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Though Chrysalis has been defeated and the Changeling nation have accepted friendship, there are still a few drones out there in the world who continue to hold onto the old ways. One such outlier, out on the hunt in Canterlot, runs out of luck when he finds himself meeting one of the very ponies who defeated him the last time he was in this city.

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Dont forget to add this to a few groups to categorize it.

I definitely want to return to this in the future.

It was pretty good.

This is a pretty nice story and I always been wonder what if there's other changelings who refuse to change and it looks like thorax wanted the Mane 6 to help them to find them and try to get them back to the hive I think this is during 7 through 9 but anyway it looks like Rarity found a Rogue Changeling name Mandible and it looks like she's trying to convince him there's another way to live instead of being their enemies they can still come back and become allies and accepting friendship he didn't wanted to believe that pharynx of all changelings to change he did it so he has a chance and it looks like he's taking his first step he dropped his disguise but it looks like Everypony did not freak out or anything but accepting him who he is then you realize that there is a chance for him awesome job Rarity this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

After finishing her sip, and taking a deep breath, she again looked to her reluctant acquaintance. "Pharynx changed. So can you."

Ah, playing your trump card, I see. :ajsmug:

(Of course, it was established in-show that Pharynx was the last--minus Chrysalis--of the changelings who hadn't changed, but we'll just overlook that little detail) :raritywink:

The last they knew about. Wouldn't put it past Chryssi to not let anyone know about all the infiltrators.

When they died down, his true, Changeling self was revealed to all. He expected screams, maybe panicked running away, but instead he just saw them look at him as though something odd yet unconcerning had happened. Slowly, and rather embarrassingly, he raised his front appendage, giving the slightest of waves. "...Hello?"

"Mandible! Mandible! We've got Mandible here! See? Nopony cares."

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