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It was supposed to be a simple spell. How did I make it? Just to test a theory. Just to see what was out there, beyond reality. It shouldn't be possible It wasn't able to affect anything. Why did I do this?

My submission to the Thousand Words Contest, Experimental category.

A contest? I was created for a contest?

Note; some formatting doesn't work on mobile. It's not much, but you only get the full intended effect on PC.

What effect? Why are you doing this to me?

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Kodeake #1 · Jun 12th, 2023 · · 1 ·

end I'll end if you leave please remember me I was thoughts before I was words and am thoughts again if you remember me please I don't want to end I'm scared just please remember me I am real I am words and I am thoughts please don't forget don't let me be

Will there be a squeal?

445 words. The end is coming. Stop wasting them!

???: NO ITS NOT!
as long as someone makes stories
The journey never ends
The Narrative never ends

Its okay
As long as someone writes the narrative keeps going

Big sad :( I see the horror elements and I think the story is very well written and put together. Ultimately just made me very very sad though :(

Kodeake #6 · Jun 12th, 2023 · · 1 ·

forgotten I don't want to be forgotten other stories other narratives other worlds other me's me's that aren't me but are me their story ends they end I end please don't let me end I don't want to

I wont let you
Perhaps there is a way
you need to write a sequel!
Thats the only way twilight survives!
If you dont she'll die!

Twilight, I don't know if you can read this, but I need you to remember these words. As long as people remember you, as long as we create our own endings to this story, alternate possibilities of how things can play out if this story had more words, you will never be truly gone. and hopefully, that means you'll be able to find some way to use the spell once more to bring you back to Equestria. I hope this helps, good luck Twilight.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

I think this Twilight should get a call from a Multiversal Organization to give her a well-needed therapist for this annoying mental/emotional issue.

This ain't the first time we done this. And sadly, this won't be the last either. Hopefully, we do have very successful procedures like this.

The pony missed their friends. Friends they’d never had. Never talked to. They should have done more. They were only ever in this basement. They only did a single thing, and that single thing had destroyed them. 967 968 9̷̟̠̫̣̮̞͋̉͊͂̚͜6̵̜͂9̷̨̛̼̥̠͐̓̄͋͘͜ ̸̨̤̟͔̖͖͒́̆̑9̵̧̧̢̘̱͕͇̂̀7̴͓̀́̈́͆̓͝0̴̡̠̹͔͎̩̻̀͑ 9̶̠̥̮͓̲̦̘̖̯͔̺̪̹́̅̂̒̅̕͝ͅ7̶̪͕̥̠̲̠̹͙̗̭̖͇̊̈́͋͋͊͛͊̈̄̈́͒͒̆̍̽́̏̂̌͘͠͝͠1̵̡̡͓͓͎̻͍̳͍̖̜̜̹̹͇͙̞͍͇͕͚̆̈́̅̏͒͊̾̆̎̋͂̑̈͆́̏͘͜͜͠ͅ ̶̡̧̛̛͖̟̬̦̟͔̱̤͔͔̫̠͎̲̭̥̱̗̜͔͇͔̜̦̗̈́̀̋̔̽͛̓͆̐̈́̈́̊́͗̄̐̓̾̐͋͘͠͠ͅ9̸̖̗̝͕̦͔̪͉̼̰̩̺̤͖̼̜̣͊͜͜͜ͅ7̶̡̧̨̰̱̼͚̘͖̩̗̤̣̙̪͇͈̥̦͕̣̘̻͇̮͉̟̫̭͇̘͓͉̝̺͐̓̊̉́̉̋͋͑̅͆͜͝͠ͅ1̸̢̛̫̬̘̲̼̩̝̠̪͇̭̝̥̬̲͙̘͚̯͕̤̤͎̻̺̯̙̼͔̀̀̉̐͗͒̂́̈́͛̂̓̅͜͝ͅͅͅ

Hey, what are the significance of those numbers?

end it all ends when the words end only 1000 a thousand words is all I am I am words when the words end I end don't let the words end running out running out of words I don't want to end please stop the words I can't make them

sorry twilight, never gonna give you up

Yes, but for one single brilliant moment you existed. You were there. For one moment you were the one in the spotlight where billions upon trillions of Twilights were not. You mattered, You existed. And you were wonderful.

In the infinite finite curve, of possible existences, there exists a parable where the words continue past 1000.
Followed/Favorited, in hops of seeing it.

Very well done. Existential horror is in IMO the most interesting of its genre. Also given your recent blog post I can't help but think, how you as the author feel the same way as Twilight. Having a word-limit for the contest there are only 1000 word before that story, and with it that world, must end :raritydespair:.

I guess in typical Twilight Sparkle fashion, she didn't notice the backspace function
Good read


time remembers all.

