvotes yet :rainbowwild:.

i am not sure if i should be disgusted by this or not being a pinkie fanboy i am outraged shes my favorite character and to see her in this light is wrong i am sorry:pinkiesad2: i liked your rarity story better

Great so far!
Best cupcakes sequel I've ever seen in a while.:pinkiecrazy:

Takes real balls to venture into Cupcake territory. +1.


Ending failed to deliver.

It would be much more grating if Pinkie Pie continued to behave like it`s a party throughout the execution. As is... it was a big cop-out.

1813695 uh... in a good way or bad?

I really don't think this should be rated mature. It didn't have any actual torture in it, just the references to torture. Yeah, the only people who would get anything out of it are the people who have read Cupcakes, which is definitely mature, but this story in itself isn't actually gory at all. At least that's how I interpret it.

1844391 It's rated Teen. I originally submitted it as 'everyone' for just that reason but FimFiction denied it.

Really? Weird, because I thought only mature rated fics could have a Gore tag on them.

1844639 Not as far as I'm aware. if you rate it Teen you still have to say either sex or gore I think.

1844639 Wait...never mind.


I believe that teen can be a general rating, sex and gore tags for teen mean heavy references, I think, and for mature mean heavy... actualities.

Finished with a somber note. I like the Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie dialogue.

If the story were a wine, I would have to say it has a medium body with nutty tones and a bittersweet finish.

2188193 Not in this fic but according to T.V. Tropes there is a sequel to Cupcakes where Scootaloo helps Pinkie Pie murder Rainbow Dash because Rainbow Dash raped Scootaloo. Like I said I haven't been able to track it down.

I felt nothing when I read Cupcakes, but this actually made me a little bit sad.
This proves that my brain says Scootaloo is better than Rainbow Dash.

It would have being cool if Scoots had said something like
"funny, i bet Dashie was begging you not to kill her too. Ironic is'int it?"

Ouch... my feels gland... :fluttercry:

OMG! I ate Rainbow Dash! I should`ve been sad at that part, but I just found it funny. I giggled.

Manly tears were shed.

Not bad. Not amazing, but certainly not bad.

3121185 I agree. it's pretty meh.


To be fair to you, you didn't exactly have the best material to work with.

If I was Scootaloo I would have spat on Pinkie.:trollestia:

This is really well done, especially considering what you had to work with. I really like how you portrayed crazy Pinkie and Scootaloo. The bit where Scootaloo faces the possibility and then reality of what happened to Rainbow Dash was brilliant, as well as when she found out that she had eaten some of her. Pinkie's death was also good, with her breaking at having to face her own death after bringing it to so many others.

i feel sorry for scotaloo

Looks like you always had a knack for that tragic "the day after" stuff that I love lol. :pinkiecrazy:

I liked how you gradually exposed Scootaloo to worse and worse information, to build up the tension. Also I really appreciated the fact that you understand the original story was Pinkie Pie in character with the poofy mane :pinkiesmile: and not what a lot of people have come to know as Pinkamena. :pinkiecrazy:

An interesting what-if. Could've been better (I thought Pinkie wimped out too much at the end) That small nit-pick aside however I will be giving you a like for staying true to the source material ( Poofy maned Pinkie instead of straight maned)

Awesome story! The only part I didn't like that much was when Pinkie started screaming and pleading and generally acting like a wimp at the end. :)

this now has a fanfiction reading for everone to enjoy

Eh...I prefer this to be honest...

Followed by a good healthy dose of this

And this

Unlike most people, I LOVE Pinkies reaction, as someone who has experience in law class I can say that quiet a few serial killers went out screaming like a little bitch, that's probably why I wasn't bothered by it. HOWEVER I could see the "I feel empty" cliché coming a mile away. While realistic, IF Scoot's had found satisfaction in this it would have been a little more interesting (and concerning for Scoot's mental health)

Chin up Scoots. Rainbow is still there, inside of you.

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