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It's fanfiction all the way down.


The changeling who impersonated Rarity during To Where and Back Again returns to Ponyville to say she's sorry.

A speedwriting exercise. Unedited.

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I love this. please continue :heart:

I’m liking this, very much!

“I would, um.” Novelty took a breath. “I’m living in Ponyville now. With a few other changelings. We’re renting the rooms over the bowling alley. If you ever want to talk about this again, you can go find me there.”

I wonder if Novelty lives there with the other changelings that impersonated the rest of the Mane 6: Dusk Shine, Flitterfloosh, Prism Rush, Orangejack, and Ponkers.

Finally, there was a room used to store instruments: a set of drums, a saxophone, a french horn, two guitars, a xylophone, and a triangle.

Are the changelings living there starting a band? Please tell me they're gonna call themselves the Beetles!

Great little story about Rarity and the changelings.

We, um. Recorded your private conversations, stole your diary, read all your correspondence.

Oh dear God. It's a Zuckerbug.

Is there a Changeling called Imposter Syndrome?


Don't get ahead of the class.


I wish I had thought of this!

Nice; thank you for writing. :)
And I note that it's marked Incomplete; I hope that that's not accidental? :D



And Pigs. And Alphabet.

Well this was quite good. More please.


Morph and the Magic Tones

"She caught the Katydid, and left me a mule to ride..."

the number of people who will get this is so small and I fucking applaud it


Twilight paroles a couple of villains that she thinks are reformable.

Chrysalis decides to get the old band back together.

"You can't lie to a Princess, Cozy. You gotta go in and talk to the Horsefly."

"No. Buckin'. Way."

"I hate FimFiction Nazis."

Wanderer D

Woo! Changelings! Can't wait for the next one!

Very unique and creative premise for a fanfic, I very much enjoyed what you've written so far. I'll be watching this story with interest ^^

Nah, one of those would fail at impersonating anything before the "hello fellow meatbags" got too obvious like ten seconds in.

Why would they make white wine stain? Even if you make the customer pay for the rug, you still have to go out and find a new rug or have one made, instead of spending maybe 10 or 15 minutes cleaning up the one you have, that only got white on it.

I honestly dont see the problem with Novelty working at Rarity's shop.

I'm not sure if you planned on writing more of this or not but I love the premise. I want to ship them, though I understand that could end well or very poorly, or in some more complicated manner as you often write.

I'm not completely sure either, apart from Novelty clearly feeling very uncomfortable about it. Spying on Rarity in that shop was a significant portion of Novelty's life so far, and impersonating Rarity in that shop was a lively several weeks. Every part of the shop would bring up a memory of something Novelty regrets doing. That's my best guess.


I'm not completely sure either, apart from Novelty clearly feeling very uncomfortable about it. Spying on Rarity in that shop was a significant portion of Novelty's life so far, and impersonating Rarity in that shop was a lively several weeks. Every part of the shop would bring up a memory of something Novelty regrets doing. That's my best guess.

Huh, I didn't think about that. Very good points indeed!"

There's probably more to it, though. GaPJaxie's characters have layers to their thoughts and feelings, like onions and ogres.

I dunno...that might be a bit too on the nose... :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, never mind, I read the next chapter. Turns out they're the cover band that this story is named after.

Interesting...I get the impression both Novelty and Rarity want to make amends to the other in some way--Novelty so to make up for all the wrongs they feel they've done for Rarity, and Rarity because she can sense Novelty's still beating themselves up about it more than is probably necessary and wants to help them move on--but they both have no idea how the heck to do it, sense deep down that it's probably always going to be insufficient anyway, and, worse of all, know deep down that the lingering tension between them isn't exactly unjustified.

I'm not totally sure what your intended endgame is with this, as it's still early enough that it could go in any number of ways...but I hope eventually these two figure it out and can become friends or at least acquaintances in the end. :twilightsmile: We'll have to see.

I'd say being able to so rapidly try out colour combinations is a valuable skill regardless, allows experimentation at a very high pace.

“would you be a dear and get the nice teacups for me please?”

she almost changed into a deer didnt she?

She was a mare, grey coat, green mane, a cutie mark with ladybugs or something like that. Visually, she was without distinction; perhaps cute, perhaps sweet, but only in that way that all ponies are, and entirely forgettable.

Yup, sounds like a changeling already.

To pretend to be a dressmaker, I had to, I mean. I had to make dresses. Obviously. So I studied. I um… I don’t need it or want it. Changelings don’t wear clothes.

Neither do ponies. And yet here we are.
Besides, in a few scenes we had seen changelings wearing armor, which kinda does count as clothing.

It's a rug store. Making customers pay to take away rugs so they can replace them with new ones is the entire point.

Why did a rug store bring them wine then?

i aree with the intro

This was a surprisingly good story.

Rarity went home without answers, and with one carpet, mildly damaged.


Because they might spill it on the merchadise and damage it, forcing them to purchase it. It's basic business synergy, half of the merchadise helps boost sales of the other half.

I think that could be considered Entrapment.

Um, also should I mention the gestaltmacher in Phillip K. Dick's The Penultimate Truth or should I just go screw myself?

Why does a sofa shop sell quills? :raritywink:

One of the Changelings had the unenviable task of imitating Pinkie Pie. I imagine that one had to practice her musical proficiency

Oh no, this is a GapJaxie, which means I know how the rest of it is going to go. Your worlds have a recurring pattern of being seemingly benign but horrifically crapsack in the end. I can't wait for everything to start going wrong

You don't KNOW?
I guess I could write the story explaining it... :twilightsmile:

They don't ALL end up being horribly crapsack worlds in the end! One could even make a case that GaPJaxie's "Intern" has a happy ending for just about everypony...more or less.

It was a rhetorical question for Fireeaters, explaining how a rung store that also sells wine doesn't actually seem that out of place in the MLP world, given past precedent. :raritywink:



I think you mean Shutterfly. They got into photography in their retirement. :rainbowlaugh:

“Thank you.” Rarity poured her guest a cup of hot water, while she filled the teapot for herself, adding something herbal and minty. “May I take it then, that you are the changeling who kidnapped and replaced me during Queen Chrysalis’s second return to power? Before Starlight and the reformation and all that.”

Oh so this is after the season 6 finale ok cool

Ohh this is a pretty interesting story so far and I actually never thought this idea that having the changelings who replace one of the Mane 6 even though at least six or seven of them replace the Mane 6 and Spike I do want to see how the other changelings the ones who replace them felt after being reformed and one of them to apologize for everything they have done but so far this is a pretty interesting I really want to see how this will go

Okay so it looks like Rarity wanted to speak with novelty but apparently she's not home or the others but she kind of looked around and she sees a couple of instruments apparently the changelings lights to play music that's pretty cool very short but very interesting I wonder what's going to happen next

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