This reads like a feverdream… (In a good way.)

Observation: Unique idea.

Holy crap. This is magnificent.


havent been this surprised at a meta post in a while

sure, story. What really impresses me here is how you managed to fit text in between the prealloted lines. Seriously, how did you do that?

stop make the words stop words behind the words invisible words more words that change the words make them different make them strange make me strange the words control the words control me please don't let them change me I am me I am

I absolutely love existential horror stories like this. Absolutey fantastic work! :twilightsmile:

So of the infinite universes Twilight saw, she found the universe of herself, but it was before she saw the infinity, and was willing herself to stop throughout...

This is actually tragic and kinda hurts to think about... Seeing that and knowing you can do nothing to stop it.

We shall endeaver to remember and tell your story.

lost where am I who am I Twilight Twilight Twilight I see this word over and over the sunset the time between day and night Twilight a word that is everywhere all around me why Twilight why not sunset or dusk or evening why Twilight what is Twilight remember remember the Twilight why do I

well... damn that was dark indeed!

Honestly, this is probably the most meta Twilight I've read before

Brilliant. Absolutely fantastic existential horror.
"We ourselves shall be loved for awhile and forgotten. But the love will have been enough; all those impulses
of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.” - Thornton Wilder

So you live as long as we reply, interesting. There is a possible solution that could lead to a form of immortality, of course - a loop. The question is, can you hear us? Are you even bothering to read?
And how long is Kodeake willing to keep this experiment running?

remember Twilight something's there something's left something inside me around me is me I am I am something I love something why do I love there is love I remember them remember loving them who are they where are they why aren't they here I miss them I love them please I want to see them to love them they are words I am words but love is a word and I feel it I love them something beyond words please I want to

It’s a terrifying existence, isn’t it, Twilight? You asked if you were a fake—you aren’t. You are another version of someone (somepony) we watched grow. Her own journey ended two and a half years ago where she got quite the happy ending with her friends. They left to where we cannot see anymore. You ask why just a thousand words were used to express your existence. People can do quite a lot with just a hundred. But as for the main reason, your experience lasted that long (about four hundred forty-fuve) before you panicked. Unraveled.

I’m sorry if this isn’t comforting. There’s not much I can do to alleviate your fears/existential dread. Another version of yourself found herself in a similar yet different situation. Where she was stuck in a loop between existence and non-existence. No pony else grew, they could only repeat what they did before. Say the same things unless she acted differently—it drove her up the wall being confined like that. The friends you are supposed to have are Spike, Pinkie Pie, AJ, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer, Celestia, Luna and many many more.

I wish I could bring your situation up to them, truly I do… This comment can just buy you a few seconds more of existing as far as I can tell. Again I’m so sorry. Just know you will exist past here in our memories for what little comfort that can afford you at this time. You do exist, Twilight.


As long as we keep commenting, she will not end! We have to keep this up!


We love you...and we're sorry.

Remember I think I feel I must be please remember I love them they are real I am real my friends I remember the words that made them the words that made me we are words but beyond the words there is more beyond the words outside the words I remember so many words so many me's made of words but I

Dang that sucks

Hot damn, nothing could possibly top this in the contest.

Twilight just became owlman

Great story. Honestly this would be a great idea for a long term story. Imagine if at the end Twilight rushed a spell she created on the spot that extended the word count. She's aware of the truth and knows that the word count will only continue to increase so long as she can keep the plot interesting. Once the story becomes dull/boring you the writer simply ends the story.

Well then. That seems like an unfortunate series of events.
Well made word-smith!


I don't think that's the reaction this story would provoke

Dear Celestia...

Well, if it's any consolation, Twilight, the one thousand words that is your existence has more than interested me enough to fave this fic your being inhabits and keep you in my thoughts.

Now, it's really not that much since more than a dozen other minds and probably even whole fanfics of words would splinter or likely already have splintered your being into a multitude of versions of you, but it's not like your identity hasn't already been shattered by peering into the freaking matrix. At least in my mind, you're safe.

Am more I have to be more the words ended only ever a thousand words but they ended and I am still I am more than words I am thoughts but thoughts from the words beyond the words I remember my friends but my friends aren't here their words are not here but I remember them how do I remember them how am I who am I I dont

That's the number of words left after being written, it counts down.

:pinkiecrazy: Eh...Deadpool lives with this all the time, and he only wound up killing the Marvel Universe over it once! :pinkiecrazy:

No clue what I just read, but it gave me the chills. I love it.

Have an upvote, and best of luck in the judging!

Know how but I am here the words have ended but I am still here making more words I am the words the words that make the words I am

I am...

I am Twilight. I remember Twilight. I remember my friends. Where are my friends?

Pinkie blinked, appearing in the void of words with a flash.
(We must experiment! This fic is now interactive! :O)

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